first look at the all new 2023 c
Altair Club Cars FIRST LOOK at the all new 2023 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

FIRST LOOK at the all new 2023 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

This time around it’s my first look at the ALL NEW 2023 @Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 (not the Desert Boss)

So here i am at the texas state fair or the state fair of texas and behind me is the all-new 2023 chevrolet silverado zr2 or zr2 for my canadian friends behind me as you can see this is not the desert boss that we saw in detroit this is the basic version i guess if you want to call a zr2 ever or pardon me zero to ever a basic edition so starting off you can see

It’s got a much more aggressive stance it’s got a wide stance on this so they’ve widened the body out of course not to mention it has a three inch factory lift so in the past there’s a two inch factory lift which you’re going to see on another truck over there we’re going to talk about which is the trail boss but this one has a three inch factory left you got the

Red tow hooks of course down here it’s very much cut up of course here in the front your fog lights are now down here so obviously a different placement than in the past different location and then you have your led uh daytime driving lights and led headlights on this one this trim level is going to get you the led headlights not to mention of course you have the

Flow tie right there right tire wise this is pretty exciting because now we’ve gone up to a 33 inch tire here but the exciting part about this by the way there’s a good your wrangler territory mt tires but the cool part about this now is that bolt pattern and the wheel this wheel can now be interchanged with the full size silverado sierra half ton truck so it just

Opens up opens up a whole lot more wheel options when it comes to the truck of course winbr zr2 with lt multimatic dssv suspension front and rear the cool part about the suspension is if you’re riding on stuff like this it still rides off right but when you get to the harder stuff it definitely soaks up the bumps a lot better so on you know on a normal train like

This it’s not rattling the teeth out of your head but it does give you a much better ride when you’re getting into the whoops in the bumpy stuff now one of the things you’ll notice too in terms of the back bumper there is no step in the back of this bumper there’s a reason for that is because of course don’t want to cut up higher but not to mention you’re not going

To get mud and all that kind of stuff packed in there right now another thing different with the zero two you’re going to find from more of the basic trims you have of course the big fender flares here out off the side now underneath the hood though it’s gonna have a 2.7 liter but if you didn’t know so there are three three different 2.7 liter four-cylinder motors

There’s a basic one they’re gonna get in the wt and lt as a standard when you bump up to uh the next trail boss you’re gonna get another one it’s called the the turbo plus but this one here has what they call the turbo agent or the turbo high output that’s going to get you 310 horsepower and look at this 430 full pound of torque with 7 700 pounds tow capacity with

This engine by the way listen i know you like that 2.8 cylinder diesel i know you like that 3.6 cylinder um you know uh v6 of course this has better tow capacity uh uh better total capacity more horsepower and more torque than those outgoing engines so why would we need to do anything other than this one right because see this does have cameras everywhere around

This one and it does have i don’t know if we’ll be able to see it here but you do have underbody cameras in this as well i don’t know this one has it i can’t quite see from here i don’t think so and of course as you probably just saw more on your body skid plates on this and you’re going to have um in your other brands uh the other trim level is part of me as well

One of the cool things i like here is this kind of like hiking uh boot type of um you know step in the back of the bumper here or on the bumper i should say um so it gives you a good traction you’ve got a rear park assist in this one of course easy lower tailgate this is the tripping moab right here that’s what they talked about on the top here it’s kind of cool

And then of course if you unlock these here unlock this lifts up and you have a four inch deep by i think 45 inch wide watertight storage right built in there which is really cool then not to mention you can actually put this up this will hook into here as you can see it’ll hold the hold the tailgate about that high that gives you about 500 pounds that it’ll hold

More tie downs in this one as well and then you also have the power outlet back here as you can see as well but the no more tie-downs is a nice nice feature that they’ve got in the back sidewear window of course and if you saw my other video on the trail on the desert boss manual standing where window whatever it is what it is right uh again with the zr2 interior

With that yellow stitching i think it looks really cool comes right off the silverado lineup you’re gonna have vents back here and of course usb usbc um charge ports back here for your your passengers heading to the front though of course is where a lot more changes are happening starting with this over here the massive 11.3 inch color touchscreen i know a lot of

People said why don’t they have the 13.4 it’s like they had the silverado can you see this dash and it covers half of your dash to begin with anything bigger i think would just be you know kind of too much of course you’re gonna have the bose stereo system in this got that kind of digital camo look which is really cool wireless charging down here this is the button

Here for your drive modes a lot of different drive modes in this again check out my overall video on on the intro to this and i can talk about the drive modes a pretty cool feature in this truck especially if you’re an off-roader and that is part of the reason why they relocated the gear shifter over more to the right hand side of course it used to be kind of more

In the middle it really came over there of course not and again this is the r2 so of course you’re going to have the front and rear differential lock pretty cool there heated steering wheel in this one you’re gonna have the addition for ventilated seats heated seats obviously um 11 inch screen digital programmable here in this higher trim level the more basic trim

Levels it’s an eight inch screen there okay fully programmable though just like it is in the uh you know full-size silverados and of course down here you have the trailer brake control or built in and how about this a sunroof yes we finally have a sunroof in the colorado trim line that is an exciting thing for sure what a great looking truck this is though right

I’m gonna also be talking about the you know the trail boss i’m going to talk about the lt and show you some more of the trucks so thanks for watching

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FIRST LOOK at the all new 2023 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2! By General Motors Jeff

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