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Altair Club Cars Ferrari Portofino – AutoWeek Review – English subtitles

Ferrari Portofino – AutoWeek Review – English subtitles

De California kreeg nog wel eens als kritiek dat hij te soft zou zijn, een Ferrari onwaardig. Dat commentaar lijkt te zijn doorgedrongen in Maranello, want de Portofino is een stuk scherper dan zijn voorganger.

This is the ferrari portofino, the successor to the california. and that makes it the cheapest ferrari available today. this car has been designed with the coupĂ© in mind. and after that, they’ve looked into how to turn it into a convertible. it’s not just aesthetics. ferrari’s all about aerodynamics. which whirls around in the wheelarches, and flows away through the vent.

And even though you wouldn’t think so at first sight, normally, i’m not a big fan of convertibles. more often than not, they look ridiculous with a closed roof or they’re fitted with an ugly linen folding roof with all kinds of shapes, or a steel folding roof which doesn’t fold properly which ruins the silhouette… ferrari seems to have found a very good middle ground…

I haven’t counted it myself, i was told. ferrari designed a different roof construction relative to the one in the california. and beneath that there’s a space, which is rather big according to convertible standards. look. these are the roof plates neatly stacked, it fits easily. i can even put another one next to it. or rather according to folding roof-convertible

Standards, this is very decent. do you think ferrari knows that lamborghini built a portofino once? sure, it was a four-door limousine concept car from 1987. it’s from back in the day when lamborghini was taken over by chrysler, i had to get used to the name, but if you say it a few times, also, the special version of the california t was presented there, the handling

Speciale, and that wasn’t a coincidence. well, we just were in alberobello inbetween the trulli’s, so we already know the name of the next ferrari, soon we’ll be driving the ferrari alberobello, or the ferrari trulli. producing 600 horsepower. that’s 40 more than before. so you won’t get the characteristic howling v8-noise anymore. even though they’ve fitted a different

Exhaust system in this portofino, with a bigger exhaust tip and valves in the exhaust, but it absolutely doesn’t if you remember how it can be done as well. i perfectly get that ferrari is doing everything… i was just joking with cameraman jeroen, that’s what it sounds like, but if you start to give it hell, we were just driving on a mountain road, and the sound nicely

Echoed against the rock walls. that’s the moment you realize this is quite the engine. right. 600 horsepower on a car which has been lightened by 80 kg. even though this isn’t a 488 gtb, and because it’s meant to be more usable for daily use, if you put it in comfort-mode and everything on automatic, it remains a tame car when you keep it at low revs. get out of the

Automatic mode and start changing the gears yourself, and that’s when it becomes a totally different car. the car becomes quite a handful. it doesn’t become dangerous or anything, because they’ve tuned it a tad softer than in the 488 gtb. it’s fitted with electronic power steering, and that’s a first. it’s sharp, but when the steering wheel is in a neutral position, it

Isn’t a hardcore sports car like the 488, so what did ferrari change as well compared to the california t, besides the fact it’s a completely new car of course. don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an evolution of the california t. which means the car has fewer welds, it’s 35% stiffer than before, and everything put together makes for a better handling car. comparing it is

A tad difficult, because we’re driving in the south of italy on roads… but considering everything, this car is a tad sharper than its predecessor. it’s been changed slightly compared to the california. in the middle, we have a big 10-inch colored touchscreen, but you can have a shift indicator on top of the wheel. the indicators have been shaped more ergonomically

As well. other than that, it’s just a ferrari-dashboard like we’re used to. it’s not like i see it everyday, but it looks very good like always. it’s a 2+2, so that means it officially offers two seats in the back. we’ve got an additional 5 centimetres of legroom, but you shouldn’t fold yourself in there as an adult. it’s only suited for small rides with children,

Or for additional luggage space. the portofino actually is the only car in its segment. let’s sum it up. a 2+2, with an electronic hard top? i can’t think of any. the portofino looks better, but that’s my personal taste. that it’s an incredible leap ahead when it comes to driving.

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