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Fala rapaziada!

The day is beautiful, the weather is cloudy. good morning family good morning guys! beauty? how are you? soft? we are here at serra azul! we’re even early, let’s show you what’s on here for you by car, motorcycle, everything! we already arrived here and was already having a meeting of camaro, 10, 15 camaros, mustang. but if i’m not mistaken, they went straight and went

Straight to the blue lake, and in a little while we’ll leave there because we have more cars, we’ll be able to record more content for you look a cadillac, have you seen one of these? starting the video how? on the right foot! no sign, take it! hey guys for those who like civic si there, the most beautiful civic generation that the guys have ever released guys , the guy

Changed those tires for sure! it’s too wide, old, rim 19 is bad wheel color too, akrapovic exhaust, carbon airfoil, m4 cabrio this one is 2020, just like the new ones, will it make waves or not? maveco there too does it steal the show or not? the brown interior seats, convertible for those who don’t mind if i’m not mistaken it’s 2020/2021 one of those, brown interior who

Doesn’t care she entered the california seat and she it’s also convertible hey guys, portofino! guys, let’s go to the lake in a little while, watch the motorcycle coming in, old car here too, maveco, and beyond hey guys for those who like motorcycles, cb1000, z750 we’re going to the lake but the car doesn’t stop coming, it has everything, sporty, classic we just left the serra

Azul, and ferrari has already saved the ride, let’s see, it stuck a z4 convertible in the boot , the day has already started like that, right bro, the expectation there for the lake is now great, bro, after this ferrari. let’s see what will be available for us to record, right we arrived here at the lake, as always does not fail. this is addo, look at rapha’s glasses. this

For me is one of the with a red hood, this fancy configuration, like that, it’s not so flashy but, it draws attention, and here’s that m4 we saw there in the serra, interior from her camaro, eclipse, who never had one of this one in the nostalgic racing game as hell, this color is also very beautiful bro, very beautiful, mustang convertible, camaro, sandero rs, mini cooper,

There’s another vintage car there. here glue a lot of tt spacecraft , here we have rs4 of the new ones, these new audi headlights played dirty even hit the nail on the head, bro, these headlamps don’t have as bro, aro 20 i don’t know if on video it’s the same thing, but personally, it looks like a burgundy purple beauty, jetta scared the mustang slk, mini cooper cabrio this

One here it’s exclusive, look at the size of it, look at these wheels at the camera you can’t get a sense of the size of it, rim 22 raptor guys, let me take a close-up of it here, that this here in brazil it’s very difficult, very difficult to see such a thing. stay next to her there, look at the size of this guy, her wheel hits almost mid-thigh. look what appeared here

At the end of the tour, almost leaving , ferrari california, this one i told you about is the old portofino model that we saw at serra azul, for those who don’t know this one is also convertible. see if the rear doesn’t resemble that one a bit, four exhausts, two on each side it’s a woman, representing the huracan women’s team we’re back here in the afternoon, to end the

Day with a flourish, huracan v10 that’s it, i’ll wait for you until the next video, next meeting, addo partner, how old? about 15 years? from the placenta. so that’s it, guys, you’re getting used to it, that addo will be here directly with us and in são paulo for all the hangouts, that’s it, guys who liked it, let us like you, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and

Follow him there on instagram. we’re together and see you in the next video!

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