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Altair Club Cars Ferrari 812 GTS: The best Ferrari currently on sale?

Ferrari 812 GTS: The best Ferrari currently on sale?

The new Ferrari 812 GTS review

This is the new ferrari a12 gts it’s ferrari’s latest gp car but the thing clip about this car is convertible ferrari hasn’t made a convertible gt production car since the daytona spider ever since then it’s all been super limited production cars like the 599s and the 575 super america so it’s pretty cool that now you can actually just go into a dealership and buy

One of these and also in my opinion this is probably the best looking ferrari that came out in the last 20 to 30 years just the lines on this car everything works so well with the big front entry v12 with the long hood i think this this car might be a perfect car but let’s go take it upright drive and see what it’s like okay so we’re driving the a12 gts the

Way to put the roof up so the camera can actually get some good audio otherwise there’s a lot of wind first thing you notice with this car is the noise the v12 the rv12 is an iconic sound very high pitched just you know this feels very special sounds very special uh definitely your card i would take over a 48 spider and it’s nice that now if you want a ferrari

Convertible you kind of have a choice of going with something a little bit more aggressive up until now you can only get these v12 convertibles in a very special version like a 599 essential 550 barcata cards like that so most people that wanted these couldn’t actually get the v12 convertible now it’s a great great card to put in a lineup because i think it’s a

Great substitute for an event at a roadster honestly it feels a lot better the offender has got a huge disadvantage with the single clutch gearbox this dual clutch just feels very very very good the power in this car as well when you want to just cruise it just cruises but when you put your foot down i mean this thing has 800 horsepower and you can tell but

It’s a very refined horsepower i could do a cross-country driving this if i wanted to it’s a very comfortable car you can drive it it almost feels like a bentley a little bit rougher suspension but very spacious on the inside like seats are very comfortable you don’t feel cramped inside it’s not too loud when you’re just cruising around so it’s kind of a perfect

Combination of an all-around car very good daily let’s hear this this thing screams just an amazing engine but yeah i think this car is one of the best cars for he’s made in a long long time the look of this car with the convertible top the fact that it’s not a pro convertible it’s more like a targa type top i think the shape with the lines and everything just

Makes it one of the best looking fridays in the last you know 20 30 years it’s a very functional car easy to drive it’s because of the full production car you don’t have to be too careful with it you can kind of drive it and put kilometers on it i don’t really care um but yeah i really like the new it’s still kind of the old designer ferrari it’s not like the

Roma yet so you get the steering wheel is newer than like 48 itself but you still get the more analog type gauges the very simple design on the inside i know the aroma’s got the bigger screen and everything’s kind of electric and it just looks a lot more futuristic but i think this is going to age a lot better than the newer generation interior ferrari and

You know you you sit inside the car and you see the hood and it just looks so aggressive you have those two vents in the hood the tops the top one kind of both sides going up you can tell you’re not in a regular car you’re not in s-class here you’re not in a regular bentley this is you can tell this is something special something that in my opinion is going to

Age very well you know in 30 40 years we might look at this like a daytona spiders one of the most beautiful ferrari’s ever made i think it’s going to be an all-time classic it’s probably going to go down to at some point about 200 000 but i think in 10-20 years they’re gonna start climbing back up because hopefully ferrari kind of sticks with what they do and

Hopefully they don’t make another v12 convertible production car for a while that way this car becomes a lot more special unfortunately i feel like most car manufacturers right now don’t really care about the rarity in the cars you know porsches lamborghinis that make a million per month a million svs a million gt3 rss so i feel like ferrari is going to try to

Capitalize on whoever wants to buy these and they’re going to keep making these v12 convertibles which it’s nice that people are going to be able to buy the cars that they want but also it kind of makes them a little bit less special but you know as of now as a first production car with a v12 from roadblown in a while i love this thing it feels very special

And when this car first got released i was very very excited for it and i think it left us with the hype so quick specs in this car just for anybody who doesn’t know it’s a ferrari a12 so the 8 cents for 800 horsepower the 12 cents for a 12 cylinder so 0 to 60 on this car for a rear wheel drive car with that much power is 2.9 seconds which is pretty surprising

They can actually put the power down off the line top speed is 211 miles an hour which is about the same as all the other cars in this category um but yeah i mean this car is not supposed to be like a track car something that just goes with the lowest numbers this thing is more of a again like a cruiser it’s a gt car i think the specs are kind of a secondary

Thing with this car it’s more of the feel and yeah like i said before this car just feels very special honestly i couldn’t care less about the about the 0-60 i don’t think is that how you do 0-16 really just more of a highway type of car and it has a ferrari ceramic brakes which are they’re easy to use they don’t feel too kind of aggressive you can kind of

Feather them and they still work it’s not like the mercedes uh shoving brakes which the secondary top and they just go to a full stop so it’s very usable it’s again it’s an easy car to drive

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