fiat 500x eng test drive and rev
Altair Club Cars Fiat 500X (ENG) – Test Drive and Review

Fiat 500X (ENG) – Test Drive and Review

Fiat 500X is loosely related to the 500 city car, but it does have a lot in common with Jeep Renegade. Both cars are made in the same factory in Italy. The times they are a-changin’, and everyone is looking for the next niche. And so you can buy a FWD Jeep, and an AWD Cinquecento.

Following the success of fiat 500 detail is decided to continue spitting out new 500 variants which at least mildly resemble the original cinquecento and here we are this is the new fiat 500x after fiat 500 and 500 l time has come for the 500x this car is only loosely related to the city 500 but it does have a lot in common with the jeep renegade both cars are

Made in the same factory in italy the times they are a-changin and everyone is looking for the next niche and so you can buy a front-wheel drive jeep or an all-wheel drive fiat 500 this example is the 500 x cross plus which means you get the off-road looking bumpers 18-inch off-road luke alloys and xenon headlamps inside the off-road theme continues with drive mode

Selector other options include a six and a half inch sat-nav and optional faux leather upholstery which looks like a dog’s dinner from a week ago the boot is spartan there are no shopping bag hooks or just a couple of mounts for a cargo net there is no 12 volt socket and if you want some cargo arrangement system you have to pay extra but most noticeably there is

Not that much space in here i often hear complaints how not many car manufacturers let you have a full size spare these days well fiat does offer a full size spare but that means you don’t get the 350 litre boot but only a 245 litre boot happy of course you can have a mini spare or a repair kit fold the backrest flat and you get a thousand liters of space in the

Back three adults will fit barely there is a tunnel in the middle legroom and headroom are sufficient for average height passengers there is no armrest but there are pockets in the back of front seats and places for bottles of water in the door bins in the cockpit i can see a bit of the smaller fiat 500 there are a lot of colors textures and materials there are two

Glove boxes the top one is air-conditioned but it’s rather small maybe for a half a liter bottle of water the bottom one is well average size and it’s not air and there’s another storage compartment here under the armrest it’s average size but there’s a usb port in there another usb port and sd card slot and a three-and-a-half millimeter jack socket are here at the

Bottom of the center console there’s also some storage and a twelve volt socket as well there is a heated steering wheel in this particular example and also heated seats you operate air conditioning with the knobs and buttons which are rather large and easy to use they look like in a fiat 500l but they seem to be slightly less flimsy the sat-nav screen is big at

Least in this example it’s 6 and 1/2 inch it’s easy to use this car also comes with the keyless access and ignition which is a good thing but i have to remember to put the key somewhere away because it’s too big and it leaves a telling bulge in my trouser pocket so the car is on and now let’s see how you can adjust the sitting position there’s a lot of adjustment

In the steering column up and down front and back and now the seat this car comes with the electric seats and look how far up i can go so even if you’re really really short i think you can get pretty comfortable here in the fiat 500x and speaking of the seats these are well they offer good lateral support but they are on the hard side so on longer journeys they

May no longer be as comfortable as you think they are in the first place and before you set off don’t forget to release the electric parking brake because it won’t release itself one of the first things you notice behind the wheel of the fiat 500x is that the instrument cluster is a bit awkward usually the main thing on the instrument cluster is either your speedo

Or rev counter rev counter in case of a sports car and speedo in case of just about any other car and here fiat has made a huge round well tunnel really and inside this tunnel is a display showing you information from the trip computer and such there is also a fuel gauge and water temperature gauge but the speedo is on the left and the rev counter is on the right

And they’re smaller it looks a bit like in a porsche but it’s not fiats two-liter diesel well it doesn’t suit the city cross over does it it’s loud and it sounds unrefined hear this even with the 9 speed automatic gearbox it’s not particularly dynamic it’s good for longer journeys but in the city 500 eggs with this diesel lacks the agility and fun factor which you

Get with the smaller petrol engines we just like to be pushed around and slapped on sort of like mazdas 1.5 petrol wow i had to do that sorry the 9-speed automatic works quick and the ninth gear is easily engaged i’m mentioning it because in the new jeep cherokee there’s also a 9-speed gearbox but over there even at motorway speeds i couldn’t engaged in ninth gear

Of course that was a petrol pentastar engine and this is a two litre fiat diesel however now i’m doing about 90 km/h and the ninth gear is already engaged so this is supposed to help the fuel economy i guess next to the gear lever is a knob yes a knob which fiat calls the mood select ahh oh a knob which is a mood selector right so anyway you can have the car in

Automatic mode which you would for most of the time you can switch it into sports or now depending on the version you choose if you choose the city look it’s an all-weather mode and if you choose the cross plus off-road something look like this one its traction mode something so basically it improves traction if you go off-road and please don’t make me do that

And now what fiat says is that in this traction mode it disengages the rear axle later rather than engaging it earlier is it just semantics or what do you think fiat promises average fuel consumption in the combined cycle of five and a half liters per 100 kilometers i’m averaging more like seven to eight the car with the 2-liter diesel accelerates from 0 to 100

Km/h in just below 10 seconds if you want to drive faster you can put the mood select aah into sports mode and then you see a turbo gauge on the dials and the throttle response sharpens and so does the reaction of the gearbox and stuff and really it’s not not a particularly sporty car this back to auto oh finally finally i was just about to talk about the safety

Systems and the lane assist system finally worked for the first time today ha because lane assist is not the only safety feature that this car has besides the lane assist something which works every once in a while fiat can also be equipped with blind spot monitoring system a parking camera and parking sensors so all this is quite useful i wish the lane assist

System work better because right now i’m doing about 19 kilometers per hour i can see the lines on the street in front of me but the system doesn’t seem to read them within the group fiat 500x is closely related to fiat 500l and jeep renegade the 500x is more dynamic than the family oriented 500 l obviously but in my opinion jeep renegade looks more interesting and

It’s more crossover o city offroad ii kind of thing you know i like the jeep renegade i like more what it looks like fiat 500x is some 200 kilograms blimey that’s like me and another me here is around 200 kilograms heavier than the mazda cx-3 or suzuki vitara and the additional weight can be felt even if the fiat is faster and more powerful than the other two cars

And what about this zip i saying guy yes now the prices of the fiat 500x start at around 17,000 euros which is about a grand more than the 500 l but around 1,400 less than jeep renegade the top spec 500 x cross plus which is more or less what we have here with automatic gearbox and all-wheel drive and with some options well debt will set you back at least twice

The starting price so we’re talking 30-something thousand euros mazda cx-3 is similarly priced and just like the mazda also fiat has some irritating characteristics which the designers could have avoided they could have fixed it but fiat 500x has easy-to-use sat-nav but mazda cx-3 is more fun to drive but the fiat offers greater customisation options but mazda

Looks more modern and which be crossover would you choose let me know in the comments below subscribe rate and share my videos new episodes every friday thanks for watching and i’ll see you next time and there goes the sun so i hope we got it

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