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Altair Club Cars First impression going catless 300 Hemi/ POV

First impression going catless 300 Hemi/ POV

Fully straight pipe 5.7 Hemi Chrysler 300 enjoy tell me what you guys think .

Y’all so i’m currently at uh i’m currently at the muffler shop uh i guess this one so basically uh about to see it by um delete my cats and um put uh just a uh you know some piping right there i know it’s gonna throw off a check engine light you know which i’m fine with i’ll just get a uh i’ll just uh go ahead and hit up like um one of the diablo tuners and

Um most likely just get that you know taking off for admissions and all that that you know whatever the case is but i’ll hold on to him too just in case but i went to another uh shop earlier and they was talking about 400 bucks for everything and i’m just thinking to myself like no i’m good and then the fact that they don’t even seem like they know what the

Hell they doing ain’t trying to knock nobody’s shot but they prices like compared to what they just told me you can’t beat that but um i guess i’m gonna get into it um they got the cobb right now and uh i guess we’re just gonna go from now and i’ll turn the camera back on when i got some action happening or something whatever the case so i just got back from

Uh actually watching the car um look pretty clean i wanted to touch a few things up on it um but i just said it i wanted to touch actually that up that up you know just basically in the scratch over the but it don’t really but it bothers me but it really don’t but as y’all know from earlier what am i looking for what did i come in the car oh well as y’all know

From earlier um hold on let me throw that insult though as y’all know we went fully fully fully cat like fully straight pipe so basically this thing is um catless right now like no cats let me see if i can get under there and get it for y’all no cats all pipes no cats all piped um y’all thinking about doing it um it is loud the drone inside is actually not

Bad i’m gonna take y’all you know for a ride in a sec this is probably gonna be pretty much a long video um no it’s not not really but i’m gonna take y’all for a ride um i guess once i shower and stuff and yeah once i shower and stuff i’m gonna go ahead and take out for a ride but for right now i am gonna let y’all you know know how it sounds sounds pretty good

Um the check engine light didn’t come on i could still use remote start didn’t get any codes or anything so now like i said i’ve been driving i got it done like around 11 and i’ve been driving you know i said well not since then but i came home relaxed took a nap woke up went and watched it and uh yeah still no engine cold so go ahead and show y’all it’s it’s

Crazy it’s like honestly if you’re thinking about doing it and you don’t mind like a loud car like i said the inside is not bad i’m gonna show y’all how that sound later but but now like i’m gonna i’m gonna turn it off cause it’s as loud as here but when you driving in and you stomp like this is loud loud i feel like it gave the car a little more not a lot of

Power but you definitely feel the difference it feel like it’s just it’s just it’s just it’s just flowing more it’s just letting letting that out better than you know what it was doing with the cats but um man uh like after getting that done i just want to like basically put some more work in like i i really want to do the wicker bill so that’s probably what

I’m honestly going to order next so y’all stay tuned for that video because i’m gonna definitely uh go ahead and put a wicker bill and maybe uh the diffuser five inch tips those are four definitely five inch tips they coming soon i’m gonna just go with the the chrome look good the chrome looks so good with the all the black but uh i’m probably just do like a

Like some black tips black tips five inch tips to feel basically basically that gap in uh yeah i feel that gap in favor and ships to fill that right in but other than that like i said the car i just can only imagine how the cold start to really gonna sound um how the cold starts go sound and man like that especially in the morning on a cold morning i can only

Imagine how that gonna sound it’s gonna sound crazy but um it’s coming together not too bad like i said i want to put the uh i want to do the uh wicker bill but um i honestly want to do the new the newer tail lights first but i want to go ahead and get the wicker bill out the way get this back in a little more that with the wicket build with the with the with

The new lights uh this thing will look crazy but um man it felt like summer was ending but it feel like it’s kind of still summer i know we had some cold days but i’m talking so much but yeah like i was saying uh totally on top led lights and uh what the hell um bug just for me i’m sorry uh led lights the the the with the ring around the you know the original

Chrysler with the ring around it those and the wicker bill to set this back in and off and then after that i might do the the diffuser that dropped the spikes get it back in a little more a little more and then um it’s still not done though i don’t want y’all to think like just because i do that the car is done it’ll never be the thing is like it ain’t it’s

So much stuff that i still got in store for this car so i just you know i want to thank y’all being patient and all that and uh on the build and it’s coming along good it sounds good uh i love the way it sound i love the way it drives yeah um just basically out here having fun with the car and uh like i said i’m gonna i’m gonna take y’all on that ride um in

