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Altair Club Cars Exclusive Behind The Scenes Look At Westcott Designs

Exclusive Behind The Scenes Look At Westcott Designs

In this video, I take you on a behind-the-scenes look at Westcott Designs in Arizona!

Hey guys john here so i’m actually in arizona and i’m at westcott design so jeff westcott actually just gave me a full tour of his whole facility and i want to show you guys some behind the scenes of what westcott designs is so let’s go ahead and go through this front door and check it out so this would be their waiting room that got basically almost every single

Product that they offered just kind of on display from their sliders over here powder coated unpowder coated so you could check it out see the quality and everything suspension kits down at the bottom tires and everything supercharger kits rock sliders tire swings back here their new tire swing that they got going on right here tons of stuff in the waiting room

Photos up on the walls and then back there are some offices roof racks here so here we are in the shop guys so this is actually their first shop so this is the first building that they started out in they have now have like four buildings in here so we got all the tires over here we got an alignment rack right here so basically they’re a one-stop shop for everything

You need you don’t have to go to multiple shops anything everything can get done here at one spot so they have four lifts going on got a 2022 tundra in the shop got a limited 4runner over here got another 4runner there’s jeff’s personal car it’s a civic si that he’s got going on he’s gonna do a full type r engine swap into this thing this thing’s gonna be a monster

Super nice for us guys one of the main things i was super impressed on and you’ll see throughout the whole facility is just how clean and organized everything is and i’ve been to a lot of shops where honestly it’s kind of been a little bit of chaos but that you know they had assist they had a method to their madness it seems but this shop their their lobby everything

Just right away has been honestly really really impressive so we got their tire machine right here so if you get new wheels you want them balanced everything you could do that they’ll put the lift kit on the truck over here whatever you need done then the alignment rack right there so your truck is literally leaving here with nothing else needing to be done with

It so very very impressive and this space isn’t like crazy huge it’s only about 5 000 square feet i believe and they’re able to fit four racks into here all nice and organized cars will just come up back the cars out after the lift kit or whatever you have done is on it if you need the alignment rack you’re good tire machine there super cool here’s a 2017 trd pro

This is a is actually an actual 2017 trd pro uh this thing’s massive this thing is insane crazy pre-runner build on this one that they did uh this is actually getting a crazy new motor too over a thousand horsepower motor that’s going to be going in this truck and this thing is insanely clean all the fit and finish work that they did on this truck super crazy

Super awesome we got the camburg upper control arms fox shocks four crazy long travel kit fiberglass 2 upgraded headlights up front a nice wescott front bumper pre-runner style right here and then the coolest thing that i like about this one too is the glass in the back they still retained the trd pro stamping so this is a completely different fiberglass rear

End obviously for this truck but since it is a true trd pro they still left the trd pro lettering in it and then you have the whole cage in the back you still retain a bed back here they did such a good job on this truck yeah this truck is sick guys you have the innovate wheels orange bead locks tons of orange accents to complement the fox shocks even the little

Uh rivets down here for the fiberglass around it too side exit exhaust for the supercharged i-force v8 absolutely insane even coming back here to to the westcott designs rear bumper check out the springs too on the back check out the leaf springs too on the back even just the final details like right here with all the rivets and the orange around it too very clean

Build super insane build than the fj cruiser here very clean like 12 000 miles on it i like what they did with the wheels too it looks oem a little bit oem plus and then jeff has already gotten to cutting this thing up you can see the side exit exhaust that he’s doing on this one right there on the side so he’s gonna do the side exit exhaust with this can’t wait

To see what this truck turns into it is a collector’s car obviously 12 000 miles on it super clean but this thing’s getting a full build and then this 2022 tundra trd pro in solar octane is jeff’s new trd pro so he’s got the sequoia coming in they just picked this one up too so a lot of test fitting is going to be going down on this one too for all their r d for

