ferrari 488 pista burnouts


We hit the track with the boys! Adrian Portelli from LMCT+ gives his MILLION DOLLAR Ferrari 488 Pista a solid thrashing at Queensland Raceway. Burnouts & Drifts!!!

Everything troy’s late because he’s always late all right guys this morning we go to the track with scotty bailey i’m gonna go and up first but we’re gonna load um missiles on the on the truck and i guess go to qr and then we’re going to blow the pants off i mean tires off from scott’s car and scott yeah we’re gonna blow scott’s pants off as well stay

Tuned that’s in the island scott foreign foreign foreign anyone and dude everyone’s losing it everyone is listening what do you reckons dude no one no one even drives a 488 but it’s it’s not even a beauty like it loves today it loves it call me bucky lucky then i’m innocent if i didn’t had no marbles i’ll be missing how about rapping catches bloody

Ignorant how you find the hood but still gonna go legitimate how you a bunch of but they still respective women he threw rolling it’s another he just got the window standing homie stabbing in the back and i could never be forgiven in my pounds man itching man i like your superstition you can’t have my phone number unless we running up the digits let me meditate

I just need a couple minutes to the big ass i get high i ain’t looking at the clock still balling like brown yeah i’m headed to the bus then i’m falling like yeah i ain’t looking at the clock still falling like bro i get i could then i celebrate trying to get the cake i don’t take a break yeah way grew up in the 90s we was watching ricky lake we was eating

Top ramen or a tv dinner plate met a couple dollars so i probably get the steak throw them out they’re drowning business i told quinn and i’ll be like hey i’m so epidemic i’m a cause an epidemic put my feet up in the building i’m feeling like i i get high i ain’t looking at the clock still falling like bro yeah i’m headed to the bus then i’m falling like yeah

I ain’t looking at the clock still falling like bro i get i get i get hot i get i’ll get i get hot we’re getting some more coolant no i do foil oh is that unicorn juice yeah uh troy we’ve got his arm being removed and then he got to give him back to him so we’ve had a pretty rough rough morning so far black flag’s all around and uh now we’re gonna go out

And get a bit thirsty to myself and now you know imma make some and imma spend it yeah moment that is here could be over just like that fast car no nascar i was never working hard against stop speakers from my couch without a mask on waiting for my cycle like a laundry mat going to the moon it’s on top and not two straight years of dropping back to back epidemic

Jumping like an acrobat imma make something yeah i think you like the area guess what this camera would have got it yeah that camera would have got it and i think brody was out there as well we just may have hurt scotty’s car oh no i have to fix the fiberglass oh no we haven’t got out and had a look yet what’s it look like another geese oh no pumped it in

Hasn’t it well it’s gonna be a hard fix like that’s not hard no it’s not bracelet you should be able to just pull it out but when you got e85 don’t worry nothing even happened dude what are you talking about yeah e85 has saved the day for my time yeah yeah wait a minute don’t even know what you’re reaching for knowing it’s all in my

Reach no i’ve been living too fast look at my eyes and don’t blink you find what you’re looking for don’t shrink for all the people that you’re leaving behind grow because there are people who are waiting on you so much it looked it looks all right we scott’s car troy’s locked the eighth armband so i’m pretty sure we’re out of here because yeah it’s

Rigged can’t do nothing just because troy’s here if i can keep taking his arm in many paid twice to drive so i’m pretty sure we’re going to load everything up and get the out of here but um anyway guys jump on get a shirt free postage free stickers and uh we’ll see on the next one

Transcribed from video

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