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Altair Club Cars Fastest Production Mustang Ever: 760hp Ford GT500 vs the 1,400hp Hoonicorn // Hoonicorn vs The World

Fastest Production Mustang Ever: 760hp Ford GT500 vs the 1,400hp Hoonicorn // Hoonicorn vs The World

It’s hard to argue the fact that we’re at the peak of production cars. Back in the day, it would take a bunch of work to get to a reliable 760hp in any Mustang that rolled off Ford’s production line. Now – you can just walk into a dealer, order a brand new GT500, and have 760hp and a 10 second car with a warranty. Insane. But, how does it compare to the HHIC’s insane Hoonicorn?

We got a really fast mustang and a really fast factory mustang the fastest production mustang to date are you on here we are back doing more drag racing with this the 1400 horsepower twin turbo unicorn and ken block what’s up bud drag racing yes so far you’ve seen the unicorn verse mclaren senna audi rs3 old smokey f1 world’s fastest dog and bryce menzies

Trophy truck but unfortunately because it’s done so well this is now the internet’s best drag racer no more just kind of films they’re cancelled ultimate straight line playground so these are pretty much like video game matchups well that’s where it all came from because we saw kids racing the unicorn when it first came into the forza game and then you guys

Put this up against everything in the game which is what inspired this whole idea so unicorn versus the world so our match up today kind of sick because we’re racing the same car so we got a really fast mustang and a really fast factory mustang ladies and gentlemen mr chase briscoe nascar driver now how’d you do this year yeah this year was really good

We uh won nine out of the 33 races so uh the most in the series most i think since the record 1983 so i had a really good year we didn’t win the championship which obviously was unfortunate but had a really good season regardless so it was definitely a good year we had really fast uh our car actually didn’t have normal ford mustang badging on it we actually ran

A shelby because my sponsor the ford racing school so it was pretty cool that this car ended up coming out this year and kind of ties all in what’s your drag racing history like so i’ve ran this car once at the charlotte drag strip sounds like he actually has more drag racing experience than me though i don’t know we saw you click those gears in the last couple

Episodes besides like seeing like bright orange mustang you run into stuff like uh it’s got carbon wheels it’s got vents everywhere carbon wing can you give us like some breakdowns like overall specs on this thing yeah so 760 horsepower like you said the carbon fiber performance wheels uh actually a quarter mile uh under 11 seconds goes zero to 100 back to zero

On an aircraft carrier i’ve never tried it but i’ve heard about it um what this thing goes fast and also stops fast do you mind if i pop yeah go ahead here we’re just gonna watch me break your car is that it are you okay so this this isn’t just gonna fly up at 40 miles an hour so it’s got a supercharged 5.2 liter what is it 760 horsepower yeah that’s what that’s

What’s on the paper it might be a little more that is so much for just like a factory like daily drivable car so how many how many speeds is the gearbox thing yeah uh seven speed yeah seven speed dual clutch so the transmission though actually shifts about as fast as you blink your eyes kid’s about to take off yeah does your car have drag strip mode no i feel

Like that might be cheating i don’t think the unicorn has drag mode but we should maybe go look at it well i like you know at the core of it we’ve got a v8 with force induction got a v8 with forced induction this one’s got twin turbos 1400 horsepower methanol injected and it’s all real dry yeah same same what’s that thing around you like eight grand almost i don’t

Know ken just figured that out though again what do you rev this to now somewhere around 8 000 rev 2 rev limiter that’s all it is whatever it stops at i think it’s again i don’t know i wasn’t looking that’s another one of the best things to look at if you look at how crazy tight all the packaging is especially with the front diff here now it is all-wheel drive

Right it’s going through the sedev six-speed transfer case sends it right back up here and look well you probably can’t see it but there’s this much space between the crank pulley that much just verified i mean but that’s why the engine sits back where it is because i had to sit behind the front diff yeah well unlike the car with drag mode this car was actually

Not built for drag racing it was built for the thing you do the gymkhana thing so it has all inboard suspension with cantilever mounting system it’s got the diff in the front all-wheel drive dry sump and then obviously the twin massive garrett turbos that feed into this and dump right out of the hood your traction control comes a little bit different form yeah