A bunch of aftermarket parts going onto the tundra from rock sliders i’ll show you guys that ditch light bracket kit too everything for the front end all the lights that are going to be going on here for the 2022 trd pro we’re going to have brackets right here for fog lights the 20 inch light bar right here down in the center and everything will be super rigid and

Stout when they are in final production for this truck so that’s why it’s taking a while and that’s what i’ve noticed throughout this whole tour is everything is taken a little bit and the reason for that is not because they don’t want want to do it but because they want everything to be perfect when it goes into production because they don’t want to find these

Issues later of like oh this ditch bracket isn’t good enough it bends or it touches on the hood or oh the light bar in the middle of the grill it just shakes out because we didn’t do the proper mount for it so everything that they do here at westcott designs is just methodically thought out actually tested and proven and they find the failures and then they put it

Into production so we’ll go over here to another one of their building so they have that one over there they just got the one right next door and then they have this building and then one more over there so we’ll go into this one which is their shipping and receiving so here’s the boxes for their lift kits nice professional boxes to add the foam to tons of stuff in

Here guys you can see they have all their boxes stacked up all the lift kit things right here everything too to ship out all labeled up here cali raise light bar brackets you got tacoma front camera brackets sliders and stuff up here and then two you could see the foam inserts that they have right here and this foam insert is actually for their new tire rack system

So this is going to be their new tire rack system it’s going to be modular they’re going to have a ton of different accessories and stuff for it too and here’s another look at it right here and then we have a nice heavy duty lever for it and then this portion of the tire rack you can actually move that and position it to be locked in certain positions so instead

Of it just being swung open and just like hanging out there or moving it or whatever that right there for different positions for the rack and then close it back up hard to do this with one hand oh yeah i didn’t do it with one hand i’ll do it when i stop recording but two the way that they have done their receiver hitch too they’ve gone up a nice 45 right here i

Believe that’s 45 degrees but this this allows you to have crazy good ground clearance for departure angles with their hitch and they and jeff told me that this hitch is rated for basically more than what the vehicle can tow so you don’t got to worry about compromising uh tow capabilities with this hitch and then the way that they did their wedge design in the back

Makes it super sturdy for not only sideways so for not only up and down like some of the competition but also sideways so it’s going to be super super stout inside of the tow hitch receiver of your vehicle and it shouldn’t move like at all so very very excited to see some of this stuff you guys can check it out at sema with their um sequoia built that they have

Going on that thing’s gonna be cool it’s going to be holding like a couple hundred pound jet ski on the back of it so that is that we’ll go ahead and on to the other side of the shipping area so coming over onto this side this side is stuff that all needs to get shipped out this is all already sold so tons of sliders over here suspension kits you can see the boxes

Right there getting packaged up wheels lots of stuff over here but as i said everything is just so organized not a bunch of stuff all on the floors even over here on this little shop cart i noticed all this laid out perfectly nice and clean no mess no nothing really anywhere even on the roof rack stuff here too for the roof rack all that nice and good so i mean

Everything is just so clean and they’re building and i i complimented jeff on that i said dude your your building is so clean with everything he said really i think it could be cleaner so that that mentality that mentality is is freaking awesome to have we’ll come into here too for the sliders area the shipping container right here is actually their sandblasting

Booth and then you have all these sliders that are ready to get powder coated um in this area as well then they got their ovens too so their sliders actually go through multiple processes before they actually get powder coated and good to go so these sliders here they may seem done but this is actually a coating that they put on prior to it getting um prior to

It getting powder coated so if it rusts it shouldn’t so there’s no reason why their sliders should rust at all so after the whole process that through that they go through even prior to like them getting to this point or even welded to they polish all the steel so they polish all the steel to reduce the potential of contaminants and all the oils and stuff getting

Into the sliders as they’re welding so i mean the process for even just their sliders too is on to the next level so we’re back into the shipping and receiving and then we got a roof rack kits right here and then we will go into the back back here where this is where all the lift kits are getting made at so essentially your lift kit for your tundra tacoma forerunner

