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Altair Club Cars Family car review: 2022 Kia Sportage GT Line | BabyDrive child seat and pram test

Family car review: 2022 Kia Sportage GT Line | BabyDrive child seat and pram test

The NEW 2022 Kia Sportage GT Line is a great five-seater SUV for families. The previous model is very popular with our audience for its drive, price and practicality. So let’s see how the new model stacks up as a BabyDrive…

This week i’m testing the brand new kia sportage this is a five-seater suv and it’s a family favorite let’s find out how good the new one is as a baby drive and don’t forget to like and subscribe and follow us on our socials the child seat section of this review is brought to you by infosecure in the back of the new kia sportage there are ice fix in the two outer

Seats and top tower anchorages on the back of all three seats and they’re accessible easily through the boots now i can fit three child seats nicely across this back row i’ve got two infosecure attain more and one in for secure aspire more forward-facing i also tried three rear-facing infrasecure attainments and forward-facing and they would fit two now legroom is

Good in here too we found in front of a rear facing child seat we could get a 180 centimeter driver to learn more about the child seats used in this video just click on the link here there are aircon vents in the back of the central console box to keep the rear passengers nice and cool and you can control that through the front storage in the back of the new kia

Sportage is fantastic now there are these fantastic ipad holders on the back of the headrest and you could also use them to hang your jacket on when you haven’t got the kids in the car also there’s a fold down in the central seat back with two cup holders they’ll hold a reusable and a disposable coffee cup there are map pockets on the back of both front seats

They’ll hold and conceal the ipad and there’s bag hooks there too and usb ports on both front seats so you can connect those ipads and things and phones in the back there’s also a storage tray in the back of the central console to hold phones too the door bins are really small in the back here i can only just fit a reusable water bottle and there’s the little

Storage handle wells too storage in the front of the kia sportage is good too there are two cup holders in the central console they’ll hold a reusable and the disposable coffee cup behind them is a little storage area in front of the cup holders there’s a phone charging tray with usb and 12v socket in there too and the central console box is a good size too the

Glove box is a good size that would hold an ipad and my wallet with the manual there’s no sunglasses case in the ceiling the door bins in the front here again will only just hold a refillable water bottle an ipad or wallet fits in with them too and there’s got the little storage handle wells too the boot door of the kia sportage opens electronically and nice

And quietly let’s find out how much we can fit in the boot empty it will hold 16 shopping bags or a twin pram and six shopping bags a tandem pram and seven shopping bags a single pram and seven shopping bags or a compact stroller and 10 shopping bags or a medium to large jog the new sportage is a lovely car to drive it’s got really good cameras in here it’s

Got indicator cameras that come up in the driver display and it’s got a rear view camera that fills that whole media screen and you turn that on with a button down in the central console now it’s nice and smooth and it doesn’t feel big to drive at all parking is really easy around town and in school car parks and i did find the wind noise a little bit much in

The road noise on the motorway but apart from that it’s a really lovely car to drive now a media screen in the front of the kia sportage is this one long beautiful continuous screen that’s joint with the driver display screen now the media system in here has some lovely features for families it’s got quiet mode which brings the volume from the back speakers into

The front when your kids are asleep or watching on devices it’s also got voice memo which i love for recording the conversations i have with my kids in the car there’s also you can control the climate from the front here too which is great now it has got carplay and android auto as well which is fantastic for connecting your phones when you put it into reverse

That camera system is really great the image is really lovely and clear and you’ve got 360 camera there too which is really helpful when you’ve got pets and kids to see around the outside of the car and you can turn the parking sensors on and off easily with a button down in the central console so to sum up with the new kia sportage it is a fantastic family car

That boot space is bigger and you can fit that double pram with space for shopping as well you get those three child seats nicely across the back legroom is good and the media system and screen and cameras are fantastic you

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