Hello and welcome, this week i will show you the bmw’s litte sporty suv the bmw x1 this is the tiniest model from bmws model palette but it knows all the best things from the brothers its the 20d version what means under the hood we found a 2.0 turbocharged diesel engine with 190 horses with theese new diesel engines the medium fuel consumtion is 5-6l/100km with little co2

Level we get a 8speed automatic transmission what knows exactly where to shift the gears. fantastic! the interesting thing about the platform of the car is that we can buy it with only front wheel drive version too the size of the car is bigger then the previous generation x1, we get higher seat position, better view, easy to drive this 2016 bmw x1 was brought from germany,

Ordered by one of our nicest client ever it has 79.000km on the dash, 3 years old so we give extra 20.000km varranty the design is simple, we have a straight shoulder line ended in the rear lights and a little line in the bottom we got the active, cornerfollowing led front lighhts the new active air intake panels, whats activated when the engine needs more air or closed when

The heat is ok the kidneys are not so big as the new upcoming model but it looks great! as you can see here in the plakette its an xdrive version, what means it has four wheel drive system we got the place for the roof rack and we got implemented turn signals in the mirror the rear view of the car is agressive and sporty, we get a little wind here, looks much better with

It we have a pair of big exhaust pipes, this take another goal for sporty look automatic opening with the button, lets have a look inside and automatic folding if i push the button here only premium cars know this. we get he sharktale antenna what can be familiar since bangle bmw the interior feels like its a really, goodlooking premium group of materials and resolutions

Honestly i only felt this kind of feeling in a 280 hp renault megane r.s. the driving experience of the x1 is good, sporty feeling, the steering wheel reaction is great, the suspension is not as sporty as we expect from a bmw i would say its a comfort suspension, but for a little suv like this it fits very well if we put it in sport mode we get better gaspedal reaction

And harder steering big legroom and ennough headroom too, im 180cm so you can make a compare if its ennough for you or not in the center we met with the bmw idrive system, its the best car system what was copied by many brands about the 8speed automatic transmission we only hear good reviews, they use in various bmw models as well the transmission time is simply perfect,

It shifts up and back like a pro we got this little bmw key, keyless entry, from here you can open the trunk or close the locks hillstart assist, downhill assist, active cruise control with lane assist and brake assist from the steering wheel you can adjust everything, it has a nice touch and size, you dont feel its a little model only thing what seems a little bit tiny

For me is the seat the sitting panel is not large ennough for me but we have comfortable tigh holder and good support fot the back im 92kg so maybe this is the reason i feel them little we get nice trimmed speakers in the front and back doors as well we get a standing tablet in the dash, it looks like someone stabbed simply, not the best bmw resolution… in the front we

Have two cup holders for a 0.5l bottle what fits perfectly we get piano laqcuer around the two zone climate controls, what has nice aluminum atouch – cool we get electric windows front and back, light sensor and rain sensore too we have parkradar in the back, usual bmw switchers around the steering wheel you can order or buy instantly this kind of young, good condition and

Awesome look cars with varranty at renault selection, brand independent car dealership in odorheiu secuiesc, harghita, where we work with more than 170 cars in stock you found us at str. bethlen gábor 298., look for me or my collegues, everyone will help you for sure! if you dont find the car you looking for in the park, we can bring it from eu, together we choose it from

The list if you buy a car you can do it in installment method or you can bring you old car and we count it down from the selected ones price you found us in workdays from 8-16 and saturday from 9-13 the rear passangers get two air vent controls and a 12v charger too in the back we got two isofixes in the seats so you can simply drop in childseats at all its a great car,

I offer for everybody who dont wants to drive a musclesuv or big jeeps for girls and women would be great to use, easy drive for fresh drivers its an excellent choice

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Ezért prémium kicsi SUV: BMW X1 20D Xdrive használt autó teszt + ENG SUB By Hodgyai Attila Auto Vlog

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