features on the 2020 mazda 6 spo
Altair Club Cars Features on the 2020 Mazda 6 Sport

Features on the 2020 Mazda 6 Sport

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This is patrick roberts with classic mazda of denton i just wanted to give you a quick preview on the mazda6 sport that you inquired about this is going to include a slew of standard features here in 2020 and you do standard you do get the 17 inch brilliant silver darker finish alloy rim style you also get show you the storage here ample trunk room for your belongings

Yeah every single safety feature standard of course floor mats come with a vehicle upon delivery underneath this is your full-size space-saving spare space saving in that it’s thinner than the other tires but it’s the same total diameter if you get it flat you’re not going to ride crooked and roadside assistance will change that for you for free these seats both lay

Down in a 40 20 split flat completely with no hump in the middle so if you have to push something into the back seat it’s super easy lay that down show you what that looks like all the way just like that no snag here so if you push something up into the back seat it’ll fit yeah the center armrest with cup holder in the back seat with a little storage compartment

Here you have ample legroom back here even with a six footer up front you have a map pocket on the passenger and driver’s side auto up down windows on all four windows and it’s got this cool little feature where it doesn’t doesn’t smash your fingers if you’re rolled up on them kind of cool for the kiddos if you ever have any nieces nephews or kids in your car

It’s nice you have acoustic glass in the front double thick glass designed to reduce road noise you have automatic led headlights you have auto dimming high beams that flick off and on as traffic comes and passes and then you have rain sensing windshield wipers your safety features you’ve got the blind spot monitoring lighting up left or right respective to the

Blind spot that’s occupied in your mirrors excuse me and then it will beep and flash to let you know if there’s someone still there if you put your blinker on and they’re still there you have a tilt and telescopic steering wheel the wheel comes in out up and down you can also adjust the height on the seat as well very nice premium cloth interior on the sport

Model and other options as well dual climate control for the passenger and driver so you have your individual temperature you can select that’s standard now you also have auto braking at high and low speeds excuse me you also have rear cross traffic alert when you back up it has a wide range back up camera uh it shows a sky because i have the trunk open right

Now you also have the sensors that go beyond the range of the camera to detect things before you can see them in the backup camera which is nice you also have lane departure warning if you go outside your lane it will either vibrate your wheel or rumble your seat and then it will give you a slight nudge back into the correct lane if you don’t use your blinker

That is um any features that i missed or that i uh didn’t cover i will include with the link to this video in an email if you have any questions or you want to come and take a test drive please let me know patrick roberts at nine four zero two three zero seven one nine nine again that’s patrick with classic mazda of denton 940-230-7199 you very much and i hope to hear from you soon

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Features on the 2020 Mazda 6 Sport By Patrick Roberts

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