fifth gear volvo s60 review
Altair Club Cars Fifth Gear: Volvo S60 Review

Fifth Gear: Volvo S60 Review

Throwback Thursday clip from series 18, Vicki reviews the Volvo S60.

This time in the fifth gear lockup we’ve got a 25,000 pound volvo s60 well as you might expect volvo to be desperate to tell us how safe it is the manufacturers actually calling it the naughty volvo the most stylish sporty scar it’s ever made so naughty but nice or just plain bad well it certainly looks up fritz with its thrusting front end muscular shoulders

A coupe a roofline and some additional bling if you fancy just the sort of thing to tempt you away from a bmw m3 or audi a4 and of course there are enough safety features to keep the world’s health and safety departments happy for a long time it has sensors that tell you if there’s something in your blind spot if you wander over a white line and by monitoring your

Movement and your driving style it will even tell you if it thinks you’re tired i might as well have a wife sat alongside me but we’ve seen this technology before so what else can it offer it’s fitted with a system called pedestrian detection with full auto break and it will slam on the brakes if a pedestrian routes not in front of you it works via a radar in the

Grille and a camera behind the rear-view mirror and it’s so sensitive that it can detect at pedestrians on the pavement and it can tell when they’re going to step out in front of you even before they have this calls for some testing my assistant will place one of my special pedestrian friends into the path of the car and i’ll pretend i haven’t seen it a car should

Stop the system works most efficiently at under 21 miles an hour so here goes oh a hundred twenty one to study on the throttle study on the football oh it breaks ah flashing red lights and it braked to a halt of fantastic just dip the clutch my man is saved under 21 miles an hour the volvo can bring itself to a complete halt when you’re going even faster the system

Will still slow the car as much as possible to reduce injuries so it’s safe but let’s not forget this is supposed to be the naughty volvo which is why i want to play a fun slightly naughty game called two-bedrooms i’ve set up this slalom course to see if the s60 is as sporty as it claims a similarly priced bmw 3-series would be in its element faced with an agility

Test like this but will the volvo be as happy its 5-cylinder turbo diesel engine has just over 200 brake horsepower and it’ll be at 60 miles an hour in 7.4 seconds it’ll also hit tip at 146 if i asked it to test options here we go round the first one into the second is steering not quite as fluid as i would have liked very little body roll good grip this volvo is

A good handling car but it’s not as involving it’s family excellent bmw 3-series and as much as i am having fun with this new game the s60 isn’t a naughty enough companion and leaves me feeling a bit flat like him so all you need to know about the volvo s60 is this it looks great and is incredibly safe but in terms of real sportiness the bmw 3-series is still some way ahead you

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Fifth Gear: Volvo S60 Review By Fifth Gear

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