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Join Chris as he highlights the 2023 3 Series LCI at South Shore BMW.

Hey everyone my name is chris i’m the lead genius here at social bmw you just received in our first 2023 3 series lci wanted to do a quick walk around to show you guys the updates in the changes bmw has done with this model so first of all this uh does feature the m sport pack attack upholstery inside there some work has been done to the standard led headlights

There with the daytime running lights kidney grill is one piece now just like we have seen in all of our other models that has been uh redesigned much of the side of the vehicle is going to be very similar from before there are some modifications in the wheels and the packages available there but much of that’s going to be the same now biggest change in the back

Is that rear diffuser that has been reworked a little bit as well featuring that m style reflector there that is a vertical makes the vehicle look much more aggressive and ties it into the design of an m3 now the biggest change for this model is on the inside this does feature the bmw curved display with operating system eight take a look at the center console

Here you can see the shifter has been removed with uh the new design there so this is what is replacing the shifter traditional sport comfort eco pro modes those are the driver experience control park is right in the center now start stop is the same idrive controller is the same but of course because there is idrive eight you can see that the center dash here

In all of the climate control features has all been cleaned up so a very minimal less is more here the intelligence of the personal assistant with idrive 8 is such that we don’t need to have all of these controls and buttons inside the cabin now so that is why the design looks like that but aside from that taking a look at the rest of the vehicle everything else

Is very similar to what we know of the three series that first launched in 2019 so pretty much everything we know and love about the 3 series but just a brand new tech little design tweaks here and there looks pretty good overall take another look so again this model uh does feature the skyscraper gray metallic paint with the m sport package it is available in

Other trim models as well of course uh new color variations uh definitely new wheel options a new trim for the interior so definitely check that out if you are interested in the 3 series definitely uh configure your own at or check out your local bmw center for on the all-new 3 series so again my name is chris i am the lead genius here at south shore

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FIRST LOOK! 3 Series LCI By South Shore BMW

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