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Fiat 500X 1.4T Connect Test Review

I must confess to having a soft spot for the Fiat brand, my family owned one during my school years and I only have good memories of that car.

The family likeness is unmistakable especially from this front view fiat 500 blown up a little bit is it i think so if you look square on i think it looks exactly like the little baby 500 but the difference being you can see it’s just a little bit bigger a little bit extra fog lights down at the bottom you’ve got of course your led headlights over here you’ve

Got all these kind of features very very nice looking black mag wheels over here on 16 inches features like this and of course being a crossover suv check the cladding around the wheel arch all the way down under the doors just to say hey i’m a crossover suv this is the fiat 500 big brother the 500x what does the x mean it means you’ve got back doors and it

Means you’ve got space in the back seat completely different ball game isn’t it this is really a medium family crossover suv in every respect of the word this particular one we’re driving is the connect model which means it’s got the tech it’s got the connectivity very logical naming it’s a six-speed manual version as well it’s powered by the fiat 1.4 litre

Turbo petrol engine 103 kilowatts you get out of it it’s got a bit of pep to it it really has very interesting rear tail lights over here and a feature of the 500s is notes this is actually bodywork in the middle of the light just something very very different and of course they’re 500x just in case i didn’t tell you enough before that pop open the boot or the

Hatch and you’ve got a nice sized boot over here haven’t you fairly high loading board but hey yeppy you’ve got a full-size spare wheel good stuff for a change other than that it is what you expect from a crossover suv and interestingly do not forget it’s very closely related to the jeep renegade by the way because of course there are family members very

Close cousins maybe we can call them done our road trip in it today we’re out in the foxville area outside joburg in the country because motor matters does road trips and we always try and do a road trip as part of our test we’ve done that with this one here you’ll see us on the road you’re going to see the rest of it you know what i tell you further to this

But what a way to spend a sunday when you’re out on a test yeah out on the road in the 500x it’s spacious it’s smooth it’s comfortable the six-speed manual gearbox is light and easy quite a clunky feel to it but it actually feels nice it’s usable and it’s not one of those that has no feel to it whatsoever which i actually appreciate so you feel you’re driving

A manual you do have to shift down if you hit any sort of uphill and you do have to drop a gear but or for an overtake but i don’t think that’s a problem and that turbo of course kicks in very nicely it makes it nice and easy to drive nice screen over here with built-in navigation for a change which i do appreciate as opposed to having to use android auto every

Time personally i like that and i think it is easier and sorry swerving a little bit because there was a pothole in the road over there that i decided i would prefer to avoid the car is showing 7.2 liters per hundred at the moment that’s an overall figure for the test so far it was quite a bit higher in very short stop stop town driving so it’s dropped down from

I think eight when we left over to 7.2 and now we got the return drive so i’m sure i’ll get it down quite a bit more by the time i get home and you’ll see the final figure towards the end of the video but it’s a nice place to be you’ve got of course this metal look to the dash with the 500 legend over there of course so again it’s similar in some ways to the

Baby 500 you certainly know you’re interfered 500 when you’re inside and that’s no criticism from my parties at all you got your auto climate control you’ve got two very useful usbs right there at the front so that all works nicely nice and easily one button i have been using a favorite is to switch out the auto stop start you know how much i hate those and if

You’re a regular watcher of mine you’ll know i tend to switch them out most of the time when i drive these cars especially in urban areas but it’s got a solid fuel to it it feels planted on the road and it feels comfortable it be just two up for our sunday motivators road trip but i must say i’m enjoying it it’s pleasant and it’s a nice easy car to drive i would

Probably choose the auto version myself if i was buying one but that’s about the only thing i think that i would say i would change over here connect gives you connectivity which is important so you’ve got as i said android auto features etc etc it’s uconnect system it’s all there for you and that’s what buyers want from their cars nowadays starting off behind

The wheel let’s have a look well we’ve averaged 7.2 liters per hundred for this test it’s okay but it’s not exceptional but then again this is a peppy 1.4 liter uh four cylinder turbo that puts out 103 kilowatts so not bad i suppose and i have used it a little bit i’ll put it that way it just clicked to 7.3 while we’re sitting here with the car idling that i can

Show you sorry about that sorry fiat you’ve got of course your cruise control over here on the steering wheel you’ve got all the functions and controls you possibly want and down there you do have of course for the headlights and yeah auto headlights auto wipers on this connect version connect of course means it has full connectivity what fears have been doing

Lately is bringing in models that maybe are minus the connectivity as the entry-level models to bring them in price-wise i can see what they’re doing you’ll notice you’ve got a lot of the circular effect on like around the door handles for example the instrumentation a lot of circular effect that fiat of course very much like to use on most their cars and well

Good not not a complaint at all you’ve got a nice big eight inch touchscreen over here in the center gives you a trip meter it gives you everything you want and it really is nice and you do have built-in navigation so the modern trend of not giving navigation because they say everybody just uses their phones and uses carplay apple carplay or android auto well

Theater saying ah we’ll give you that anyway the interesting dash with the two-tone of course with the silver gray trim over there and all that sort of thing it just looks interesting it is quite reminiscent of the 500 the little baby 500 the two-door one in certain ways i mentioned the circular theme well there you get it again and you’ve got two nice usbs over

Here as well right there for the drivers with the space to put your phone if you want this version has got a six-speed manual gearbox it’s fairly clunky but got a bit of feel to it i quite liked it and enjoyed driving it i have to tell you and it certainly is easy to drive easy to work with and of course got your electronic parking brake over there we’ll just show

You behind us there’s certainly a decent amount of space in the back seat this is i would call a medium suv so it’s not bad it’s got room for the family if you want and the interesting leatherette on the outside with cloth in turn inner panels for the seats as well make it quite interesting well of course bottom line how much this version 449 can i round it off to

450 000 rand you can come in a bit cheaper if you want to as i said you lose connectivity you lose screens you lose things like that or you can go a little bit higher up in the range as well and you can go to the seven speed dct automatic versions as well if you want if you don’t feel like using a clutch pedal get stuck in traffic and oh we got in such a traffic jam

On the highway yesterday i can’t so i enjoyed any manual car it wasn’t this car that i was complaining about i just hate any manual in a traffic jam these days but it’s not that important overall this is fighting in such a competitive market segment it really is but it’s got the fiat brand it’s got the cache of the italian fiat etcetera etcetera the cinquecento

As they called it for 500. if i use my italian and interesting on the little 500s where you’ve got 500 here on the dashboard on the babies they actually put cinquecento there as well and not just the digits but on the bigger x model they seem to have left that off just a little touch but it’s got a lot of the little touches it’s got a couple of quirks it’s got

Things like that which give it personality and i love a car with personality competitors opposition the list would be endless we’d be here for the rest of the day you know them if you’re in this market for a crossover medium suv and you like being a bit different then put this on your list to take for a drive and see for yourself for matter matters i’m eleanor see you next time

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Fiat 500X 1.4T Connect Test Review By MotorMatters

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