ferrari 812 gts novitec straight
Altair Club Cars Ferrari 812 GTS NOVITEC Straight Pipe | Lautester Ferrari den ich jemals gefahren bin

Ferrari 812 GTS NOVITEC Straight Pipe | Lautester Ferrari den ich jemals gefahren bin


I can’t say how the quality of this video is going to be. look over here. the 812 gts. i think the paint was black before, right? that fits perfectly! honestly, i have never seen this paint. this effect in combination with the sunlight is awesome! you could achieve it with the 488 or sf90. it looks very sporty and stylish. look at the rims i wouldn’t put black rims

Here. let’s go over here. i guess this is the place where the music plays. a whole new exhaust system by novitec. i would say, i get into the car and we see how it sounds like. alright, let’s do it. okay guys, let’s ride! you’re coming with me? open roof or closed roof? okay, we are going to drive with the open roof. let’s go! alright guys, here we are in the 812 gts. i

Have to say the interior with the brown interior looks really nice! are you good with the microphone. alright, so then, let’s go! so, we’re gonna open the roof or not? yes, for the fans! exactly! that’s why we’re here. alright guys, the 812 gts, it is really a beast. well, this car with its standard specs is sounding great, i’m excited to find out how it sounds like

With the new novitec sound system! so, this is your favorite car at the moment? what’s your favorite car? at this very moment this is all i can think about, this speed and emotions. i just got it yesterday. yeah, i’ve got everything except this car! i just need two, three more days. well guys, i have to say, i drove his 720s which had 1000 hp. he is passionate knows

Exactly which car he wants. i’m just explaining that for you it is pure passion. pure passion! i really like the fact that you’re very passionate about cars. it’s not about what you can buy, it’s about what you can feel. okay, well i mix my perfect english skills with my german. so we have here the sport mode, but we want to drive in the race mode. the valves are closed

At the moment, so it is very easy and gentle to drive. so, right now, what we want to do with this car is… it’s not a race car. it is a beautiful and glory car for long drives we’ve set the valves at the factory settings. the moment you go to manual and switch the mode, the valves open and it becomes a race car. it is a gentle car. and you want to be gentle with it.

What the hell? just the way it switches gears is incredible. the downshifts! check this out! this is insane! this is crazy, guys! those are pure emotions. you know, until yesterday i thought the speciale was the best sounding car. today i’ve changed my mind completely. if you compare this to the aventador svj, the svj is very loud it it screams at you. however the 812

And the f12 both like a symphony. as soon as the valves open… just check out the difference. now it has 3,000 revolutions per minute. and now the valves open! it is a big car, isn’t it? to be honest, you don’t want to drive fast around the corners. you just want to enjoy. you want to cover hundreds of kilometers without getting tired. enjoy the sound, the drive, the

Emotions enjoy the car, that it is yes, i do! i switch between this and the 720s. whatever this is for the mood. anytime i can get a new favorite, you know? everything in one car. you got the drop top, you got (…), the quality, the sound, everything. especially, opening the roof with the sunset, it’s very romantic. i think i have to step on the gas again. i’m ready. i

Wasn’t ready the last time but now, i am. check it out! you get an instant response! that’s crazy. so what would you take, this one or the 720s? it depends on where i’m going. any mclaren with… well, forget about mclaren, any car rear engine for the track is best balance for all worlds. but if you want to have a good time and then come back and feel like a good person,

You go in this. is there a car that you’re looking for in the future? you know, i always try to not repeat my car. why should i get two of the same type of car? i had a lot of cars in mind but since i got this car my mind is blank. like i’m finally happy after 15 years of buying cars. i feel like i finally reached a point where i finally got what i wanted. so, maybe if

You asked me that again in a month, i don’t know, but now i’m so happy, man! yeah, it’s so difficult to choose! every car has its own personality. you can’t say like, “this is my favorite car!” you know, you can’t choose between your children so you can’t choose between your cars. okay, well, let’s close the roof. it seems like the sound will be even louder if we close

The roof and open the window. let’s see. i drove 800 kilometers yesterday alone. the moment i got this car, i jumped in. i want to know every gear, how it sounds in different acceleration modes, everything. so i found out that you put down this beautiful glass in the back, this is what makes this car different from anything else. if you put this down, you will have a

Experience like in no other ferrari. surround sound, bro! that’s a good surround speaker. you hear every decibel, every tone! this all i heard after yesterday after 800 kilometers of meters of driving. oh my god, it’s like i don’t have blood anymore, i have gasoline in my veins. this is why i like him. there are people who simply buy cars because they don’t actually

Want them. and this guy actually see that there is a passion when he chooses the cars. and then he goes like “oh i could actually close the roof” now, if you drive it, don’t go full flatout, you just drive and hold every gear, shift, upshift , downshift. you will understand what i’m talking about. she sings but you can also sing something if you want. no, that’s four! five

Thousand! accelerate and then it’s five. don’t brake, just slow down, and now, do high as you can. the highest rpm. more, more! go, go, go! alright guys, this is it for this video. thank you for joining me on the ride, i hope that i was a good driver. alright guys, i hope you enjoyed the video see you next time! let’s go!

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Ferrari 812 GTS NOVITEC Straight Pipe | Lautester Ferrari den ich jemals gefahren bin! By Gercollector

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