first time fueling our ford esca
Altair Club Cars first time fueling our Ford Escape plugin hybrid

first time fueling our Ford Escape plugin hybrid

we are getting awesome fuel economy with the Ford Escape plugin hybrid.

Hi well our low fuel light came on we have 1705 miles that we’ve driven and we’re going to go ahead and stop up here at the fuel station for the first time i figured i would go ahead and document that you know we are getting fuel um it’s showing 184 miles to the gallon right now so i that’s pretty dang good anyways we are driving on electric at the moment but

We’re going to go ahead and pull into the gas station right up here and get some fuel hmm okay there we go yes well i guess we’ll figure out how many gallons it’s going to take to fill the car up so looks like a nice morning not too cloudy it’s so cloudy but the sun is coming out so our solar should uh charge all the way up it charged all the way up yesterday

Just sun just didn’t come out very much until later in the day but where almost full nine so nine point six gallons nine seven oh no i don’t need a receipt all right i just got us that’s first time to put fuel in it i got 1700 miles on the car that’s why he’s doing that you too thank you all right we’re fueled back up it was 9.7 something miles or gallons

So i i showed that on the video anyways figured i’d go ahead and show that we our first tank averaged 184 miles a gallon we’ll uh go ahead and figure out the math on that we’re at 1706 miles on the first tank of fuel so that uh much better than any of the toyotas i owned and this is much cheaper than the rav4 prime this listed for 42 thousand dollars is

Ford escape titanium and uh so we did go ahead and get the extended warranty and we also got lifetime oil changes which raised the price uh up to about 47 almost 48 so yeah we’re not we’re not planning on buying another car here in the us um you know maybe we will and you know six seven eight years i don’t know that we might you know we’re gonna buy a car

In the philippines next anyways figured i’d go ahead and share that info this is a long-term car purchase and we bought it because we did some research and figured it would be very economical to be driving it basically we make our house payment and we make our car payment and our bills are very small other than that with our solar everything else so that’s

Where we’re at hopefully uh that uh helps anyone thinking about buying one of these cars these are nice little cars they’re cheap to drive thanks well please like comment and subscribe thank you

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first time fueling our Ford Escape plugin hybrid By James’s home solar \u0026 more

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