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Altair Club Cars etrailer | Trailer Wiring Harness Installation – 2014 Chevrolet Express Van

etrailer | Trailer Wiring Harness Installation – 2014 Chevrolet Express Van

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Today on our 2014 chevy express van we’re gonna be taking a look at and showing you how to install the hopkins plug-in simple vehicle wiring harness with 4-pole flat trailer connector part number three one three four five this is what our wiring looks like when it’s installed it’s gonna give you all the proper lighting functions for your trailer it’s going to give

You brake lights your turn signals your running lights and your ground it’s also going to come with a dust cap removable dust cap it’s gonna help keep the elements dust water and anything like that from getting on all your connections and causing corrosion issues we’re going to start by taking this panel down this panel door sill panel here that runs across the

Bottom of the floor then we’re going to take the panel two panels down on the driver’s side also start here on the passenger’s side and we’re just going to simply pull out to loosen the panel’s and what we’re trying to do is we want to gain access to the wiring on our light which is right back here so we want is we want this plug right here i’m going to take a

Trim panel tool and pop out of place here so make a little easier to work with we’re going to take this orange piece we’re going to slide it out of the way then we’re going to push down and separate them we’re going to take the green wire and we’re simply just going to match the plugs together that go ahead and put our orange piece back in place take the other end

Plug it into the other wire let’s take this put it back in the place that go ahead do the same thing with this panel here we’re going to take our wire it’s going to be ran underneath of it we’re just going to set it in place for now you can see you’re going to have clips here underneath and make sure that the wire is not getting caught on any of them because it

Will cut them in cut the wire in half so now we’ll go ahead and reinstall this panel here now we it holds our wire in place just be sure you get all your panels put back together the right way from here we’re going to start on this top panel this time all right it’s going to pull it out like that and then we’re gonna do the same thing with the bottom panel which

You might have is sometimes you you might have to take a screwdriver to pop the metal clips that are holding it in you here in just a second it’s a little hard to see you can see that one you take a screwdriver or anything you just kind of push in on it like that it’ll release it no i kind of pull this out like this under it give my green wire then these kind of

Set it in place yes next we’re going to do the same thing with this plug the yellow brown and red wire we’re gonna do the same thing on this back of this taillight that we did on the passenger side we need to find a place to mount our converter box there’s some existing factory wiring here it’s a little hard to see i think i’m gonna zip tie my box right to it next

Thing we’re gonna do is we’re going to take our 4-pole flat and our red power wire and if you look right here there’s a grommet we’re gonna run them through the ground we’re going to pull this gram it out we’ll take our 4-pole flat this black connector that comes with it i’m going to cut it off and i’m gonna replace it with a heat shrink butt connector because it’s

Going to be living outside of the vehicle right here it’s going to help protect a little bit you don’t have any of those you can find them on our website so i’m gonna cut that off unless trip my wire back on the heat shrink butt connector crimp it down we’re going to take our bundle of red power wire that we’re going to be running up to the front of the vehicle

What i’m gonna do is i’m just gonna pass it a little bit over here like this bring it back out and again down next we’ll take our heat gun shrink up our butt connector you want to make sure you’re not pointing anything plastic rubber anything it’s going to burn or melt next i’m just going to take a little bit of electrical tape wrap it around my connection let’s

Give a little extra protection and then we’re going to pull this out like this along with our 4-pole and we’re going to take our grommet we’re going to cut it down to the center put it back over our wires sure we get it all out we’ll put some black silicone on it next we’ll mount our ground wire and it can be anywhere on the body since we’re the converter box and

Everything’s inside we’re going to go ahead and keep our ground wire inside and i think right here is a good spot so we’ll take quarter inch socket and our self tapping screw going to make sure that your ring terminal is not going to move i’m not going to get pinched you can tuck the rest of this wire back here a little bit it’s going to be behind there panels

And now we can put our panels back in place all this right down hand or bumper here what we decided to do because our 4-pole wire is so short as i tucked it in back behind the seal right here and to get it closer to center because of how short it is instead of running it down and underneath we actually are running it right behind on the bottom here this rubber

Seal now you can see the wire coming down over this side and i’m going to put a bracket right here on the bottom of the bumper next i’m going to wrap my power wire to the front of the vehicle to the battery let me get that done real quick and i’ll show you how i did it what i did is i ran straight across just had it right here to the frame i did put a little bit

Of wire loom on because it touching the metal here i didn’t want it to rub on it went through the hitch this way along the bottom of the frame went up over the top of this cross beam it’s going between our frame from side to side okay right here found some existing wiring emergency brake line ran up top zip tied a couple of places as you can see the red wire that

Is running along all this existing wiring good tie along the way when i got to here i went over the top of my frame to the inside now i’m gonna take my wiring come on right up to my engine compartment one thing i do want to mention is i did have to extend the wire just a little bit it wasn’t quite long enough to get up to the fuse box or battery and if you find

Yourself needing some extra wire you can find some on our website idea is i took some airline to rant down from my fuse panel and i hooked my power wire into the bottom use some tape now i’m going to go back up top and pull my wire back up get our wiring this is going to be the fuse panel on the driver’s side you’re just going to push in a tab there let’s remove

This lid you can see two connection points there we’re going to put it on this one here what i’m going to do is i’m going to cut this to where i can zip tie it right here strip the end back i take the end with my buck connector on my fuse holder seen this in we’re gonna take it to them on their socket pull its nut off right here at the top go ahead connect the

Ring terminal side of our fuse holder you want to make sure that the fuse is not in the holder when you make the connection once you’ve made your connection you can add your fuse next we’ll test our wiring out using part number i to six running lights brake lights left turn right turn and turn signals with running lights and brakes and that’ll do it for the hopkins

Plug-in simple vehicle wiring harness with 4-pole flat trailer connector part number three one three four five on our 2014 chevrolet express thanks for watching click the link in our description below to shop learn more or visit us at and leave us a comment if you have any questions

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