Whatever it is it doesn’t start out like this they get these in super long tubes and then they have a system that’ll cut it perfectly so they just imagine like a long hot dog or a sausage or whatever and it’s all this uh and it’s all the metal so then they cut it to certain lengths depending on which one they’re all then set right here and then they go into here

Where these machines are working on them all the time so you could see this is probably for tundra it looks like on the back of the tundra piece on the rear suspension so then you’re coming into here so then coming into here and you can see the water jets going on them making them and these things are just running all day making the suspension kits and they’re just

Cleaning them up making sure they’re all good nice and smooth and then you guys can see how much gets cut away from each one right here so they start out as that crazy big block and then they’ll go from this and then if they get anodized they can go get anodized or they can ship out like this too then the last spot that we’re gonna go into guys for all the rock

Sliders we actually have a toyota test mule truck up here from the toyota proving grounds here in arizona so this truck has been beat this one is a trd off-road with a double cab on it and i want to show you guys a little sneak peek that we got going on on this one right here so westcott designs is doing their rock sliders on this one too so rock sliders going down

For the toyota tundra from westcott designs tons of r d going into it they also too kind of found a little oopsies on a toyota’s frame so there’s actually a couple different frames of the toyota tundra that they found some with pre-drilled holes without rivets like in the middle of them so a couple different things coming from westcott designs that they’re going

To have on their website depending on the frame of your truck so there’s a couple different frames for the toyota tundra which they saw in which they were able to see in their r d process but this whole truck has be i mean it has tape marks all around it too because this truck was actually a test meal truck that had all the camouflage the draped black stuff all

Over it like in the spy photos this was actually one of those trucks guys this is their uh robotic welding table so they have some steel down right here a rock slider over there but this whole arm and the tables they move in harmony to do precision weld so basically eliminating the human error from it this in conjunction with that machine right there which bends

It to toyota’s tolerances because they’re going to start selling their rock sliders like on toyota’s website so they had to buy that machine to bend all the rock sliders to like a perfect dimension because when it bends and then like releases it after it’s been sometimes this the steel will like come back out a little bit but that machine over there i’ll show

You guys it it allows you to basically retain the uh the bend perfectly and then coming over to this machine they do have in-house welders too but this machine helps speed up that process and then we also have hand welding going on right here too then a few more back in this area so this is like their whole welding station back here and then this whole wall right

Here this is basically all these are inserts for this machine over here so depending on which sliders the machine is going to do these are all of the inserts for that so you know bigger ones for tundra smaller ones for 4runner tacoma whatever it is all these inserts have to go onto this so even though it’s a robotic uh welder there is still human interaction with

It too to make sure that everything is perfect for it to hold it properly so it moves the way that it should so it welds in the areas that it should too so we could see it moving that’s way cool so now the table is moving in harmony with it as the arm is moving too to weld it and then we got ladders two on this side so we can see the sides of the ladders on the

Cnc machine so they’re cutting all the ladders out and then on this side of the machine too you have the tube cutter so it’ll cut out all the tubes for the rock sliders so i hope you guys enjoy that little behind the scenes tour of westcott designs they’ve been in business three and a half years that is crazy to see how awesome this place has been jeff’s knowledge

All their 28 employees right now everything they have going on the future of this company i am like super super pumped for and now working with companies like i have been with the lift kits that i get and everything with them but actually being able to finally meet the owners talk to them see their behind the scenes stuff and just the quality control and everything

That goes into the company like it’s not me trying to upsell them right they’re very they the proof is in the pudding like there there were customers that came in they let them tour the shop they are super proud of what they do it made me feel even better with my future with westcott designs and just everything that they have to offer so guys thanks for watching

And i will catch you in the next video alright see you later

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Exclusive Behind The Scenes Look At Westcott Designs!! By TRD JON

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