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Altair Club Cars Fiat 500X SUV 2015-2019 review – Carbuyer

Fiat 500X SUV 2015-2019 review – Carbuyer

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Now i could make a joke here about how it’s not me that shrunk its the cars that’s grown but i fear that the poor ol 500x has heard that far too many times already but if you only had care after acute fiat 500 but it’s too small for your lifestyle and the 500l just doesn’t quite cut it and those clever folk at fiat have come up with a solution the fiat cute looks

Are inspired by that of the 500 super mini but that’s been combined with a more beefy appeal you can choose from four specifications from city leather to off-roader but we’ve got the mid spec pop star which we’d recommend for most buyers what you getting for your money is actually quite reasonable it’s not the most spacious but there’s plenty of room in here for a

Family round here at the boot well i really like the nice wide opening there is a lip to get over but you know it’s not too bad in terms of size well it’s not as big as the one you’d find on the volkswagen golf but it’s more than you get on a ford focus and i think you can get all the family’s paraphernalia in there no problems fold the seats down though and this

Opens up much more space far better and as an optional adjustable boot floor that makes the floor completely flat or you can lower it to maximize capacity shane we don’t have it on this car and they popped for the seats back up which is actually very easy to do you find that there’s plenty of space here in the back headroom as you’d expect is good and legroom is

Also good i mean this seat is set back in it’s that furthest position and i’ve still got plenty of space across the seat with will you’ll easily fit three children in here and it has isofix child seat points there are plenty of places to store bits and pieces too in the back there are nice big door pockets there’s the same in the front and there are seat back nets

Storage under the armrest and not one but two glove boxes and things are even more spacious here in the front now the car is raised up so you might expect to have quite a high elevated seating position but what fears have managed to do is give it a low-down sporty driving position which is great if you’re a tall driver or need more space and the specs across the

Range are really good too for your money you get a pretty reasonable amount of kit on the entry-level part model you get air conditioning cruise control and 16 inch steel wheels are standard upgrade to the pop star that we’ve got here the 17 inch alloys instead body-colored door mirrors front fog lights climate control a 5-inch infotainment screen and bluetooth

Connectivity we’ve also got the nav pack fitted in this car which means we get a six and a half inch screen with satellite navigation dob bluetooth and an sd slot now i’m driving the 1.4 liter petrol engine with the 6-speed manual gearbox there’s also a lower powered 1.6 litre petrol but if you’d rather have a diesel you can choose for a 1.3 a 1.6 or a 2-liter

Engine our 1.4 though is man enough thanks to its turbocharger and it makes for lively acceleration and a good fun drive the good news is that it should mean reasonable running cost to a spirit claim it will do just over 47 miles to the gallon the nice thing about driving the 500 eggs is that it feels really planted to the ground you’re sat down low in the car and

There’s very minimal body roll it may not look like the sportiest car in the world but it certainly feels fun and nippy to drive you could go for the more powerful 2-liter diesel but it’s only available with the optional four-wheel drive and that of course means a hefty price tag for not that much more performance the x in 500 x represents the cross in cross over

You might find it hard to believe when you take a look at it but under the skin this is related to g2 renegade so that should give it some off-road kudos however it’s hard to recommend going for the 4-wheel drive cross plus version as it’s unlikely that many 500x owners are really going to want to ever do any serious off-roading in one if you want to customize your

500x then fiat do offer plenty of personalization options but of course this is where you can really start bumping the price up lots the things on offer are just nice extras to have that make life a little bit easier but you really have to ask yourself do you really need it because you could probably do without many of them however there are some safety features

We would recommend the dynamic safety part gives you lane departure warning blind spot detection for collision warning and a rear-view camera and they’re all things that could help to reduce your insurance premiums if you’re after that rather elusive creature a car that offers style and practicality then the 500x is a great choice if boot space is important to you

Then why not try the mini countryman that also has a retro look or what about the slightly cheaper misun juke you can click on the play button to see our latest video and click on the car buy a logo to subscribe

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