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Altair Club Cars etrailer | Yakima Hitch Bike Racks Review – 2017 Nissan Rogue

etrailer | Yakima Hitch Bike Racks Review – 2017 Nissan Rogue

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Hey everyone it’s evangeline here at e-trailer and today we’re taking a look at the yakima on-ramp two bike platform rack and how it fits on the 2017 nissan rogue so this bike rack has a lot of good qualities about it that make it popular for people with electric bikes some of the other electric bikes you have to get the ramps sold separately and you have to

Remember to keep it inside your car this one is included with the rack and it’s kept on it there are some different features though that you may have to be careful of with how close it sits to your vehicle if you have longer pedals things like that be mindful so we’ll talk about that but the very first thing we’ll talk about is its health away feature we have two

Pins here there’s a passenger side pin pull that out let that hang and then there’s a driver’s side pin so you’re gonna have to press this and pull it usually i like to do it with my back against the car but since it’s so close to the rogue you’re gonna be careful as you pull this pin and that pops out and then slowly gonna let your bike rack tilt away and you’ll

Want to do this if you want to open up your hatch so you can see here with the door opening that if you need to get your waters your helmets your backpacks or even hang out in your hatch you can do so without having to take your bikes off so that can be very convenient if you need easy access inside your hatch but it can be kind of tricky if you have this fully

Loaded up because this has a weight capacity of 66 pounds per bike very impressive for those heavy electric bikes but that’s also 66 pounds per bike that you would have to tilt away so other than that there are some features here that make it easier for those heavier electric bikes also bikes have different shapes and sizes there’s three touch points two of them

Are wheel straps you have your front and your rear wheel strap in fact i’ll start taking those off by pressing the lever you lift up on the strap and then you can pivot that way so that’s one strap there’s our second strap but then there’s also the frame mount so for those bikes with different shapes and sizes you can use that frame mount and adjust it but before

You take that frame out off don’t forget to get your ramp set up there’s a knob with that knob out you can then lift your ramp up carefully and here you can pick whichever side you want to put the ramp on i always recommend the side that has your petals because that way you don’t have to maneuver it around the rack you put the wrap in clip it in and then pop that

Down and now we’re ready to take our free mouth off so press those levers and push that strap up and then out of the wave then swing that frame mount out and now you can just glide your bike down that ramp so that can be kind of tricky for your larger tires for that ramp you do have a maximum tire capacity for width of up to 3.25 inch wide tires but i’ve noticed

Once you get to 2.75 or the threes they might be tempted to get stuck in that ramp so definitely something worth considering and we’re gonna pop this ramp back in and secure it with this knot all right so with all our straps in everything tightened down don’t forget to tighten down these frame mounts as well because we’re gonna go and move this by graph into the

Compact position so speaking of compact if you measure from your bumper to the end of the rack by the yakima logo it sits at 26 inches away from your car so if you have a smaller garage or you need to park into tight spots that’s nothing to do it’s definitely something to consider now our ground clearance is 19 inches at the end of the rack and the shank sits about

12 inches off the ground so really it’s closer to the ground compared to some other vehicles you might not even need the ramp to get it onto your bike rack if your bikes aren’t that heavy now we’re gonna bring this mask down and then that will allow us to fold it up so remember those pins we pulled earlier we’ll pull them again but this time you’re going to lift

Up on the rack pull that pin and lift up now it looks like it might come close in fact you are going to have to move your frame mount around if you want it to clear your bumper that’s definitely something to keep in mind there are a lot of clearance issues with the rogue with how close it is so you have to work with that measuring from the bumper to the end of

The rack that’s 10 inches added to the back of the car you can also see down here how we have an anti-rattle bolt without a lock on the end that’s because the cable lock that comes with this bike rack can be used to secure both your bike rack and your bikes so with it folded up like this it is very compact you are not able to open up your hatch though you do have

Full visibility of your tail lights your window your license plate and your backup camera so even when you’re going into reverse and you need to look out your backup camera even with a bike rack on you’ll still be able to see the cars behind you so all in all my thoughts about the yakima on-ramp is the ramp isn’t as needed for the nissan rogue because there aren’t

That many ground clearance issues it’s not that high off off the ground but i do like that 66 pound weight capacity the downside is all those straps does take a minute to get those straps around those frames around those tires if you want a faster option maybe check out the rocky mounts guide rail it’s front and rear wheel mounts bounce side to the gyro is it

Doesn’t have the same 66 weight capacity as yakima on-ramp so this right here was a look had the yakima on-ramp two by platform rack on a 2017 nissan rogue

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