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Altair Club Cars EXCLUSIVE look INSIDE the Bentley Flying Spur

EXCLUSIVE look INSIDE the Bentley Flying Spur

EXCLUSIVE look INSIDE the Bentley Flying Spur. Many people are familiar with models such as Mercedes Benz, Rolls-Royce, Peugeot, Ford, Mercedes Maybach, Audi, and Innoson’s G20 when it comes to luxury automobiles. But many people seem to be unaware of the Bentley super-luxury brand. Bentley automobiles have long been a premium vehicle type that many people have wished to own, or at the very least drive, at some point in their lives.

Exclusive look inside the bentley flying spur many people are familiar with models such as mercedes-benz rolls-royce puget ford mercedes-maybach audi and innocence g20 when it comes to luxury automobiles but many people seem to be unaware of the bentley’s super luxury brand bentley automobiles have long been a premium vehicle type that many people have wished to

Own or at the very least drive at some point in their lives the molson bentega suv its newest model the new continental gt and the flying spur sedan which we’ll discuss in today’s video are all part of the bentley’s current lineup but first please leave a like share and subscribe don’t forget to ring the bell for more luxurious videos and without further ado

Let’s get started with this interesting video the flying spur mulliner which made its premiere at the monterey vehicle week in california has distinctive touches and personalization possibilities produced by the british luxury car manufacturers mulliner coach building division starting with the exterior a distinctive front grille with a double diamond design

Dominates the front the bentley flying b hood ornament is lit and deployed electrically it has 22-inch wheels that are only available in the top model the wheels have a polished surface with gray accents and self-leveling wheel caps in the middle that always face upright no matter what position the wheels are in some special touches include jeweled gasoline

And oil caps inside the interior passengers are greeted by mulliner lit outside tread plates and deep pile mulliner overmats which include eight custom made three color combinations chosen by mulliner accent color piping and distinctive mulliner embroidery on the hand-stitched seats add to the lavishly equipped cockpit the mulliner driving specification includes

Diamond and diamond quilting on the seats and three-dimensional leather on the doors as standard features the contrast seat piping complements the accent around the center console instrument panel and finishes beneath the door waist rail the center and rear consoles have a diamond milled technological finish that blends contemporary workmanship with magnificent

Elegance the dashboard has a gorgeous brushed silver mulliner clock in the center as well as chrome bullseye vents the flying spur mulliner’s interior boasts quilted leather seats with an 18 month to develop diamond and diamond design each seat according to bentley has 712 unique stitches the cabin is available in eight distinct three-tone color combinations

The mulliner trim has a distinctive diamond milled finish on the center console all these combinations ensure that all types of customers are covered regardless of their walks of life provided they have what it takes one to own such a car for the digital gauge cluster bentley created mulliner-specific graphics electrically powered fold-out tables that self-level

And operate with a push button are also available on the flying spur mulliner bentley’s skill in developing a contemporary interior of unrivaled elegance and innovation is on display with a variety of rear cabin choices for the all new flying spur the goal from the outset has been to ensure that passengers in the back have the same level of comfort and quality

As those in the front customers may customize the back cabin to their preferences and needs by choosing from a variety of combinations the back cabin of the flying spur is the perfect location to work or relax while on the road thanks to a variety of optional equipment such as rear seat entertainment tablets music choices up to the industry-leading name for

Bentley system and even the luxury of an on-board two-bottle beverages cooler between the back seats under the center armrest is the new chilled bottle cooler the cooler can be filled to fit any voyage with two degrees of chilling from six degrees celsius to negative six degrees celsius and the capacity to hold six 330 milliliter soft drinks four 500 milliliter

Bottles or two full-size champagne bottles the interior of the flying spur is a striking combination of the very latest integrated technology beautiful materials and design prowess the is packaged in a much smaller space than the previous generation flying spur meaning less intrusion into the vast 420 liter boot space the flying spur is a mix of cutting-edge

Technologies and artisan workmanship and it’s the most sophisticated bentley ever created it’s the pinnacle of bentley’s forward-thinking technological approach combining the simplicity of use with superb design and functionality the multi-functional 5-inch color touchscreen remote is positioned in the back of the center console in the back of the rear cabin

The touchscreen remote slides off the console at the touch of a button allowing rear passengers to operate a variety of functions such as backseat functionality temperature control window shades and even the movement of the flying b bonnet mascot the 14 way adjustable back seats include five massage modes and these important changes are done through door mounted

Buttons the rear outer seats are both ventilated and heated and the headrests are electrically adjusted to accommodate each individual’s preferences nothing hits different more than a good sound system while driving customers may pick the pinnacle name for bentley sound system for the greatest in-car audio experience with eight dsp sound settings and led speaker

Grills a 2 200 watt 21 channel amplifier powers a system of 19 speakers including super tweeters and two seat mounted base transducers customers may add rear seat entertainment to their name for bentley audio system which consists of a pair of tablets mounted on the rear of the front seats that provide access to the bentley multimedia system the 10.2 inch android

Tablets are detachable and include 4g wi-fi and bluetooth connections for easy high-speed onboard networking and access to the google play store as well as their internal memory for media downloads and the complete range of applications customers may design a unique specification by selecting from 15 various hide colors and eight different veneers from the broad

Specification range stitching and emblems as well as contrast piping on the seat covers may be selected in blind or contrast colors evoking the original flying spur from the 1950s an optional panoramic glass sunroof may be chosen to maximize the visual effect of the materials used throughout the cabin filling the interior with light and emphasizing the design

Lines that flow from the new fascia joining the front and rear passenger areas for enhanced comfort sports foot pedals and deep pile mulliner overmats are located at your feet the roof is embedded into the smooth leather headliner above the leather panels within the doors which have been molded without stitching into a magnificent three-dimensional diamond pattern

Texture that begs to be handled are one of the most eye-catching characteristics of the interior meanwhile the seats have distinctive mulliner stitching and accent color piping luxury comes with performance and on the road this car is a true performer the flying spur mulliner is available with one of three fantastic powertrains and unbelievably smooth 6 liter v12

Engine an exciting 4-liter v8 engine or a 2.9 liter v6 hybrid with a strong 100 kilowatt electric vehicle motor for those wanting a more advanced option whichever option you pick you can anticipate bentley’s signature blend of elegance and smooth power unless the driver consciously chooses sports mode and starts the throttle every vehicle boasts unrivaled sound

Insulation to provide a quiet experience for everyone within the entire scope of the flying spurs capability is known only once a deep scream emanates from the rear sparkling tailpipes and the wide road beckons a combination of advanced chassis systems work together underneath the elegant surface of the v12 configuration to make driving even more enjoyable and

To offer the vehicle levels of agility that bely its size while in the car your safety will be highly prioritized bentley dynamic ride is an active anti-roll technology that maintains the cars level when cornering without sacrificing ride comfort it not only improves the overall experience for all passengers but it also provides sports car-like performance on

Curving roads after all exhilaration is a different type of luxury a cutting-edge four-wheel steering system is also included in the vehicle at low speeds the rear wheels move in the opposite direction as the front wheels shortening the turning circle and making it simpler to maneuver in tight spaces on the open road however the rear wheels move in the same

Direction as the front wheels allowing you to confidently transition between lanes the bentley flying spurs interior is already the most customizable luxurious and technologically advanced of any bentley it stands out from the rest and offers what you would call luxury so do you think bentley is worth the title the most luxurious car comment below let’s engage

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EXCLUSIVE look INSIDE the Bentley Flying Spur By Luxury Time

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