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Altair Club Cars Every Man Dreams of These Cars – 7 Coolest Modified Mercedes Benz G63 AMG

Every Man Dreams of These Cars – 7 Coolest Modified Mercedes Benz G63 AMG

7 Coolest Modified Mercedes Benz G63 AMG

Company mansory specializes in doing a wide   range of customization on the amg g63 ranging  from a wide body kit to a bespoke interior.   wrapped in bright orange color  a set of additional upgrades include  and a high-performance unrestricted exhaust system  which further adds to the personality of the suv.   performance

Figures are souped up to 850hp and  1150nm of torque which helps in a breathtaking   quick time of just 3.5 seconds to reach 100km/h  mansory has collaborated with  amg g63 to life. the paintwork features “50  shades of grey color” or in simpler terms,   the bodywork & the interior in addition to red  contrast that accents

Throughout the vehicle.   everything from the floor mats to the roof   the roof features a starlight headliner  which illuminates in red light, and last   but not the least, the performance figures are  keyvany teased its mercedes benz amg g63   the off-road beast has been  finished in gold color contrast  

Throughout the exterior which looks exciting.   a carbon fiber body kit is also a part of the  package, it is worthy to mention that all the   wheels are wrapped in gold color accents which  are in sync with the rest of the body language.   the use of carbon fiber extends to the interior  with a combination of comfy leather

Seats and a   color adjustable starlight headliner. however, the  in case you are looking for a bulletproof g63 limo  then inkas has got just the right vehicle for you.   to its normal counterpart, thanks to the  the interior gets as lavish as it can get  and includes two reclining alcantara suede   or leather “captain

Seats”, furthermore you won’t  get bored as the limo comes with a 4k tv as well.   wheels with an added feature of bulletproof armor   both from the sides and the bottom. the   mercedes benz amg g63 yachting  edition – carlex design popular suv is designed specifically for   the ultra-rich so that their g63 is in sync

With  their yacht. carlex design has done an excellent   job in making sure that the suv car receives a  proper “marine” treatment, the exterior remains   and its 22 inches brushed wheels. the lower   half is hand-painted in silver while the upper  half and some bits & pieces are brushed black.   several wood

Add-ons have been used throughout  the official price hasn’t been revealed  brabus makes some of the most  popular editions of the amg g63.   the exterior features some minor styling upgrades  such as 24” forged aluminum wheels, a revised   bumper, bonnet, spoiler, and a rather large brabus  plaque, all of which are made of

Carbon fiber.   as well and you’ll find nearly  everything wrapped in leather   from the roof which is cloaked in alcantara.   the russian based company topcar also got a chance   the exterior has been made muscular  thanks to the use of their famous body kit   bonnet, and a spare wheel cover all  moreover,

You can choose from a wide variety  like any other special edition of the g63,  this one also comes as standard with the   also notice several parts finished in leather  stitching of the same color as the car as well.

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