It’s modulated by uh don’t show my dad shoes blur these out blur out my dad’s you know what i mean shoes throttle and what are these 315s yeah sitting on toyo r triple hours but still a street tire so it’s not a drag tire chase do you have any questions i’ve only got two questions uh first one is i want that motor in the daytona 500 because i would literally

Dominate and then the second question is i want to drive this thing welcome to the party pass all right so check it out first race we’ll do it heads up gotta get a baseline after that we can modify we can give you some lengths and whatever we got to do you guys want to do a quarter mile yeah let’s do that all right let’s go uh gt500 for losing you know what’s

Gonna happen you all know what’s gonna happen we’re just here to be entertained by this i’m gonna have to go with the unicorns just being honest i think we should actually just leave in this car you want it done yeah it’s really sick unicorn by a half track 800 horsepower 4 200 pounds versus 1400 horsepower and 2 900 pounds i love shelby i love your carol but i

Gotta give it to the other mustang i think the gt500 has a really good chance if the unicorn doesn’t show up to the race i’m going unaccordingly they’re both professional drivers but not in this way no one of them is really good at going left and the other one’s really good about going anyway but straight and here they are drag racing so the mustang won

Yeah that’s crazy because that mustang would destroy most of our cars how’s that it’s a good way to wake up yeah here’s my recommendation le mans start you just took the car by a half track i don’t know how to do any other math to make this equal chase would be back in almost halfway back here by the time that happens all right so let’s come up with another

Idea um you’re probably half the driver ken is so you drive yeah let’s see what jason well i almost had him almost had him right so we think you know what maybe we should give you some cars or something what if we gave you like a roll pass or basically that would help me at times yeah the roll start would be good i think okay all right so here’s what we’re gonna

Do we’re gonna give the gt500 a 50 roll once he passes ken ken can launch from a dig we’ll see what happens so you guys i keep telling you you don’t need that much space to go 50 miles an hour but i mean that did make it much more fair well it sounded like it was a break it up a bit it didn’t sound as crisp hey man but you got it yeah buy a car length how

Fast were you going by the time you passed right here i was 46. oh really yeah i figured you’d be going especially that far back i figured you’d be up to like 60 70. well i mean i leveled it out like i didn’t just mat it but i was 46 when i passed right here nice well done now we figured out how to make this race work all right so we need to check on what’s going

On with the unicorn if something’s wrong or looks like ken’s bringing it in all right guys i got i got the skinny on what’s going on with the unicorn what is that is he ran out of gas oh my god the ultimate hoonigan move ever so that’s why i was breaking up it was starved for fuel that means with a actually full tank of fuel this would be a totally different race

All right so we’re back we’re gonna do the same thing 50 mile an hour raw on the gt500 when he passes ken ken goes from a dig see how it works out this time yo that gt500 gets fast up top did you lose i think it did you just buy only a little bit that’s top end on that is good that’s what we were saying like once you actually got up to top speed yeah like up

High i you know what i i know the one thing i would want to see is a roll race between the two of them would be interesting yeah because honestly once that thing is moving it’s moving i mean who else here wants to see like just a straight up roll race let’s do it real quick this thing really gets up at the like i’m going it’s really good the top end strong on it

That was good like a back-to-back win on the i mean obviously heads up it’s a totally different vehicle but that was pretty impressive you wanna do a roll race so we’ll just both roll and then you hit and then he’ll chase okay all right all right predictions predictions mustang mustang you know you know what’s gonna happen not standing in front of this round dang

Dude wow that wasn’t that far off for like a car you could buy at a dealership for 80 grand so as we found out unicorn still fast but new shelby gt500 pretty fast production car chase win or lose you’re allowed to do some donuts at the end donuts or burnouts one thing these nascar boys know how to do well that thing’s all the champ it sounds pretty freaking

Sick i gotta say luckily hoonigan has a fleet of flawless running vehicles and will probably put down some good competition we have one that’s absolutely undefeated

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Fastest Production Mustang Ever: 760hp Ford GT500 vs the 1,400hp Hoonicorn // Hoonicorn vs The World By Hoonigan

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