A little while to let y’all know how it sounds with like just fully fully straight for like all hemi oh hear me so i’m gonna let y’all know how that sound man i’m gonna pick the camera back up in a little while man all right so it is a little bit later um can’t really see the car right now because it’s dark and but we’re gonna go ahead and i’m gonna get that

Drive that i told y’all i was gonna get this crazy turn that down on sports mode turn the radio off all right so this is basically how i sound catless and this is with windows down and sunroof open and this is basically how it sounds so far i know we ain’t drove nowhere yet so let me go ahead dry yes sir y’all like i said it’s not bad in the cab but or

Inside but i’m gonna let y’all hear once i’ll get on the street and let y’all hear forever you hit a small little popsons yeah small little pops and crackles i don’t know i don’t know all right so we on the street talk about smiles per gallon bro um i’m gonna go to indiana and i’m gonna go ahead and get some of they get that’s what i’m gonna do yeah i’m gonna

Definitely go get some indiana gas but this video ain’t gonna be too much longer it’s just basically gonna be you know me showing y’all how this bad boy sound oh i know y’all hit that mustang it’s so dark back here with the tents peel it off and also i know last video i was talking about getting my ex also i finally got it uh shifted away from uh whatever was

Going on down there he had replied like ran a different the pipe a different way so that like basically it won’t hit so hopefully you know castle freaking low you really don’t know um let me show y’all with the windows uh how it sounds too and uh sunroof clothes because i know you know not everybody like to ride with their windows down all the time so let me go

Ahead and what the hell i’m just oh it’s hard to focus and do all this other all right i’m gonna show y’all with the windows down yeah that’s how i sound like i guess you just cruising it’s not bad if you just cruising like you can still like literally have a conversation with the windows up like i said it’s not bad because when i had that v6 challenger bro

Like it was straight pipes i still had my cats it was just like loud as hell even when you trying to um even when you try when you’re trying to have a conversation with somebody inside it was just like extremely loud but i had got used to it um but like this this is cool but like you get on it you get on it you’re gonna hit it like best believe you’re gonna

Hear it so um yeah like i was saying when i had that car um man i don’t know maybe because it was the v6 and all that crap like it was just it was just stupid loud for like no reason and like jumping in the v8 it’s just uh it’s an exhaust note that you know like if you’re a car person like you just you know you i don’t feel like you’ll ever get tired of

It like this is one of those like a v8 like any kind of v8 you have like i feel like all of them sound good i don’t uh most things i just like mustangs are loud mustangs are just extremely loud but other than that like i feel like any you know v8 you jump in like that’s a sound you can’t get like you i don’t think no one will ever get tired of unless you like i

Think like even the old people still love the sound of a v8 but yeah uh so far still like i was saying before i stated before still no tech engine light you know no tech engine light none of that crap so which is which is pretty cool no check engine light i can still use my remote start like i stated earlier in the video i’m gonna go under this light real quick

And close this video out yeah i’m gonna go into this light yeah i hear it man it’s just crazy i remember when i had my challenge i was gonna start doing youtube but i don’t know i just i just never got into it but ah let me get out the car so basically that is how a fully straight pipe the 5 7 sounds i mean i’m pretty sure it’s a few others out there i really

Don’t see that many from i say the chrysler 300 standpoint even though i know all the five seven is pretty much the same well they kind of not at the same time because you check the horsepower it’s crazy because i know on my charger when i had to charge i so like 375 and then this one is like 368 something like that but uh yeah but that’s basically how um it

Sounds make sure y’all you know like subscribe and comment and please please please please please please can y’all you know y’all do view my video just drop just drop a like you know let me i just need the likes with the likes it’ll get it’ll get my videos out there more to let you know open up more opportunity for me to do more stuff on my channel i mean even

Though i’m gonna do that regardless but i’m just saying like for people to see it because i know that some people out there that like need to see like the informational side of the crowd because i know it’s not that many videos i have and i want to be able to provide that you know with um you know chrysler 300 i basically want to be the you know i just want to be

That channel where you can come to to watch it so you will already know what you’re getting yourself into or not going to get yourself into it because everything that i’ve been doing like i mean some like some stuff i actually saw but um some stuff i had to i had to learn on my own it’s a mean ass look look at that oh my gosh that is me but yeah i’m probably

Taking a picture after but yeah um please just make sure y’all like man and uh subscribe and uh comment i’m in the illinois area i know people keep asking me like what area i’m in so we can you know link up or whatever i’m in i’m in illinois i’m not gonna tell you exactly what part but i’m in illinois i’ll be all over so um yeah just make sure y’all like subscribe

And uh comment and um like i said i’m gonna get back to you if y’all you know do leave a comment and uh yeah i’m gonna catch up i can’t even talk i’m gonna catch y’all on the next one man all right peace

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