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Altair Club Cars First Mile Drive – Rivian R1T

First Mile Drive – Rivian R1T

Went to Rivian El Segundo Service Center for test drive. Drove R1T today, very impressed about the maneuverability and comfort of the truck and the touch-screen features as well. Hope to see it soon!

I thought that was pretty interesting yeah i’m like look at the fun fact right there they’ve had evs for a while the best kept secret i think most of the people are worried about that we’re gonna make a right at this light right now station yeah you know charging charging is is a thing you know it’s it’s charging is a challenge and anybody with an ev will tell

You just that but most people with evs they find their charger that they like and they will drive to that charger it may even be 10-15 minutes away but they trust where it is they like you know they feel good about it but yeah it’s like the charging stations like you have gas stations everywhere right and there’s a gas station on every dog on corner and um yeah

Charging stations yes they’re not as frequent but it’s okay ravine is going to change that you’re going to have your own station yeah yeah we’re actually building them out right as we speak so um so how many out there um so right now we have a few of like what rivian wants to do since we’re an adventure company um they want to put the chargers out in really

Far out places where you really can’t get charging like a bishop and colorado like certain places where people want to take their evs out but then they can’t take them up the mountain because they can’t charge them so that’s where we’re putting our first charging stations in those kind of hard to reach places because of course you can charge like this right here

We have like rivien electrify america you can go charge all of the different charging networks right and like if you pinch out these are all the charging stations around so i mean there are a lot more than we had 10 years ago right i’m thinking about making my own charging station it’s pretty good business huh there you go that’s a beach future it is it is a

Restaurant or cafe yeah a man oh man going into the food industry that’s it’s hard but you know when you’re successful it’s really good too but people when they go to a trash station they have to wait where they go what do you what do you all do for a living uh she worked for county nice and i worked for a hospital perfect okay so you guys are like pretty busy

People yeah doing work day yes yeah i understand and then you want to get over in this lane whenever you get a chance i want to stay right here so do you have a side camera that i can see the site instead of looking in the mirror oh okay all right and the one thing about the the side camera is it’s showing you the you know what i mean and like if you do this

That’s giving you birds eye but that doesn’t that’s kind of like an obstruction a little bit i mean we can even do like a rear view but then that’s a little strange so i can leave it on there for you if you would like for sure but you don’t really you can’t really see but if i want to make a turn right it’s better to show like a real case i mean parsley i mean

Yeah totally you can you can leave them up there i mean like and like that’s what they that’s why it’s able for you to engage it while you’re driving for that this is a fun camera right that’s the front camera can you show the rear camera of course yeah okay so let me make a turn on these i can look at this one yeah how about the other screen that shows the car

Next to you i mean on the side anyway so this is this is the bird and it’s hard with the bird’s eye because we’re in motion so it’s not giving you the whole picture yeah nice i love that so that screen doesn’t show the car next to you when they approach you yes and then but this screen is for the driving plus this one here so it knows everything it basically

Starts here yeah it’s not it’s not picking up behind you it’s picking up from the b pillar around so like this one i haven’t seen it this one yeah yeah that one is right there yeah when it goes to the front right but if it is um on the rare side we don’t see it yeah yeah so it’s not it’s it’s not for the behind because it’s not fully autonomous yet i’m pretty

Sure future state it’s going to give you that 360 view on the driver display for full autonomy but it’s just a kind of like for driver fatigue now right and it helps assist with that you can’t just completely just sit in the back and close and take a nap not yet because i see it tastes like shows that uh-huh yep they do know the cars approaching don’t change

Lane yet and then at this light we’re going to make a right and there goes the beach so like for example if i want to make a right turn right now right so if there’s a car approaching will they give you warnings i say yeah in your blind spot totally yeah i mean it’s all sorts of warnings that you can engage what we do for the sake of these mobile drives we turn

Them all off because you just have these alerts just constantly going off that you especially if you’re operating the vehicle for the first time it’s just kind of hard to get a feel but yeah we have all that blind spots um proximity warnings all of that but this is la so all of your all of the sensors go off

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First Mile Drive – Rivian R1T By Jung Ho

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