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Altair Club Cars EV Charge Cable Review BMW i3. its GOOD

EV Charge Cable Review BMW i3. its GOOD

Review on a Charge Cable I have come across. Tried and tested on the BMW i3 Rex. Well made and got it off Amazon. If you dont have one or need a second then take a look.

Hi people this is going to be a quick review on a charge cable i’ve been wanting a second cable for a while decided on going for a cable called max green off amazon i’m just going to show you this because i’ve been quite impressed with the quality i went for the five meter 32 am but there’s massive choices out there for you all so you choose what you want a bit of

Review on a charge cable please do remember to use these type of charges you will need a charging lead cheers now the amazon guy who cometh on prime the cable one of these it has arrived for the review let’s do it brand new charge cable so let’s um get it out of the box here folks be very careful i’ll deeply gather these knives into these prime boxes because

You can do a lot of damage if you’re not careful basically get it out of the box chuck that down there always save it in case you do return and then there you are that’s what it’s called people it’s the max green all right we’ll get out of the box and have a look um so it looks pretty well packed and yes it’s another i mean i’m gonna make another cook i believe

Oh no it’s loose let’s have a look at this baby oh very nice yeah like nice case uh zip compartment on this side and there you go straight in just um re-zip that back up like so and we’ll get it out of the box again keep the box keep the box to the side there we go quite a nice jazzy carrier case two handles zip front not that heavy you know nice and uh easy

To handle and take anyway so that’s cool so let’s get in here shall we and take a better look okay what we’ve got is one lovely charming cable now um again the regular card your opinion matters which i suppose it does to people selling it um you know always give them feedback if you can helps the product get better and better so that’s a good sign so let’s

Have a look what we have um again i’ll put that to the side for now and we’ll have a good look at the cable so here we are unpacking done feels great you know they put a bit of padding on these things here to give you a bit of grip um cables nice and thick kickstarter it self coils because it’s so new that it does actually self coil back in into position so yeah

I’m quite impressed that with the the build i’ve got a lot of charge leads in the past and i’ve seen a lot of charge leads and um i some are not great made but even as i’m looking down now on this there’s little allen key set um nuts that hold the ends in in here so they thought about how they’ve done it and i think they’ve come up with a nice product there very

Very clean modern looking product from max green let’s go out now and i’m going to try this in the i3 plugger in see if it connects which it should do lovely i’m very sure of that and we’ll take it from there and here is the i3 looking all nice and dapper anyway back to the cable so like i say if you look carefully down there these nice tight little allen keys

And stuff and nice thick cable so let’s get it in that one i do feel i’m being looked at and there look in my little dog sticking his nose out always nosy always nosy there you go there’s the cable again cable in simple suits really nice fits really nice and taut and tight grab the other end i’ll say it keeps curled up because it’s so new um this is the other

End of it i’ll see if i can get it in boom there you go and as soon as i do light comes on there you go just clicked the bmw way and there it is charge cable in working perfect this project tv glows all the times you see these are all over the cable very tight well fitted nice thick rubber so they’re not going to give you any problems whatsoever and they fit nice

And tight keep the damp and the moisture out okay let’s take it out now obviously i’ve got to make out i’m going in the car there you go just let it click off cable cable’s done its job really well put it straight out again it’s curling up on its own because of the way it’s been in packaging probably stay like that for a while actually it’s a good thing about

These cables stay nice and tight cool yeah everything’s nice about it can’t fault it really and i’m going to put this back on for now i’ll go in lock it up i went for the 32 amp heavier duty well over seven kilowatt rating super safe so if you’re looking for a a five meter or a ten meter cable they do quite a selection on amazon just put in max green it’ll all

Come up for you choose which one you want to do like i say 60 number 32 amp if like me you want it as a second cable i’ve gone just for the 5 meter because 5 meters from my wall charger is ample very good more than adequate that i anticipated it for so i’m i’m well impressed with the product i’ve not bought one before now i have i would buy again so thumbs up to this one happy days

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EV Charge Cable Review BMW i3. it’s GOOD! By KK AND EV FAMILY

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