exclusive look inside the new gm
Altair Club Cars Exclusive look inside the NEW GMC HUMMER EV

Exclusive look inside the NEW GMC HUMMER EV

Introducing the newest addition to the Altman Brother Car collection: The GMC HUMMER EV. This pick-up is like nothing else I’ve ever driven. With 18 cameras installed, adaptive air-suspension, the 4-wheel ‘crab walk’ feature, and 1,000 horsepower, this thing is a complete BEAST of a car. Me and my bro Matt Altman are here to give you an exclusive look. LETS GOOO!

This thing is very fast let’s see what we got here this thing’s got some serious speed rails the altman brothers well we sell high-end real estate and high-end real estate means that you also have to know the world of high-end and luxury everything we also need to know the cars and today we have a very special car right here that we’re going to show you that we

Just got it’s the altman brothers newest automobile it’s pretty rare and the fact is we’re very different when it comes to cars josh is known as sports cars and classic cars i am strictly a truck guy yes so when i found out that hummer was making an electric hummer i thought that was just mind-boggling i mean you’re talking about one of the most iconic trucks ever

Built the army had them they’ve gone everywhere yeah and the fact that they made it electric just makes no sense to me so we had to get on the list and we had to be one of the first to get it so here we are you want to check it out check it out the new hummer ev that’s right you heard that hummer electric before i had this i’ve had a tesla and what i loved about

That was the fact that you get 300 350 miles this does the exact same thing it also goes 0 to 60 in about three seconds which right in itself makes no sense you’re talking about a truck that is faster than a race car that sounds like it’s faster than a ferrari i think it’s close if not as fast i have driven this and when you get in it it takes off immediately 350

Miles per full charge other things that are part of this car that are really cool is they have an extraction factor on this where the car raises six inches i don’t know if you want to go to battle with like a lake or something that you want to drive through what do you think how often are you going to use that i mean well you’re going to use that a lot more than the

Crab lock which is a very cool feature that this car actually tilts all four wheels in the same direction that’s the first time that’s ever been done on any car it’s perfect for mars it’s perfect and you’re in the middle of a desert or or if you look at the brochure when you are just at the perfect spot and you can’t move you just tilt your wheels and it goes like

That so wait so the crab walk because crabs go forward and sideways right this is the i think it’s the only car ever in the history of the world that does that right i think it is the only car that’s ever done as right now it’s super limited the only other people i know that have this right now i know lebron james has one and then i know somebody else who has one

But that’s it it’s super rare there is a waitlist there’s about a two and a half year wait list actually right now is it really yeah so the ev1 is the convertible hummer and then they have a sedan that’s coming out in january that one comes in green this one comes only in white but yeah as far as souping it out you have a choice i got this loaded with everything

The only option you can choose between was a back that opens and closes with a button and or two massive tires in case you’re off-roading so there is an suv also i think this one for me personally this one looks cooler we’re out in la so of course we like to have the sun on us and that’s why you have the full convertible here which is very cool the wheel here is

Exactly what you would expect on a hummer uh you got 18 inch rims which are super clean and then you got big fat tires of course on here josh i put a little bit of extra lamp power on here on the back you’re gonna see that back opens and closes itself when you come to the front of car over here you just noticed interesting things first of all it’s a gmc partnership

Gmc is the only time you’re going to see it is right here and on the back they made it very small because hummer is its own iconic brand so these are cool here these are pretty these are hardcore these are hardcore tow hitches right here another cool feature here is this is actually the grill the lights for this car instead of being up here the headlights are right

Here this is what glows at night when you’re driving which is very cool you see not only the hummer emblem see the ev and then the lights are all h’s you’ll notice h is all around this car subliminally hidden got tow hitches in the front tow hitches in the back the technology in this car is mind-blowing and also what’s really rare is there’s cameras underneath this

Car for those of you who like off-road who like to take adventures i don’t know that there’s a cooler car on the road and as you can see right over here it’s super easy these come off in two seconds they’re really light and you just pop them right off with one uh or two buttons right here this and that’s it and then you have a full convertible all right let’s check

Out the inside so this is beautiful interior i love this the cloth over here you have the two-tone which is nice you got a nice running board to step on to jump in now on this you have to buckle up before the car turns on yep let’s try this so that’s it what’s nice is the car is on right now you don’t hear anything you’ve got all these different modes in this car

Obviously the normal standard mode and it’s just got a cool little feature you can watch it’s it’s all based on the moon this truck this is when you’re gonna go in the on mars again it’s all moon base this is when you’re going to tow something i thought this was very cool it’s towing the uh the shuttle the space shuttle behind it okay so this piece actually comes

Off too there’s a special tool right here that you put in here so it can be completely open here as well as in the back so this is cool you have a button that takes down all four of the windows which is nice it feels pretty luxurious i’d be totally okay picking up any client looking to spend 20 30 40 50 million dollars in this car they’re gonna think it’s cool by

The way in the back you know you have that usual window in most trucks yeah this one actually comes down as well so you press this button look at this again you’re literally this entire car is open here i mean i feel like this is as much a beach car as it is a mountain car so this is cool this is a speaker system right here they have the moon pattern on this which

Is really cool and this right here if you check this out if you zoom in this is man’s first step on the moon now check this out in the back you have a couple different options back here super cool so first off you have the tail guard what i like about this you keep whatever you want in the back nobody’s getting into it press a button automatic with one button comes

Down it’s nice it doesn’t slam it’s not too heavy so you have a couple different options one is to just try to do a high jump and get on here which i have done before by the way from still position up here i got hops we can rewind back to that video what’s cool about this josh is not only do you have your rugged back area you are able to press a couple different

Buttons this lowers this down makes it a step look at that of course they’ve made this car for everybody that was your handle what when you’re coming up here what’s going on here another cool feature these are in my case i did not want to get them but you could put sound in both of these for outdoor speakers for camping or doing whatever you like also comes with a

Camper you can put on top of this to sleep which is amazing when you close this up you also have the option you know a lot of times people have stuff coming out of their car but they don’t want the whole back so this keeps it a little bit more organized these do retail for how much about 110 fully loaded you can get them on the secondary market of course but you’re

Going to be paying a pretty penny for it they’re probably about 180 590 at the moment so you’re almost 100 000 over ask over sticker of course you do have the electric charge over here it’s beautiful it’s simple it’s easy you just you know pull it right out put it in and then the 350 miles later no gas sorry let’s take this puppy off do you feel pretty elevated

Here speed bumps aren’t really bothering us in this car it’s nice i mean god it’s so open you gotta love this this thing is very fast you can tell because when you do touch the gas you take off let’s see what we got here wow yeah this thing’s got some serious speed right here that is really fast let’s see what type of turning radius we got actually really good

Turning radius nice and tight should we try the crab walk oh we’re just crab walking over here mind your business all right well that’s it you guys got to hang with us with the altman brothers newest ride an amazing addition to the collection we got the electric hummer hummer ev check it out i think the crab walk is as cool as you would think it is it’s almost

Like you’re ice skating back and forth and gliding thanks for joining us if you see us on the road give us a honk

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Exclusive look inside the NEW GMC HUMMER EV! By Josh Altman

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