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Altair Club Cars etrailer | Westin PRO TRAXX Oval Nerf Bars Installation – 2014 Ram 1500

etrailer | Westin PRO TRAXX Oval Nerf Bars Installation – 2014 Ram 1500

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Today on our 2014 ram 1500 quad cab we’re going to take a look at and also show you how to install the westin pro tracks 4 inch oval nerf bars part number is – 1 – 2 3 5 5 0 now here’s a good look at our steps once we have them installed on our ram as you can see they offer a really nice look i like the way they fit the custom design looks very proportionate for

The vehicle they’re not too long they’re not too short we’ve got the four inch wide oval on top of that you’re gonna have your four inch traction pad here your foot pad now in the pad there’s nice grooves that have been designed in here this is gonna give a sure footing even if we’ve got mud snow water on our feet now as we’re getting in and out plenty of room

There to get our foot solidly on our step and allow us to get into our vehicle without much hassle getting out it’s going to be the same way plenty of pad there get our foot on so we enter an exit safely even if we start getting into kind of the higher trucks or bigger tires and stuff like that won’t have an issue getting in and out now the traction pad itself this

Is a polymer material so it’s going to be really nice really rugged and it’s designed to resist uv race we’re not gonna have to worry about the fading or the cracking that we used to have now our oval bars are made of stainless steel so of course we already know these are going to resist any rust any corrosion or anything like that but the thing i really like that

They’ve done with them is they’ve completely enclosed the end here a lot of times back in the day there’s just like a plastic cap that would slide in kind of gave it an unfinished look but now we’ve gotten rid of that have a nice clean look here and this is also gonna prevent any water getting inside used to have issues to wear on the bottom side here they’d start

Rusting and really start looking bad and even start falling apart that’s going to be a thing of the past they’ve come up with a great solution here to prevent that from happening as you can see also with the custom design our foot pads are going to be located right here where we need them the most when we’re trying to get in and out of our vehicle that would be the

Most likely spot that we’d want to step as we’re trying to get in or get now to begin our installation we’re gonna look underneath our rocker panel here and we’re gonna check for our mounting locations and we just want to determine which type we’ve got basically what we want to look for the two small holes right down here on the pinch weld and then right above those

Gonna be some tape it’s covering up a larger oval hole and then here you’ll see the two hexagonal holes now the one closest to the rear if it doesn’t already have a nut there if it’s not already a threaded insert or and nutsert there we’re gonna be adding one to each location now you’ll see these in three locations along the pinch weld and will have the same set

Up right above it so we’ll want to go through and pull the tape off the both sides all the way down now if you don’t have nut certs in place or threaded nuts in place it’s pretty easy to get them installed what we’re gonna do is take our nut plate we’re gonna position that in the frame then we’re gonna slide on one of our brackets we want one of the brackets that

Has the large flat side it has the four holes in it and this is just going to temporarily secure that for us we’ll take our nut cert we’re gonna put it in the rear most hole then we’ll take one of our m10 bolts and we want to thread it through the center hole location there then we’ll grab our 13 millimeter ratchet press n firmly and start tightening that bolt

Down and that’s going to offer some resistance as we go and after a few turns there you’re gonna feel it kind of firm up almost like you’ve just tightened up a bolt there we go comes to the stop i’m gonna just back the bolt out just let that hang there for a second now let’s grab another nutsert we’re gonna put it in that front mounting location and run through

That same procedure to tighten it down all right now we’re gonna remove the bracket and also our nut plate now our drivers front is the only place we’re gonna install two rib nuts at all of our other locations we’ll just want to install one rib nut here in the forward location so now is a good time to get that taken care of now for our drivers front location we

Want to use the bracket that looks like this you can see the two out long holes and the two smaller oblong holes that are on that angle that’s for our rocker panel location so we just want to bring it up we’re gonna thread in an m8 bolt with the lock washer and flat washer on it leave those just a little bit loose there we can grab our small m6 button head bolts

Slide a flat washer on that those will go through our bracket then on the outside there we’re gonna thread on our little m6 flange nuts again just leaving everything loose for now give it some room to wiggle that way we can once we get everything on we’ll get it all tightened down now here in our middle mounting location for our driver’s side scribe him to grab

One of our knot plates again it’s going to be placed in so we can thread on one of the plastic keepers here that’s just really gonna prevent it from falling into the rail that’s just it just something there to hold it temporarily once that’s in place we’ll slide our bracket up now this is this bracket is labeled with a p it’s the one we need for the driver’s

Center so basically the bracket that you want to look for is gonna have the four holes in it and then that tab is gonna be facing forward then onto our bolt we’ll go a flat washer lock washer one of the nuts that came off now we’ll grab two of our m8 bolts we want lock washers and flat washers on those then you’ll see if you turn that nut plate you can get the

Hole there to line up that one started and then our other m8 bolts gonna be threaded into our nut sir now we’re gonna set our driver’s side rear up the same way only this time the tab we mount our step two should be offset to the rear and other than that we’re going to just follow that exact same procedure we use for the middle now you can see we’ve gone through

And positioned our passenger side brackets it’s as well you’re going to use the exact same procedure that we use for the middle and rear on the driver’s side and you’ll want your offset tab here to be forward on the front forward on the middle and then towards the rear on the rear now we’re going to grab our step tubes here you can see we’re gonna have rib nuts

In three locations and two of them are closer together that’s going to go toward the rear and then you want the turn to be facing in towards the truck of course these will get placed right up on the brackets then we’re going to take our button head bolts these will have a flat washer and then you can also see the internal tooth lock washer on we get one started

Here in the rear get one started in the front and then we’ll get the other four in their appropriate locations we can do the same thing for the passenger side alright now it’s time to start snugging up our brackets what we want to do is just make sure the bottom of it is level with the rocker panel there we’ll use a 16 millimeter for the larger bolt here and then

For each of these we’re going to use our thirty and we’ll go snug all of our brackets up of this design in that same way now here on our driver’s front we want to level it out the same way get that snug down now we need to grab a four millimeter allen key and a ten millimeter wrench and we’ll get decent good now if we look in our instructions we’re going to find

Our torque specifications for our hardware here we want to go through and torque down our brackets appropriately now we’ll move on to leveling up our step once we get it level we’re where we want it we just want to start snugging these up then we’ll get them torqued down as well all right with everything torqued down to specification that’s all there is to it and

That’s gonna complete our installation of the westin pro trax oval nerf bars part number – one – two three five five zero on our 2014 ram 1500 comm

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