ev6 kia 2022 long range rwd pros
Altair Club Cars EV6 Kia 2022 Long Range RWD – Pros & Cons (Fully Electric Car)

EV6 Kia 2022 Long Range RWD – Pros & Cons (Fully Electric Car)

I would say the advantage of having an electric car is that you don’t have to pay gas you don’t have to buy a gas gasoline especially this time that it is so expensive that at least a gallon here in california is six dollars um so you know it saves a lot of um money i would say um yes that’s one of the advantage as long as you have the hook up on the a charger

Here at home which is we do have yeah that’s uh advantage and i think it’s clean energy so um i would say it helps the environment and i support that clean energy and also um it’s quiet the car when you drive it’s so quiet like because maybe there’s um it’s not burning um gas gasoline so it’s so quiet like you literally think that the car is not on or it’s

Not yeah you know it’s the engine it’s not on but it is it’s super quiet that’s all those advantages the disadvantages are if you don’t have um hookup for your charger at home it’s it’s not that accessible a charger outside so um but there are certain in california pretty much in the main city there are chargers but when you go remotely then you’re going to

Have a hard time charging charging your car and also um you will have to plan your trip on how many miles you’re going to back and forth otherwise you might not be able to get home without charging it you’re saying so because it’s not like a gas that um you can access it anywhere there’s a gas station but this is different um yeah maybe sooner or later you’ll

Have more charging station it’s like a gas station but so far now it’s not that much accessible um yeah that’s one of the advantages and disadvantages and another is it’s expensive having an av it’s expensive it is very expensive this is fully electric so it’s not a hybrid like you can use either gas or electric car or gas or you know electricity but this one

Is fully electric so you cannot um you don’t have a choice then to you know charge it up and yeah so it is expensive the msrp for this one was on 48 000 and plus of course the kia branch one some um profit from five thousand so that’s that california taxes so we went the total was um so that’s the total it is expensive to own an electric vehicle that’s

That’s that’s a fact it is expensive to collect your car however you feel the luxury when you drive it it’s just everything is smooth everything is just um you just feel like it especially when you have a long drive you will not feel that your your butt is hurting you know it is very smooth it is it is very very um how is a very very smooth car very easy i

Would say like effortless when you drive it’s just effortless everything turns very you don’t have to you know like it’s just like that very smooth so i think that’s one of the things this advantages yeah and then yes the disadvantages is um and also having an av um owning an av electric car the kia offers 10 years warranty for this car and it has free charger

Of 100 kilowatt hours it comes with this card so i can free charge i will just have to um download electric i mean electrify america and then i’ll encode the code promo electric car is less maintenance because there is no no change oil i think the main maintenance here is the tires the brake yeah and we when we reach 16 uh 1600 or 1600 miles it has our rest

Our first maintenance it’s free from india and also when we file tax i think not i think but the federal will give us 7 500 um tax rebate for choosing an electric car so that’s a good thing and also i will research about um in merced in the city and in the town no in the city in the county and in the state maybe california will give us something also but

It is not um but i love i love the car so far it’s just sleek it’s actually they say it’s better than tesla model and my ford monkey so i don’t really care for the color i love white uh exterior the interior i’m fine it’s dark interior which is i’m good but my husband this is not really this is not a sedan it’s it’s uv but the roof is just shorter so that’s

It for today and i hope that you will enjoy my video and you know after some time maybe maybe a thousand miles i will do a review honest review and um yeah i will do honest review and maybe my husband will speak also about his experience with his car but so far he only drew this once to work and then because you know the hookup we have so i was still in the

Truck who was driving this store but i only work in the town so it’s close by and so far i love it i it’s it’s the best car i mean it’s best so thank you and thank you for watching and god bless i’ll see you in the next video bye-bye don’t forget to like subscribe and share and comment down below bye

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EV6 Kia 2022 Long Range RWD – Pros & Cons (Fully Electric Car) By Lucil Knows

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