fantastic 2017 mazda mx 5 miata
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FANTASTIC 2017 Mazda MX 5 Miata RF Quick Spin

FANTASTIC! 2017 Mazda MX 5 Miata RF Quick Spin

It’s unusually hot in western washington the early august sunbeams through skies rendered hazy by fires a few hundred miles to the north if you’re not moving it gets a bit oppressive since there’s just enough humility to feel it and not enough when to relieve it instead of huddling inside window shades drawn fan blowing hot air around impotently this is how

Most washingtonians 75% of whom don’t have a/c handle the heat we’re taking our fan on the road the best way to beat the heat it turns out is to climb into the forests for this adventure and body temperature regulation we’ve got a mazda mx5 aura the miatas semi target ops variant and a few hours of time and the cascade mountains foothills thickly coated with

Douglas firs and higher up subalpine first soaking up as much sun as they can in the short growing season i’ve lived near the foothills nearly all my life but there’s a lot of the cascades i haven’t explored one area is chinook pass a mountain road that crests at 5,000 430 feet looming almost 9,000 feet above it is mount rainier so close you can almost touch

It just about 100 feet below the summit is tip sulake startlingly clear and sporting enough wildflowers to make the sound of music looked like a movie about rommels north africa campaign but that’s jumping ahead a bit between me and the summit is about 90 minutes of driving through the suburbs and into the unam claw plateau and then along the chalky white river

And up into the mountains plenty of time to focus on nothing by the surroundings and the quality of the cooling action provided by the little mazda a quick word about the car and my own biases i love my toes but i have a complicated relationship with the latest mx-5 having owned a much more visceral and slower first-gen car for about six years on paper it’s this

Perfect modern interpretation of the original it’s light it’s a momentum machine the steering’s just attack over boosted and it has a playful amount of body roll while maintaining a healthy amount of mechanical grip it looks aggressive enough to a major complaint of many folks about the last junkers joker smile the interior is largely brilliant amazingly simple

And interesting for such a live car and yet i have never found the new car to be as charismatic as my old miata with all its flaws this puts me into minority most a max five fanatics find the and deed to be a great compromise even some colleagues best known as antibiotic partisans would put one in the driveway the rf builds on a great framework with some extra

Style god is the one-handed manual soft top and in its place is a complicated but effective target lock panel the flying buttresses go up the target panel falls away the buttresses return sands rear window if you don’t check over your shoulders the experience from the driver’s seat is to me identical to an on or f car there’s no unusual when buffeting plenty of

Airflow decent views sideways and up this was appreciated when the jagged cowl its chimneys sawed across the space between me and rainier as i climb to pass you

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FANTASTIC! 2017 Mazda MX 5 Miata RF Quick Spin By Automotive News

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