ferrari 296 gtb assetto fiorano
Altair Club Cars Ferrari 296 GTB Assetto Fiorano 2022 UK review

Ferrari 296 GTB Assetto Fiorano 2022 UK review

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Ferrari 296 gtb assetto fiorano 2022 uk review can certain supercar makers get away with offering an engine that isn’t an event in its own right undoubtedly but ferrari isn’t one of them you might therefore have reservations about the 296 gtb driven here for the first time in the uk this is a car whose hybridization and 250 lm inspired design are big talking

Points but not the big talking point which is the engine never before has a mere v6 found a home inside an official ferrari road car in cold terms it represents something of a downgrade from the v8 configuration the company has used for its mid-engine mainstays since 1973. more to the point when was the last time anyone gave us an outstanding v6 alpha romeo’s

Busso aside there are other non-trivial concerns compared with the ferrari f8 trigoto it indirectly replaces the 296 gtb is 35 kilograms heavier despite its fewer cylinders the steering has also morphed from electro-hydraulic assistance an attribute retained for the mclaren archera to electromechanical which is generally regarded as being less feelsome because

Of the need to integrate the retardation potential of an electric motor at the rear axle braking is now by wire too finally unlike maserati and mclaren ferrari still refuses to use a carbon fiber monocoque which is something you might reasonably expect for 240 000 pounds before even the box for 2 80-pound upshift leds is ticked on paper all this leaves the 296

Gtb looking less evocative than its predecessors less ferrari yet this is possibly also the most complete supercar ever made we say only possibly because our test car dolled up and rosso corsa and baby blue in tribute to the marinello concessionaires take it or leave it has the 25 920 pounds aceto fiorano package along with some extra aerodynamic appendages a

Lighter engine cover made from polycarbonate rather than glass and carbon fiber door cards it brings the magnetorheological fixed-rate dampers used by the ford gt and in sports car racing these are serious dampers requiring serious speeds to hit their sweet spot and otherwise give the 296 gtb the kind of sinewy reactive ride that if never outright brittle feels

Only just on the right side of abrupt porsche 911 gt3 owners will know this level of intensity however gt3 office aren’t able to opt for a softer suspension setup my hunch would be to leave multimatic’s very special dampers in the box although only another test of this ferrari in its basic form will confirm the benefits of doing so now for the undeniably great

Bits of which there are many even in an environment far from the picture-perfect ribbons of asphalt enjoyed on the international launch in spain far from an intolerable disappointment this wide-angle 3.0 liter v6 whose 1800 rpm turbos nestle between the banks for keener response and cleaner thermal management is an utter peach start the car and it stays dormant

By default but explore the lightly sprung accelerator pedal or flick the powertrain setting from hybrid to performance for engine always on driving select e drive for electric and it wakes initially in spine tinglingly loud cold start style exhaust valves pinned open wanting for no drama alone this compact v6 makes 654 brake horsepower at 8 000 rpm but even if

It made only 354 brake horsepower i suspect you’d still fall for it the juxtaposition of its crisp higher register with the pneumatic outbursts and barrel chested mid-range of an engine heavily dependent on forced induction is unique no other turbo engine gets so close to sounding naturally aspirated or just as importantly feeling naturally aspirated although it

Still manages to make its turboness a virtue electric assistance unsurprisingly means response is never less than clinical and even from 2000 rpm in fifth gear the 296 gtb bolts forward however it’s the shape of the new f-163 engines delivery and its oral performance thereafter that really lets you understand why marinello calls it the piccolo v12 its character

Revolves in a similar way finishing with a frenzied rush to 8500 rpm equal to this engine is the same dual clutch automatic gearbox found in the ferrari roma and sf90 straight ale blistering redline up shifts are an event in their own right yet lazy in traffic downshifts are generally just as deft the paddles also have arguably the most engaging action in the

Business should you toggle to manual mode and do it all yourself it’s the finishing touch on an outstanding powertrain that integrates electrification with acute finesse but also an understanding that it’s only ever going to be the supporting act in such a car actually it can be more than that the slim 165 brake horsepower electric motor slotted between the v6

And gearbox represents a paradigm shift apart from the legislative breathing space that it gives ferrari there’s the fact that its efforts can be decoupled from those of the v6 via a dedicated clutch allowing for electric only running charge for up to 15 miles of electric driving is supplied by a 73 kilograms battery in the car’s floor between the seats although

You rarely use it all in one go short driver prescribed stints are likelier and for a certain sort of owner one who has less to prove the ability to unobtrusively arrive or leave in near silence will be priceless however the 296 gtb as an ev still needs polish liftoff and the regenerative braking sometimes feels unexpectedly strong and you also occasionally

Experience hiccups in the pure electric torque delivery apropos nothing but now to the real question how does the 296 gtb go down good uk roads well to help you out you have esse abse etc 6wcds scm and who could possibly forget fd 2.0 what it all boils down to is an electronically controlled limited slip differential working with gyroscopes and sensors that all

Inform the behavior of the brake distribution power steering traction control and stability control the aim and part of this depends on which emanatino mode you’ve selected is to ensure that the car is always just the right blend of playful agile and stable ferrari has been honing this ecosystem since the f-430 and the result in the 296 gtb is fantastically no

Fantastically fluid and intuitive too the steering isn’t griddly involving admittedly but the gearing and weighting have been nailed on smooth roads the leading axle feels unusually soft even by the standards of mid-engine cars with their low front spring rates only there’s no sacrifice in precision the car which to its credit never feels awkwardly wide or low is

Joyful to guide this way and that and has all the delicate throttle adjustability that you would expect of something with double wishbones at one end and bags of torque at the other thanks for watching drop a like leave a comment and don’t forget to subscribe to watch more videos like this you

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