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Altair Club Cars Ferrari 488 Pista | Potenza (TANTA) controllo (SUPER) [ENGLISH SUB]

Ferrari 488 Pista | Potenza (TANTA) controllo (SUPER) [ENGLISH SUB]

La Ferrari 488 Pista è l’ultima incarnazione della serie speciale di Maranello dedicata alle sue V8. Potenza che tocca quota 720 CV con 185 CV/L. Più leggera e più potente della GTB, la Pista è un invito a nozze per divorare cordoli e sbriciolare gomme. Noi però abbiamo potuto conoscerla solo su strada, dove si è rivelata incredibilmente accessibile e controllabile nononostante la strepitosa potenza di fuoco.

No, today i’m not day dreaming, today i’m here, inside history, a bit like being in paradise, how does it feel to drive a ferrari? it’s a monster, we’re on road, but this car is still fun with its 720 hp, at 8,000 rpm and 780 nm of torque power in 7th gear at 3,000 rpm, it’s crazy i like the hydraulic steering, which is very sensitive, thanks to the ferrari dyniamic enhancer

Which allows to have an higher and more manageable performance it’s a very complicated car, and it’s hard for me to explain in to you ok, here it is, it’s 4.61m long, 1.98 m wide and 1.20m tall for a weight of 1290 kg thanks to a lot of carbon fibre, this car has f1, endurance and challenge elements in order to have the best the engine has 50% of new components, allowing

To save on 18 kg, with a 17% reduction of rotating inertia there’s a new carbon fibre intake manifold with two new air intakes, a new and lighter crankshaft and titamiumn rods with forged pistons the turbine has a new sensor, making the best of the 160,000 rpm, while there’s a lighter flywheel then there’s an inconel exhaust manifold with 1mm thick panels on top of that,

There are 2 new intercoolers and radiators then there are carbon ceramic brakes inside 20 inch rims. there also are carbon fiber wheel, reducing the wight by 40% 0-100 in 2.8 s, top 0-200 in 7.6 s and a top speed of 340kph what i like the most about it is the aerodynamic job, 18% more efficient compared to the gtb, with f1 solutions, reducing the pressure,increasing the

Penetration and the downforce the bumper is allows to improve the aero efficiency with nevortex generators on the bottom, while at thew rear there’s a new wing there’s also a new rear air vent, which comes from the fxxk there wasn’t much to say in order to make you understand how unbelievable this car is. on top of that, this car has many safety features, i love its brakes

Which come from the 488 challenge, it’s amazing, and look at how agile it is! ferrari, during these last year has made some great cars, but engineers have worked a lot on the driving pleasure, which is very important ,working on the variable torque management, allowing to havethe full torque power on in 7th gear at 3,000 rpm, otherwise it’s at 550 hp, giving an increased

Power sensation, it’s exceptional the electronic system allows to help you when you’re in need, the driving position with a carbon fibre rear, is very comfortable, making you focus on the driving. it’s impressive this car makes you do whatever you want, i’ve never felt so well when driving a car for the first time, it’s super fast, the shift kicks you in the backand in 7th

Gear at 7,500 rpm is very smooth, we can even smoother the suspensions and it becomes more compfrtable the seat isn’t too comfortable after some time, but i would buy it anyway! unfortunately our test is over, i’m still amazed by its power and safety, i’m sad i haven’t tested it on track, where it should give its best. the price? 296,000 euro, if you have them, go get it

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Ferrari 488 Pista | Potenza (TANTA) controllo (SUPER) [ENGLISH SUB] By

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