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Altair Club Cars First Impressions | Porsche Cayman GT4 XPEL PPF Collection

First Impressions | Porsche Cayman GT4 XPEL PPF Collection

The Porsche Cayman 981 GT4 is back in my possession and this short video captures my first impressions on seeing it fully PPFed and ceramic coated.

Right hello there we’re at han smith’s detailers the car’s been done i haven’t seen it it’s on the other side of this wall let’s take a look tim who’s the guy behind the camera he’s the friend that recommended ryan who’s over here in the corner to come down here they know each other quite well so can’t wait to see the car let’s just go take a look so uh let me

See wow it’s darker you know what one thing i love about that when i was editing the first video yeah on camera it was looking darker than i remember it seeing in real life but now that i’m seeing it here is it me or is it it’s gone darker it has definitely changed the color so does that mean that i was not seeing the true color through the ppf yeah well the

The old stuff’s over there you can see the color of it it’s like a brownie yellow that takes away from the pigment see to those people that are lucky enough to buy new cars as you know this is a used car for me i i get a i get a feel for what it’s like when you pick up a new car because in actual fact it’s probably better than you because we know that even cars

Can arrive with you and the plastics have gone black black haven’t they so have you done something to all the plastic i just yeah just a good clean and degrease no dressings or anything it’s just uh yeah clean wow there’s no dressings that’s just no no no wow it’s amazing what a quick wash can do isn’t it blimey yeah i know there’s a few bits on the top of

The spot because the top of the spoiler wasn’t ppf before no you’ve got one you’ve got one chip that i noticed that there’s nothing we can really do with which is there these are bits of dust from the air but you’ve got one tiny little chip here but other than that you know wow the gloss is so the gloss that i’m seeing is that coming you saw this before we had

A ceramic on so that that gloss i’m not used to seeing that is is that well there’s a few things obviously much clearer glossier film now you’ve got a modesto coating on there and the lighting in here is pretty good so there’s three things there well even just the lettering of the the gt4 yeah it just stands out yeah so much more much crisper isn’t it you’ve

Got more clarity now because the film was a little bit brownie a little bit swirly um which is obviously why the dealer that supplied you the car wanted to give it a machine polishing the first base yeah yeah um so maybe that self-feeling top coat had started to stop self-healing wow look at that i mean that’s amazing you know i know given my personality type i

Have to admit there’s a little part of me that doesn’t want to drive it anymore yeah and i’ll drive it into my front living room okay leave it there just leave it there yeah yeah but um but actually as you know we’ve got big trip planned up to france actually so that’s kind of the next sort of content on this video i mean but you’ve done all this so that it stays

Looking like that with you yeah you know because if you weren’t going to use it you know you you’d machine polished it and coated it and left it in the garage correct so wow that’s bonkers that is i don’t know how it comes out on camera but what i’ll do this will just be a quick little reveal type of video a little bit speechless but i guess honestly when i

First picked up the car uh last summer it was a huge aspirational achievement for me i couldn’t believe it it was a used car obviously my eye was focused on a few little things but i was hugely excited it’s almost like i’ve had a second crack at the whip just seeing the car as it is now because i think i truly get the feel that it’s like a new car for me now

Um it probably presents better than a new car from a dealership i’d say because a dealership doesn’t have the time to spend the amount of time that ryan spent on this car so um absolutely phenomenal i’m blown away with this um yeah even even all that stuff it just looks you haven’t you’ve just cleaned it because it looks blacker than before is that just yeah

Just you know some decent cleaners and a lot of you know decontamination because even though the film was on there protecting the paint we i still like to do it because there was glue left behind and it’s just good to know that that process has been followed regardless so that’s stunning okay what we’ll do i’ll try and set the other camera we’ll try and kind of

Go through some of the stuff that’s kind of ryan’s done but just a very quick video on the reveal i mean if you have a used car and you want to get that new feeling i’d highly recommend something like this it’s not really cheap but i’d say it’s worth it because you keep that car looking factory new life forever and i mean it looks factory not new but even even if

It gets a bit of damage i’ll know underneath okay fine we’ll just replace the film we didn’t have expel on this before there was quite a few nasty stone chips there i think ryan’s sent me a few updates to say by the way you’re lucky the ppf saved the paint getting damaged so that wasn’t expel i’m pretty sure this is a lot more kind of rigid and rigorous and going

To offer more protection so i mean i’m not used to seeing this far looking like that because this is the part that was the most scuffed up on my car that just looks amazing so um thanks ryan uh my pleasure and i’ll try to bring you some more i need to sit down for a bit now so i enjoy life and cars all that kind of good stuff got some trips coming up and bring

You another video for this um and yeah stay safe stay subscribed until the next video

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First Impressions | Porsche Cayman GT4 XPEL PPF Collection By MAX REVS

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