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Altair Club Cars FIRST LOOK: Ferrari SF90 Stradale | Top Gear

FIRST LOOK: Ferrari SF90 Stradale | Top Gear

The SF90 Stradale is Ferrari’s first plug-in hybrid vehicle developing 986bhp, or a nice round 1000cv if you’re Italian. Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix gives you the full low down on Maranello’s mad supercar. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:

Welcome internet to mayfair which if you’re a fan of monopoly you’ll know is the really really really really quite posh part of london the perfect place then for a ferrari dealership bit like this one a shiny new hr owen showroom and we’re here because behind that window is something really quite exciting and guess what it is yet no i have a knack in fact this

Dealership was only opened last night with none other than charles leclerc cutting the ribbon but they’ve managed to clear away the champagne glasses and 50 pound notes to accommodate us taking a look around the sf 90s drew darling don’t forget this is the first time an sf 90 has ever been seen in public it’s reveal a few weeks ago was a closed event with no cameras

Allowed this is what we’ve come to see the brand-new ferrari sf 90 straddle a the latest greatest mid-engined v8 ferrari supercar but this one is a hybrid the first-ever series-production hybrid v8 mid-engine supercar from ferrari ever and get this it’s a thousand horsepower or 986 brake horsepower in old money which is quite a lot isn’t it the same amount of power

Roughly as you got with the laferrari than the current p1 the porsche 918 spyder so it’s actually more of a hyper car than a supercar but let’s get into the techie stuff later first of all this have a good old nose around it have a look at how this thing that’s been styled because the first thing i’ll say is compared to the pictures it’s a lot more dramatic in

Person it’s lower it’s wider it’s got that incredible presence that all ferraris have the other trick that it pulls off the ferrari does very well is removing pieces of the bodywork in order to make the aerodynamics work rather than sticking on spoilers at the back splitters at the front it makes the whole thing more sculptural come around the side look at the

In profile a couple of things to notice the first is that the cabin is slightly further forward than you normally get but the mid-engine ferraris the overhangs slightly shorter the rear end the tail slightly higher that’s all in the name of aero of course speaking of which we can work our way down the car the s duct a version of the s stock that we first saw

In formula one but also featured on the for a pista and now the fa tributo basically air comes in here up here along the bonnet and pushes the front of the car down into the road the headlights look pretty cool don’t they but there was also an intake there slick that feeds cool air into the brakes if we can have a function come along the side there’s more these

Huge intakes here for the cooling system but also for the engine and round the back a pretty tricky rear spoiler so as you can see it’s fixed in normal operation the air flows under here and out here but when you’re braking or in corners or you want a little bit of extra downforce the separate section here tilts and they’re still the airflow a bit like a gurney

Flap adds the extra downforce i’m told there’s three hundred and eighty kilograms of downforce at 155 miles an hour when you consider this car weighs about 1,650 kilograms that’s a pretty handy figure for carbon looks as slippery as this inside ferrari has gone all out replacing randomly scattered buttons with screens so the new instrument pod is a 16 inch piece

Of curved glass there’s touch pads on the steering wheel and you get a head-up display order the isetta firearm a patent that saves 30 kilograms which let’s face it everyone will and you get carbon-fiber door panels as well as titanium springs and track-focused tires alright so here we are inside the sf $92 interior i have to say it is quite odd to not be faced

With the massive confusing buttons like you normally get inside a ferrari it’s all super sleek super clean all touch screens basically including the engine start/stop button right here in the middle you still got the quirky indicators up here in the middle of the wheel but yeah cleaner sleeker whether it i’ll have to find out when we actually drive it but by

Far the coolest bit about the sf nineties interior is down here it’s the gear selector which has been designed to look like a miniature version of the old open gate click-clack manual from ferraris of old and that’s just brilliant driving modes we should talk about those yes you’ve got your manettino switch here on the wheel there’s four modes the first of which

Is e drive on that you can do 15 miles on electric power alone at which point this is a front wheel drive ferrari sacrilege i know the next one is a hybrid mode that turns the engine on and off to try and balance performance and economy the next one is a performance mode that keeps the engine on but make sure the battery doesn’t deplete beyond a certain level and

Finally you’ve got qualified mode which basically is your balls out one lap maximum performance give it everything forget the battery charge we want maximum performance the last thing to mention is your feet your feet sit 15 millimeters higher than they do in a normal ferrari it’s something to do with clever underbody aero that i don’t really understand but the

Point is you’re a bit more reclined you a bit more laid back bit more like a racecar just lets you know even something very serious and because you are the twin-turbo v8 is a development of the pista and f/8 tributo s– engine ford out to four litres and producing 780 horsepower the rest comes from three electric motors one on the crank and two on the front axle

One controlling each wheel for full torque vectoring magic nought to sixty two takes 2.5 seconds not to 124 six point seven that’s only two tenths behind the beget e sheeran and the top speed is 212 miles an hour oh and it will add fiorano faster than any road legal ferrari before it in one minute interesting isn’t it while the laferrari was resolutely rear-wheel

Drive and definitely didn’t have an electric only mode this layout is a lot more like the porsche 918 spyder now the porsche was kind of seen as the dumpee overcomplicated one of the wholly hypercar trinity but ferrari appears to have come around to stuttgart’s way of thinking that some evie range and four-wheel drive is probably the way to go and then we get to

The price somewhere around 400 grand we’re told now i know it’s ridiculous to say this but when you consider performances in the ballpark of koenigsegg amg ones and the aston martin valhalla all multi-million pound unobtainium it’s actually dare i say it good value i want to get a bit of air i think and maybe talk about something that chris harris mentioned the

Other day i was talking to him about ferraris and specifically the power output of this car here and he called it a rabbit hole of an ensemble it might know what he’s talking about when i drove the 488 pista i loved it it’s rampant it’s grabbing the acceleration wants to go sideways everywhere but i love it because it’s exciting at any speeds and in all sorts of

Situations but i didn’t think do you know what that car needs another 290 horsepower but that’s what this thing has here’s the thing it’s also got four-wheel drive so it won’t be quite as keen to kick solid waste traction off the line it’s going to be absolutely immense it’s going to be really hard for ferrari to integrate the engine with those motors and get the

Whole thing working in harmony but they are the masters of electronics so dare i say it this could be thousand horsepower car it’s easy to drive connects me believe i just said that and here honey lie down after all this excitement so when see you later taxi

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