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Altair Club Cars Finding Zamacs, Treasure Hunts & Hot Wheels OF The Month

Finding Zamacs, Treasure Hunts & Hot Wheels OF The Month

My first Hunt in Enterprise Alabama turned out to be better then I could have expected.

All right so i’m in enterprise alabama and i’m looking at my first hunt while i’m here and uh they got a stock i mean it’s it’s here we’re looking at m case so that they didn’t do that bad um kind of surprised it’s so stocked this is a lot of hot wheels here and it seems like they stock just about everything they even got stuff on top i see two brand new containers

That haven’t even been opened yet so we’re definitely gonna go in there and hopefully we can find number one two and three there’s another one so odds are good there yeah i’m pretty optimistic they had the honda sets they got one honda left so yeah they they do pretty good they got the wonder woman van here i think the only thing anyone likes on this one is

Those gold wheels but it’s fine i mean they have it they do the wheel swaps that’s not why i do that i don’t put that kind of effort into it it’s a lot of effort you go you guys that do that hey my hat is off to you maybe one day you want to contact me we’ll do some trades i’ll take a custom you know i’ll give you a treasure hunt or something cool that i find you

Know like maybe one of these chase vehicles or something i know let me know but uh yeah i’ll go through the rest of the shelf see if there’s anything in here all right so i stopped by a cards and collectible store here in enterprise and they had some of the batman uh premiums but they also had this rack here with an assortment of cars like this is the hot wheels

Games nitro door slammer pretty cool uh i saw here you got some hot wheels of the month and it’s the morris mini it’s actually kind of awesome so the winter stormers so let’s just take a quick peek at all these there’s some older cards in here too thousand six or eight yeah man uh i was really surprised to see this i i came in not expecting anything and it looks

Pretty good actually so we’re just gonna go through and take a quick peek well i’m just 2007. 2008 i like the super chrome’s i’m a sucker for shining like a squirrel it’s pretty good what year is that 15. 2001. no it’s 2006. all right whatever that is money clips arista rat aristocrat rather drift stuff i gotta say it like that drifta i think i saw another

There it is car of the month the jaguar f-type yeah it’s a nice one another car of the month head starter i think this was a treasure hunt one day i think it’s the yellow one though two cars of the month okay apparently i just inadvertently just stacked up all the cars of the month on the same rack so there you go anyway yeah i thought that was pretty good did

They have two of the super chromes yeah rig heat and rig storm it’s cool all right i’ll move on to the next spot but uh i might come back for this jaguar i actually kind of like it camouflage it a little there we go all right so yeah i asked him if he had any more hot wheels and he pulled out a box for me so he’s going to let us go through the box a couple of nice

Ones out here uh definitely saw the fair lady don’t worry i saw it i’ll get back to that i’m not really into that tuned all right i mean i’m not a tune guy but this fair lady is gorgeous yeah i’m gonna put that to the side that’s that is money you know i was in lithuania and i found this guy but it was that special short card that didn’t have a barcode and they

Wouldn’t let me buy it at the grocery store so i don’t want it now but i wanted it then uh maybe because it was on a special card you know camaro special edition camaro 50. it’s pretty nice man i didn’t collect back in 15. easter collection another easter collection faster than ever the batmobile foreign car i think i told you guys i love this thing put it

To the side it’s even the hot wheels of the month i told you i love that stupid car datsun 620. yeah i like that that’s pretty good hold on tuned lambo my end it’s a lambo it’s a car card of a mom but it’s a lent tuned but it’s a lambo it’s coming all right i gotta fight with myself to get these things let’s see another tuned lamb but which one’s got the better

Card i’ll have to compare them dots and truck over there still debating on that one it’s not the 510. oh it’s a treasure hunt look at that look at that where’s the symbol on the car don’t see it there’s a symbol on the card but not the car there it is i see it it’s in red look how they hit it look at that good thing i stopped in here huh all right so we’ve got

A little treasure hunt that’s cool pacifica i’m good uh ford escort it’s a nice one i know you guys like this one this one’s super popular i remember it this is probably why they’re in this box because they’re the special ones valentine’s day nitty-gritty all right examic take that one and it’s a cardigan card is beat up though oh no it’s all right it’s pretty

