ev expert says vw id 4 is junk v
Altair Club Cars EV expert says VW ID.4 is junk; VW abandons owners

EV expert says VW ID.4 is junk; VW abandons owners

EV expert says VW ID.4 is junk; ‘VW abandons owners’

In the month of august volkswagen had the only vehicle the only electric vehicle in the top 20 best-selling evs worldwide that came from a legacy auto manufacturer meaning toyota honda general motors ford etc the only one in the top 20 best-selling ebs worldwide came from volkswagen and it was the id4 but it’s getting crucified on youtube not only on youtube

But um all over the place forums etc e for electric has just slammed the car and he said this this is why you shouldn’t buy one hello my friends welcome to the channel i’m the electric viking great to see you welcome to all the new subscribers and welcome back everyone else thank you for tuning in thank you for supporting the channel thank you for subscribing

To the channel it’s great to have all these new subscribers coming to the channel recently but if you’re new make sure we have done more videos about the electric revolution about evs about renewable energy over the past 18 months than i believe anyone else there’s more than 2 000 videos there make sure you check out some of those so you have an idea of what i’m

Talking about when i’m talking about it because a lot of the stuff i assume you know i assume you know your stuff i assume you know about bod their history i assume you know about who the best electric vehicle producers are in the world right now and i talk about those in a number of videos so make sure you check out some of those videos what’s going on right now

The volkswagen id4 17 246 global deliveries in august of 2022 so volkswagen delivered 17 000 of these in august worldwide which it’s a pretty good month really i mean it’s pretty good in comparison to tesla’s not the competition and let’s pretend china’s not the competition if you rule out tesla and china it’s number one in the world seriously rule out tesla and

China it’s number one in the world isn’t that crazy model y though tesla delivered 65 000 in the same month right and it wasn’t a great month for tesla because they shut down production for much of the month of the model y in china vod was second and third wheeling hong y mini av was fourth tesla model 3 was third in the world with 31 530. now over the course

Of this year from january to august of 2022 volkswagen has delivered 99 880 id4s worldwide not too bad our customers happy with that car though are those 99 880 customers happy well a lot of them are saying they’re not and here’s why there’s a big difference between driving a car for a few hours at a media event journalists yeah you’re responsible and living

With a car for over a year as the host of youtube channel e4 electric alex guberman has he owns one kudos to him he’s got a good channel by the way i’ll put a link in the description below to his youtube channel goodman explains in this video that he’s posted on youtube that here’s id4 first edition that he first got and was a big fan of at the start he said it

Was better than tesla i believe uh he no longer likes it according to government the honeymoon is well and truly over the car sucks well yeah he sort of says that actually he’s filing for a divorce if the relationship doesn’t improve any time suit inside a visa by relationship i mean the consistent software glitches bugs and command failures that have not only

Plagued the vehicle since i got it but seemed to actually be getting worse leading him to say he’d like to push the vehicle off a cliff now herbert this was blamed for software failures at volkswagen wasn’t have a decent’s fault the realities volkswagen is trying to do something that um you know they hadn’t done before they want to do software in-house it’s not

Easy somehow the chinese manufacturer seem to do it pretty easily but for whatever reason legacy auto is having a massive well of a time figuring out how to do software themselves in volkswagen they’ve admitted they’re having a very difficult time in fact remember that point when id3s and id4s in particular lots of other threes tens of thousands of them were

Sitting in a car park gathering dust because volkswagen couldn’t work out how to get the software to work in them that’s not some sort of tesla fanboy comment that’s simply an objective reality that is what happened now some of the nagging issues goodman claims that plague the car are these now these are not just from goober by the way lots of owners have said

The same things the charger connector doesn’t release as it should when unlocking the doors number one number two the tire pressure monitoring system gives false low pressure warnings and also fails to display the actual tire pressure number three very long boot up period for the infotainment system it’s actually incredibly long number four android auto fails to

Connect and disconnects while driving number five while responding to voice messages the audio lowers or turns off after the message is sent number six the center of attainment screens shuts off and reboots randomly number seven the backup camera often doesn’t work properly number eight the smartphone app throws random error messages and takes too long to connect

Sounds wonderful to me buy a brand new car and um yeah deal with all this stuff i feel for him i do genuinely and to be honest i actually like the volkswagen id4 it’s just one of those cars that appeals to my sense of i don’t know bizarre kind of weird mathematical logic where i look at a car and i think is that practical shape and i look at the id4 and i think it’s

A very practical shape it’s fairly low it’s aerodynamic it’s shaped a bit like a station working but it’s got a short bonnet it’s actually an incredibly practical car so it appeals to me for that reason plus i do actually like volkswagen the brand my dad owns them he’s got an amarok he’s got a golf he wants to buy an ev from them but um he can’t because they don’t

Make any and sell any in australia at all period none not not even one anyway moving on goodman says the app is constantly throwing error messages and takes way too long to initiate a command sometimes when he sends a command to turn on the air conditioning he can send the command walk out of his apartment then to the vehicle and the air conditioning still hasn’t

Turned on yeah that sounds great if you’re thinking that government may just be exaggerating the problems we’ve seen i’ve seen inside evc they’ve seen i’ve got numerous emails having saying people have seen or they had this experience themselves and even journalists and owners as well complaining about id4 software problems additionally goodman pointed out that

He recently ran a poll on his facebook id4 owners group that has nearly 12 000 members asking if owners had problems with their vehicles and what type of issues they have experienced in the poll only 34 reported having no issues an amazing 40 percent of respondents reported having had similar software problems to him cuban used to have a very good relationship

With volkswagen and when he complained to volkswagen of america last year about these issues they set up a meeting with government and a software expert from germany ah that didn’t work obviously the e for electric host reported that the expert blamed a lot of the issues on google seriously which didn’t sit well with him now the thing is blaming google what i mean

You can’t this is a joke i mean is neo blaming google is x-punk booming google you know how many manufacturers of vehicles use google and it’s google’s fault no one else is blaming google except volkswagen yeah i’m not buying that story before making the video goodman claims he reached out to volkswagen of america to see if they could come on his channel to talk

About the continued problems but the company declined to do so not a good move in my view now there’s a lot of apologists who’ve seen this video they’re making excuses for volkswagen you know what i’m not buying that that’s not cool don’t make excuses if these things are real which they clearly are uh then volkswagen needs to address them and we need to point them

Out we need to hold them accountable yeah sure it’s not dieselgate but it does sound pretty sucky for owners of these cars let me know what you think in the comment section below let me know if you’ve got an id4 or a volkswagen what you think of the brand in general thank you for watching bye

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EV expert says VW ID.4 is junk; 'VW abandons owners' By The Electric Viking

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