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Altair Club Cars First Thoughts / Review On The 2022 Jeep Wagoneer

First Thoughts / Review On The 2022 Jeep Wagoneer

Here’s a 1st look on the all new Jeep Wagoneer! Please let me know what you think of it!

All right guys test driving the all-new brand new jeep wagoneer uh this thing’s incredible i’ll show you around a little bit and i’ll give you my first thoughts super classy looking bold love the headlights led headlights this wheels this is cool the fit finish of this step i think they did a 10 on awesome it’s kind of got that same back end feel the uh the

Original one this is the series three functional rack outside i love it and jeep is going to be sporting flags and all their products power macintosh stereo the wood grain is done well just feels really nice the fit finish the trim feels really nice i love the shape of the steering wheel i love that it’s actually flat on the bottom you put your hand here

Here literally no limit to maybe how you drive nice job shows a lot of the features as the the grand cherokee l similar steering wheel similar functions here very similar dash to the grand cherokee l um a lot of this stuff is is similar as well but it’s just it’s bigger you know it’s wider you got a bigger center console uh it’s wider you’ve got a screen over

There passengers got a screen to do what they want to do as well all your your quick climate controls are here without having to go into the screen um this is kind of cool bear with me i’m i’m learning this myself just been in it for a few minutes uh this is kind of cool so it’s got this relaxed mode right now it’s on this one i think it’s my favorite cool or

What and that that screen’s dim at the moment but that uh that one that one’s on as well you can pick different uh different functions obviously heated seats all that your cooled seats heated steering wheel all your basic stuff huge center console uh let’s climb it back and look on the back so second row it’s going to start to bench seating um i was driving up

There that seat was very far back i’m six plus feet tall i got plenty of room very comfortable panoramic sunroof i feel like and then some you’ve got your hvac controls you’ve got your heated seats back here um incredibly comfortable seats nice back rests head rests got a cup holder here well done let’s go in third row third row push that button plenty of room

For me to get back here i’m six foot two adult pull that seat back holy cow i can actually stretch my line like i say stretch them out but i have plenty of room to put my legs out here this back seat if you can see it actually reclines and moves forward got hdmi or usb rather and usb-c charging ports uh can i get a sunroof back here too look at this i’m not

Kidding you this back seat has got tons of legroom in there this is incredible so for me to exit i just push that button that thing flips forward easy easy slider back vents here for the rear uh there are vents as well for the back passengers let’s check out the storage area oh they got all the goodies in there but so uh i would say if you’re familiar with the

Tahoe i would say it’s equal if not bigger is this in the storage area in the back here uh you can control your second left second right third row fourth and uh third right left and right control the seats here so let’s put them down and see oh it automatically folds the headrest i was wondering what was gonna happen there i know you can disconnect that seat belt

Let’s do the second row so the matter of seconds i got probably put a four-bit sheet of plywood in there incredible so sitting in the passenger seat in relax mode pretty cool you could add you could connect your phone bluetooth here and i don’t know if this side can listen to different music again i’d have to learn it but uh hdmi i’m pretty sure you can control

You can listen to your own uh watch your own videos over here um you’ve got yeah you can do wireless headphones from this side so the passenger has uh their own um their own controls over here uh they can control navigation maybe the happy marriage mode you can see where you want to go eat uh so passenger has huge control of you know what they want to do on

This screen in the passenger seat that’s not that’s driver middle passenger this is this is unheard of this is cool uh so you got lots of you know lots of different things i imagine this is all customizable as well with different widgets and everything um so car dealer that’s where we need to go right cursor dodge jeep ram so guys this thing is uh unbelievable

Come check it out at ray chrysler dodge jeep in fox lake uh thanks let me take you to a little ride and uh this is nice job uh once again another amazing product so come see us guys in fox lake at ray chrysler dodge jeep ram check this out online jeeps on the run dot com don’t forget we are raffling off by 2021 deep wrangler december 5th from we’ll see you guys you

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First Thoughts / Review On The 2022 Jeep Wagoneer By Jeeps On The Run

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