Nice pretty nice i can put that on my wall no one will ever see it again it’ll be just for me right don’t have to worry about if the card’s bent gto nice i guess you really like these holiday ones challenger if i have a challenge i’d probably like them more barracuda man if y’all like these i’m gonna let me know i’ll uh i’ll stop by here again obviously he

Keeps them in a box in the back so another emoji car i’ll have to see which one’s got the better card all right oh that is pretty new addition of the porsche dime 3 4.5 that’s super nice all right that’s coming bro that’s hot actually saw that one up here a volkswagen golf seven another one of these weird easter cars oh baby chrysler let me just turn this around

Let’s go to the other side that way easier to stack nice shifter legends of speed so i like legends cards don’t get me wrong but i have to draw the line i can’t collect everything so i went with legends tour stuff not legends of speed because i know there’s a whole series that i’ll never be able to get all of so i started over again another one of the fair ladies

Do i need two i’ll just check it see which one has the better card sorry if i’m whispering oh this is the halo car is killed i’ll put it to the side maybe i want it another hammock okay let’s see civic ef then and now yeah it’s pretty hot you guys like the civic i know some of you guys do all right i’m at the batmobile i’m fine is this the treasure hunt no

It’s not remember one of these bikes had a treasure hunt in it now it turns back around the other way no ah the first year momo digging it though all right another one of these dots and trucks easter valentine’s st patrick’s day all right so all the holidays okay so let’s start putting these back so i can get underneath here all right so i cleaned that up so

We can go through the rest of the box and uh custom ford truck loving the flat black that is sweet and it’s a hot wheels of the month card is a little bad but you know like i said it’s for me it’s fine let’s see drift car mopar 2010 telling you guys let me know put it in the comments what you want me to go get i’ll go get it this is i guess the predecessor to

The treasure hunt fine oh sharp card yeah love me some short cards i’ll probably take it just because it’s a short card 2009 yeah it’ll be mine let’s see new for 16. z-rod i’m good new for 19. look at that name you guys were thinking the uh the lambo liberty walks or the uh maybe the skyline had a long name look at that name maybe because it’s the hybrid i’m

Good halloween all right so he just gave me the skinny about these cars apparently he bought 2 500 of them and he had a problem selling him so he just listed them for a dollar in the store and they just disappeared can you imagine a dollar oh and i missed it huh i got the tail end because i guess i’m getting what’s left over but it’s fine it’s fine so apparently

This has already been picked through so there’s another short card that’s fine i’m digging it el camino i even like it but there’s the warthog little bent card but i like the color better so for sure what was it red and blue that uh that see that series red and blue oh there’s the red one i bet there’s a blue one too right but i’m getting green just because i’m

More traditional stir them good on halloween and um ram 1500. it’s a nice truck not a nice card oh man that’s all right oh square body surf’s up okay okay put that to the side another short card we’ve got the chevelle ss wagon it’s fine i’m gonna pair that with my uh mystery exclusive i know it’s a krober exclusive whatever all right what do we got here

Nissan skyline ht 2000 gtx night burners edition yeah it’s pretty cool i like it it’s going to the side this video is going to be long as hell sorry oh the moon eyes yeah i’m grabbing that it’s beautiful okay it’s five packs i’ll go through the five packs here in a minute i’ll let you guys take a look at those uh more easter good bug anybody need a bug that’s

Not my thing let’s see acura nsx night burner you need that let me know leave it right here it’s found a couple of them in the m case in yellow i didn’t grab them though no i didn’t grab those muscle mania roadrunner that’s super sweet to use that ten eight and then another nsx let’s look at these five packs real quick i haven’t seen anything that’s jumping

Out at me but maybe you guys see something i like this pack i know it’s so not cool but i like it oh stupid all right last one extreme race i like that one subaru’s money all right all right i’m gonna go through this pick out what i like i like so much but i’ll pick out at least five or six cars and then you tell me if i’m uh dumb or not all right so i think i

Decided on these 16 i just can’t seem to put them back so these are definitely coming and if you need anything else let me know i’ll be back and i’ll get it for you

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Finding Zamacs, Treasure Hunts & Hot Wheels OF The Month! By Hunting Hot Wheels International

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