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Altair Club Cars etrailer | Thule Hitching Post Pro Hitch Bike Racks Review – 2019 Toyota Sequoia

etrailer | Thule Hitching Post Pro Hitch Bike Racks Review – 2019 Toyota Sequoia

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This is the thule hitching post pro the most popular bike rack on our website and this is a 2019 toyota sequoia i think it’s going to be a pretty good option and there’s a reason why it is pretty popular one just because it’s a very entry level rack we can get four bikes on here this isn’t going to be great for your carbon fiber bikes just because it does have frame

Contact so you’re going to want to use non-carbon frame bikes and also with the heavier bikes that you may have 35 pounds is going to be the max for this rack specifically so look at how it integrates with the bike so we’re gonna have three tie down points we’re gonna have two up top and then one right here the one right here is going to be the anti-sway cradle

Which that’s just gonna help prevent some of this movement so whenever you’re starting and stopping your bikes aren’t clamping together so it’s pretty easy to take these off it’s going to protect your bikes because it has a soft yet durable rubber strap we’ve been using this bike rack for years and it’s still holding up i think that’s another reason why it’s so

Popular so all you got to do is just go like that and then we’ll do the anti -sway cradle down at the bottom and then we can take this off the rack looking closer at the cradles they’re pretty close together so let’s just take a measurement here just from center to center it’s roughly about five inches apart so you’re going to want to offset your bikes and then

When it comes to like the spread in between these some of the smaller bikes like the kiddos bikes typically you have a little bit trouble just because it is so wide it’s about 11 inches so you might want to get one of those adapter bars so for your step through bikes and your kiddos bikes it basically just goes from your seat to your handlebars and that’ll give you a

Point to tie this down but looking a little bit closer at the cradles typically we see a bunch of like cables for your brakes and stuff so that’s why we have these little indentions right here the indentions is just going to leave a little bit of space so they’re not just smashing up against your frame so with anything that we put in the hitch we’re going to add a

Little bit of length to the end of our sequoia so let’s take a measurement from our bumper to the very end i’d say it’s roughly around 41 inches but we can tilt this down so there’s going to be a little pin here it is connected i lose things a lot so it’s nice that i can just take it off pull it out and just let it hang so i don’t have to worry about keeping track

Of it then once we put it down like this we just put it back in that hole and then clip it into place just like that that’ll bring our length down a little bit so it’s about 19 inches so that’s pretty significant amount of distance that we cut off that’s going to be nice if you just want to keep this thing in your hitch whenever you’re not using your bikes it’s

Also going to tilt away so we have a back hatch here on the sequoia another same exact pin same connected little pin there tilts all the way down so you will be able to access the back we checked it before let me go ahead and just unlock it real quick but we checked it and it does clear so you don’t have to worry about not being able to access some of your stuff

But you do have to have the bikes off ens fully so you can still use the hatch the way you did before it’s going to tilt up like this and just replace that pin and we’re good to go where this pin connects to the rack if you come a little bit closer you’ll see there’s going to be a little loop right here you can use your bike cables it does not come with one but

We have a bunch of them and you can use this loop to tie your bikes to the rack so they don’t go missing if you’re traveling a lot and then moving down to our shank here we’re using on a two inch edge receiver but you can take this little sleeve off so it’ll work with the inch and a quarters as well it doesn’t really matter what kind of hit you have whether it’s

A two or an inch and a quarter it’s going to work and let’s go over ground clearance this sequoia is pretty much built for over landing and going off-road we have 22 inches of ground clearance which is pretty good and it sits out about 15 inches from the hitch pin hole so that’s not a lot of distance and that’s a lot of distance to the ground so even if you do

Want to take this thing off-road i think it’s going to give you ample clearance it does have an anti-rattle bolt which you can see a little bit of play but that’s just the jolt the joint right down here but this thing is absolutely solid on here so your bikes aren’t going to feel it and it’s just going to prolong the life of the shank and all the components all

In all there’s a reason why this thing is so popular on our site it’s just a really great way to get something in your hitch so you can get your bikes to wherever you want to go and that’s pretty much it for a look at the thule hitching post pro on our 2019 toyota sequoia this is our test course let’s start with the slalom this shows side to side action such as

Turning corners or evasive maneuvering then onto our alternating speed bumps this shows twisting action such as hitting curbs potholes road debris or even uneven pavement last of all the solid speed bumps this shows up and down action such as driving through a parking lot or parking garage or driving in and out of a driveway

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