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Altair Club Cars Everything you wish to know About The Audi RS 3 2022 Sedan

Everything you wish to know About The Audi RS 3 2022 Sedan

Everything you wish to know About The Audi RS 3 2022 Sedan

Everything you wish to know about the audi rs3 2022 sedan now with the 2022 rs3 audi is coming back stronger and greener to tickle your senses the 2022 model year is built upon the 3rd gen audi a3 and so gets the newest design language that adds more aggression and sophistication to the package one second before we start the video kindly subscribe to this channel

That will motivate us to make more videos like this your support is very important for us only you can help us to reach the next milestone now let’s get started the 2022 audi rs3 sedan is the car to get if you are constantly juggling between being a family guy and a child at heart number one audi rs32022 sedan is loaded with five cylinder with 401 hp one of the

Major highlights of the audi rs3 lineup has been its angry sounding engine it uses a 2.5 liter turbocharged inline five motor that has a deep historical background going all the way to audi’s legendary group b rallying days the past derivatives of this motor have earned the international engine of the year award nine times in a row since two thousand ten the rs3

Sedan packs the most powerful iteration of the engine with 401 horsepower and 369 lbft of torque 7 horsepower and 15 lbft more than its predecessor it uses a slick speed twin clutch automatic gearbox that sends power to all four wheels the result of all this brawn is a zero to sixty miles per hour time of just three point six seconds and a top speed of up to one

Hundred and eighty miles per hour with a few clever rs add-on bits number two the whole new level driving experience the engine and exhaust are just half of the magical formula that makes this the coolest compact sedan out there audi has put down immense effort to elevate the 2022 rs3 sedans driving experience a major contributor is the rs torque splitter which

Is a rear axle differential unit that gets an electronically controlled multiplayer clutch on each drive shaft in other words the rear wheels can be powered independently which results in insane stability and agility on fast cornering and wet surface driving then there are the various drive modes that include comfort auto dynamic rs torque rear and rs performance

These modes not only change the engine mapping but also tweaks other bits like the steering and acceleration feedback suspension settings and of course the famous torque split talking of suspension the 2022 rs3 sedan gets rs sport suspension plus as standard with dynamic chassis control and sits 0.98 inches lower than the standard audi a3 the steel brakes used here

Are also bigger and better with 20 percent more cooling than the first gen rs3 it gets a six piston caliper on 14.8 inch front discs and a single piston caliper on twelve point two inch rear discs audi also offers an optional ceramic brake kit with 15 inch front discs that can reduce the overall weight by 22 pounds number three 2022 audi rs3 exterior looks mean

In green the 2022 audi rs3 is based on the latest gen audi a3 design which adds more aggression to the character this machine is so aggressive that audi had to give it wider tires in the front to combat oversteer but guess what this bad boy still loves to slide as for the looks it’s downright sinister the front gets an aggressive new rs bumper with a redesigned

Single frame honeycomb grille the front flared will arches also get a functional side air outlet just like audi’s rally machines the rear gets a neat blacked out lip spoiler and an rs specific bumper with a built-in diffuser the lighting duties are shared with the a3’s matrix design led headlamps and led tail lights audi offered eight vibrant colors for the 2022

Rs3 but our favorite is the kyolami green shown in these images also the standard 19-inch cast aluminum wheels with a 10y spoke design looks rad on this mean machine audi also offers pirelli p zero tropheo our motorsport tires as an option number four 2022 audi rs3 interior looks luxurious fighter jet vibes the interior is mostly shared with the a3 but with added

Motorsport desirability the 2022 rs3 gets a new instrument cluster theme on the 12.3 inch audi virtual cockpit called the rs runway and it looks like an airplane display it also includes additional infographics like g forces lap timings and acceleration and quarter mile data the cabin has loads of rs badges embedded along with an rs specific honeycomb stitching

For those cool looking sport seats but the icing on this cake is the rs design package that adds cool green elements across the cabin pricing and availability of audi rs3 the 2022 audi rs3 starts with an msrp of fifty eight thousand nine hundred dollars and will be on sale before the end of summer twenty twenty two we don’t think that there is a better package

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