first drive ford transit 350 hd


Today we’re checking out the Ford Transit 350 HD Dually Box Truck!

Thank you all ready guys so this is the interior of a ford 350 hd moving van slash chuck thing let’s get the little gas tank right there that’s pretty cool but check out the nice interior once again nice forward interior with all the different cubby holes in the doors no chain slot multiple cup holders here like there’s like one two three four five i mean very

Very nice inside of this so look at that nice leather seats i think i’m thinking this is a little bit different material but for no spot leather seats look really nice old manual but yeah look at that you got the ac unit there power arm power off you can even get a fancy screen in this i mean that’s pretty cool but i mean it looks good giant ginormous window so

That’s pretty cool and then just really nice overall interior let’s also i’ve got the fire extinguer just in case so looks good that’s for sure we’ll have to see how it rides though now they have this is a home depot truck so they have it set up so you can’t pop the trunk as far as i know but it looks pretty good that they got the lights up on top what’s that but

Yeah but it’s one of the transit 350 hd so coverage german says he might have the four-cylinder turbo but it might be something else not totally sure but either way it looks really good and hold quite a bit so nice about to take a ride and see how it does so for that we’re running duals back here so very nice but we also have in continental tires on here on the

Back at least and same in the front so pretty nice nice continental tires it looks pretty good maybe a little bit on the one side looks like and it’s probably gonna need some new rims here at some point but other than that looks pretty good oh yeah well everybody on the move again and um decided to try the home depot ford transit van um you have a better deal for

An all-day price you have to worry about so much when to um mid 24 hours one flat price and honestly i wanted to drive this new transit style and um really liking it so far it drives nice um i’m not sure which motor i’d really like to see which motor bear tried to pop the hood but can’t find the latch so um if it’s not raining we’ll try to find that later splice

That together but i’m running really good it’s got a 12 foot box it’s a little bit shorter than your conventional u-haul box um and i think it’s a little bit shorter too overall length of the vehicle but uh it drives superb so i had to put in some air in the right front because it’s um all digitized so one tire sensor was shown low um filled it up from quarter of

A tank 30 bucks i’m a little bit evil over half a tank now um but ac is blown great you got your bluetooth i couldn’t quite get it for the audio um but it got it set up where it’s taking cars mirrors are great the box is a little bit narrower so you fit in the lane really well i’m used to driving the trailer but even with this box you’re very comfortable i’m not

Nervous about being too far over in one lane and sideswiping somebody with a box because it just fits so well it is double axle so uh but this one came with the ramp thankfully with the rental too you got the uh uh dolly is free as well whereas you’re gonna pay a little bit extra to get home but i think it’s a rack and pinion steering superb it really honestly it

Feels like driving my 2006 focus just a little bit more grown up i mean i’m heading on to the on-ramp and you know into the gas and it felt more this button right here will give you your different modes this is normal you’ve got um eco slippery um snow you can go through that it shows up on your screen and uh there but i really like it i really really like a piece

Of cake and yours are wonderful power seems to be good brakes are superb so so just stick it in the lane’s piece of cake stairwell’s nice and comfortable there is only gripe was he wishes there was an armrest to the other side so but there’s no cup holders galore you got you got side pockets you got your nice big sun visors once again florida ac is just blasted

Yep so you know really uh yeah i’m really impressed i told bear um i want to get a quarter mile use any lane to turn left onto south john young parkway anyway okay i want to see how this intersection is laid out if we can use any lane south john young parkway um that one goes north so i think we’re going to stick with this yeah but anyways i told bear um you

Know i’m switching over to fort and i want um i want to um set one of these up for um a lawn service truck with a big ramp and this is what i want now i don’t like that first first to second it feels a little bit sloppy but um that’s my only complaint so far with the shifting it’s a normal at the moment um gas gauge is showing 13.5 so that sounds about normal so

That’s not too bad but i really like it mayor can you tell that i like this yep okay uh any thoughts i know your voice is kind of grappling any thoughts uh so yeah in normal mode says they’re like eco mode sport mode that type of stuff eco mode and then there’s like a um like a snake a slimmery wet weather oh okay if i switch it to rico then see so you go through

Here yeah it’s never gonna teach you about it okay but if this shifts if you oh it’s got two mode too oh the shifts feel a little bit funnier softer so probably for normal driving it’s not yeah you know cruising it might be good on and off i don’t think it’s going to be as helpful gotcha so but it does have those options it’s fine because this switch the mirrors

Brakes are awesome yeah bye yeah they’re great brakes you know that feels good i look great and we don’t really add that much of a load yeah um you know you load up with mowers and so forth can you imagine that setup that would be fast and do like a long door a little bit softer shift in there not bad is it a better shift than the normal or yeah it just feels

Different because it’s a little bit softer um so i’ll definitely be using them to drive back he’s got some more yep you know obviously i’m supposed to return it with quarter of a tank so i think it’s going to be returned with a lot more you lit up a bikini bikini or behind whatever the p1 is come on yeah probably wasn’t the fight that was it yeah the real the

Real chunky one i’m not sure what that one’s called but it looks a lot bigger than the others but look good yeah i’m really curious what motor it is i’m not sure it’s the turbo it might just be a normal 3-7 i don’t think it’s turbo yeah there’s no wine no crime it’s pretty quiet but it’s still a unique sound for it but anyways i think we’ll wrap it up there

I’ll give you some um you know probably if i can figure out the latch i’ll oh and it gives you a temperature here too oh i can figure out the latch oh it’s going to manual mode too the gear shift was kind of nice too okay so but yeah if i find it anymore underneath the hood we’ll let you know yeah so all right thanks for watching back soon foreign

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