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Altair Club Cars Festival in Pacifica is Back After 2 Years First Time Checking Out Fogfest (2022)

Festival in Pacifica is Back After 2 Years First Time Checking Out Fogfest (2022)

Hanging out with the crabbing community and checking out the other booths and attractions at Fog Fost 2022 in Pacifica, CA

What is good what is good all my real ones welcome back to another it gets real adventure it’s your boy b the flossy fisherman today we are headed to pacifica california today i’m not doing any fishing but we are partaking in an event that i’ve never been to before fog fest baby yes fogcast has been going on for 35 years since 1986 the city of pacifica has

Thrown this event to bring more attractions to the city and raise it raise money for the community so i am hooking up with my crabbing family man all the crabbers you’ve seen me in the videos with them before uh man west coast crabbers crabaholic crab heart media crab on digs vivid snares man frisco fishing crab snares hey man it’s about to be lit man it’s about

To be lit you know many more there also joan of more than fishes yeah we gonna set this boop up we gonna get out there show some love but i’m excited to see what this what this event is about it has been canceled for two years because of kobe the first year they’re bringing it back so the whole city is going to be out right here cotton crustacean and we calling

This crustacean park that’s what it’s called for today man we got the crabbers here man let’s say we got them here we got them what’s up i can’t chrysler crab on digs what’s up man there’s a snares in the house got the more than fishing boom how you doing how’s it going good good you’re saying you guys good morning how are you all right how you doing good okay

How you doing did you pour in the house what’s up bro grabaholic gladiator snares right here i got christian what’s going on dude we live man fall fest out here right here on palmetto and santa rosa ave all of palmetto is going to be blocked off today so we’re gonna have floats people walking parade live music food oh what’s going down in pacifica today it’s glad

To be a part of you glad to be a part of it crab hard good morning bro what’s up with you okay so you got the latest and newest innovation to this man he’s showing me some things right now so explain what you got going on here man so we got ourselves a little interchangeable snare going on with interchangeable weights what we got going on we got attachments here

Where anyway you can go on there your style depending on the conditions you’re in you’re gonna go ahead and change it out yeah so how heavy is that right there uh this is about 10 ounces right here 10 ounces 15 ounces on there yeah change them out it’s light out there let me get the vader guy on right he’s good to go oh man that’s far at the band and this is

Getting on and cracking crab fishing right off the pacific appear it’s fire baby crab before it’s gone what’s going on brother how you doing but check it out though it’s already lit man yeah yeah we here we in here the morning fishing rod is coming with me shout out shout out to sunshine and june they hooked me up with two more raffle tickets to win

The surf ride right here hey june you might as well package it up you know package it up yeah i’m ready yeah put my name on it i’m i’m claiming it and man we out here having a good time good turnout a whole bunch of people my crabbing family the fishing fan man hey you ain’t here i don’t know what you’re doing you’re missing out you missing out i already

Know mine’s getting pulled so you know right there i seen it i seen it i don’t even know why you put yours in there okay i’m just trying i’m winning i gotta try it bro i’m winning got crabzilla right here but he’s playing the predator today i guess trying to get them crabs huh oh man rock fisher in the house heal awesome stuff man seven gill sharks the

Shark in me caught me a few seven gills in my life dying hiding in these rocks see that vibrant yellow guy trying to hide from me at this dude right here another one behind that rock peeking out and that’s orange and black and white one he only one that ain’t trying to hide there’s another yellow one down there dinosaur from jurassic park it was eating

Everything up you see we got nemo i found nemo up in this thing man we got a clown fish wow and you got the sea anemones in there man this but look at that fish my goodness they must know they being recorded the nemo’s showing out he’s showing now look at him he’s trying to see all the other booths and attractions that they have here everything from toe rings

To sun dresses jewelry favorite avenue right here man san jose avenue hey man that’s that’s the hometown right there man that’s where your boy is from san jose all day he wants a pitcher man and for nine dollars is that the mandingo ah big kahuna you can have a spot for children’s books out there look at that hey what’s going on what’s going on building

The bike park in town oh there you go there you go so many vendors so many vendors and this is not just a fishing event this is the whole city of pacifica coming together as a community to attract more people to the city man right by the beach right by the coast park fest 2022. there you go there you go oh man that’s crazy the blue room the bloom room there

You go all right brother all right about 15 minutes there you go yeah you got it you got it bro all right now and that band was called lit l-y-t-t lit it’s pretty crazy because i’ve only been out to pacifica to fish you know pacific appear uh june’s more than fishing event i’ve only been out here to fish i never got to embrace the city like this and everybody just

Out and about man this is this is a vibe right here also good to see man after two years everybody come out here and be outside again y’all know during this pandemic we was indoors we were shut down all that so to be out here man and see everybody vibing and thriving man this is this is awesome it’s my first time at fog fest first time ever even hearing about fog

Fest so shout out to everybody involved man all my crabbing family for alerting me man and invited me to partake in this event shout out to cotton crustacean and sharp part tap room which is coming soon hey how’s it going there goes lit again they getting lit again see right there that’s the middle school they on on the middle school grounds doing it live

Man lit look at that i hella love frog fish they winning me over man they winning me over out here you know the way that everybody could come together as a community out here this i hella love it too look at that man art art wind chimes oh yeah with the hummingbird wings going oh man wonderful pieces of art right here wow so cool this is awesome tiny

Homes what i might have to do for myself is go cop me a tiny home away it’s getting expensive out here in the bay shoot starting that 49. how’s it going fellas how much square footage is this it’s 363. 360 huh oh you got two of them up here huh yeah primary and secondary law do a lot of filet and fish right here washer and dryer fridge lay a mattress down

There probably even like a queen size mattress just lay it down there this is tight it’s tight hgtv what up bring your boy on tommy holmes one time man i like to own one of them things let’s go sign me up lobster rolls lobster fries lobster nachos shrimp po’ boys oh my oh gosh it’s one thing when you see it up there but when they present it to you like this

I didn’t ate plenty today but man that right there that oh my gosh i almost did it yogi bear and boo-boo and just ran off with a picnic basket right now man oh man they got barbecue oysters right here all my weaknesses all my weaknesses fried catfish gumbo i’ll try almost gumbo season coming up but man this sample right here was off the chain lumpia it’s like

They just they i’m getting tormented right now all my favorite foods in the world is here right in front of my face i gotta hit the surf tomorrow or something man so i could walk some of all this food off man cause i’ve been eating today i even got used cars here y’all and this is the lightning they got the electric ford lightning oh man oh man all electric with

The trunk in the front i’ve always loved coming out to pacifica just a fish and partaking the other events that go on out here but fog fest it’s hitting a little different some i do want to experience i’d be like i’m stevie wonder right now and not see anything chicken sandwiches garlic fries i’m telling you off camera i’ve been grubbing all day 12 blocks i

Didn’t walked and i’m still not back although i didn’t win the allen rod in the raffle still had to pick one up yes sir it’s going down next our first video you know what i’m using until the next one though y’all be cool y’all be blessed ace got june zooming yeah on the e-bike whoa

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