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Altair Club Cars etrailer | Tekonsha OEM Replacement Vehicle Wiring Harness Installation – 2021 Ram ProMaster 3500

etrailer | Tekonsha OEM Replacement Vehicle Wiring Harness Installation – 2021 Ram ProMaster 3500

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Hello everybody clayton here at here at etrailer we install test and review a lot of different products to help you as the customer make a more educated decision before your purchase today we’re going to be working on a 2020 run ram promaster 3500 we’re going to be taking a look at and i’ll be walking you through how to install the tekocha oem

Replacement 7-way wiring made for your brake controllers this is what our 7-way is going to look like installed you’re going to see the plug here we did have to add some bracketing but it looks pretty nice and clean i really like how it turned out this is going to allow us to hook up to our trailers with a 7-way and you can even use it with a 4-way adapter if you

Do tow a smaller trailer so this is going to allow us to get all those necessary lighting functions and other functions back to our trailer so if you’re looking at wiring for your promaster chances are your promaster didn’t come with any trailer wiring this kit is going to be awesome if your tray if your promaster doesn’t have anything all we’re going to do is

Take our plug and play harness plug it into our tail lights add our 7-way back here and run some wires up to our brake controller so it is pretty nice and easy to get installed definitely a no-brainer so looking a little bit closer into our 7-way our lid is going to be nice and sprung so that’s gonna stay nice and closed whenever nothing’s plugged into it and on

The inside of our plug here we do have a really nice gasket material that’s gonna help keep this sealed from the elements the only visible part other than our seven way is gonna be this little bit of our harness we’re to see down here probably the best thing about this kit is it is going to work with tekonsha brake controllers whether you already have one or you’re

Wanting to get a new one all you have to do is purchase this 7-way wiring and then you can choose whichever brake controller is going to work best for your application our amperage for our stop and turn circuit is going to be 4.2 amps per circuit then for our taillights we are going to get 7.5 amps per circuit now in terms of getting this installed everything is

Going to be included and it’s all plug and play minus a few wiring connections we do have to make up the battery with that being said i’ll go ahead and walk you through how to get it installed now to start our installation we’re going to come to the back of our promaster we’re going to open up our doors all the way there’s going to be these black vent covers here

On the back we’re going to just grab our phillips head screwdriver we’re just going to take out all these screws on this last one you want to make sure to hold the cover so it doesn’t fall down get that last screw out we just take our vent out and set it off to the side we’ll repeat the same process on the passenger side we now want to grab our wiring harness

We want to grab the side with the yellow wire we’re going to reach into this access hole here we’re going to see the plug for our tail light now it’s kind of hard to see with my hand in there but it’s located right here there’s going to be a tap we’re going to push down on the top you might be able to get your other hand on the other side kind of push down on

That tab and pull out on the plug just like so now we can grab our wiring harness we’re just going to plug that into there we’ll take this side and plug it back into our tail light you want to be careful not to get other wires pinched in that connector just push that until you hear a click give it a little tug and make sure it’s secure we can tuck our wiring

Back into the vent and run our wiring over to the passenger side we just took a pull wire kind of ran up in this top corner down to here we taped our plugs to that we’re just going to pull this up and through this opening up here now for our pull wire we’re using an airline tube but you can use a string or a coat hanger really anything you have available at

Home you just kind of want to pull this all the way through make sure to get all these tangles out of our wiring down here just like so where does run are wiring up along this top channel there is quite a bit of room so you can kind of feed it through there or use your pull wire really whatever you want to do so like i said we’re going to pull that up through

That channel and drop it down over here now with our wiring ran over we’re going to make our connections the same way that we did over on the driver’s side now the wiring ran over on the passenger side it’s completely installed on this side you just want to run some zip ties up along your factory wiring just to keep that wiring nice and secure we now want to add

Our ground wire there is going to be a little stud back here we’re just going to take that off with a 10 millimeter socket it is kind of tight right here once you get it nice and loose it should thread off by hand now we just want to take our white ground wire from our harness slide it over that little stud and then reinstall our nut now we just want to grab

Our two-sided tape we’ll peel off our backing we’re just going to stick that to our module i’m just sticking it over here on the side a little bit more because that was a good flat spot on the inside of our channel get that nice and adhered we’ll peel off our other backing we want to carefully reach into our opening and then mount it to a flat spot we’re just

Going to push on this for approximately 20 seconds just to make sure it’s going to stay there in the back of our venting channel down here there is going to be a vent down at the bottom we’re actually going to reach down and push that out and then run our wiring through that it is kind of hard to see but it’s right down there at the bottom of the channel with

Our vent popped out now we just want to push our wiring done through that hole and use that pull wire technique just to get that wiring pulled through there with all of our wires ran out we can now reinstall those panels in the reverse order we took them apart our bigger wire loom here with the larger taped end is going to be our seven pole side and our skinnier

Wire does need to run up the frame rail up to our battery i’ll go ahead and do it and then show you the route we took right here’s where our wiring comes out tucks under our frame rail or our bumper beam right here and runs up along our frame rail now it’s important to stay out of the way of anything hot or moving so that’s going to be our suspension components

And our exhaust so i’m going to keep that out of the way so i just ran some zip ties through holes in our frame rail and our body up here just kind of ran it up the side right here now once it meets up to our factory lines i just zip tied it to those lines and then up and over our sway bar just follow those lines all the way down right here and then up and over

Our brake cable and there’s going to be a heat shield right here you just want to tuck that wiring up and over that heat shield and then pull it through the other side and this is where it comes out i just zip tied it to our factory wiring we’re going to up beside our fuel tank here there’s actually a plastic clip that it runs through to keep it nice and tight to

The frame rail and then zip tied it to our wiring on the other side and then our wiring runs up along the frame rail here to our battery box there is going to be a little opening at the top of our battery box right here that i just tucked the top of our wiring into and now we actually want to move up top and then pull our wiring all the way through right here is

Where our wiring came up you just want to grab that kind of pull it you want to grab like a small screwdriver kind of pry out on that plastic just to give you a little bit more room just kind of pull up on that wiring like so pull it till you feel the slack go out and we’re ready to make some connections now we just want to grab our electrical tape on the ends

And peel that off now we just want to take the cover off of our positive terminal kind of push it on these tabs and lift up that’ll expose our terminals now we just want to grab our three fuses provided we’re gonna take off the part that’s already stripped grab one of our provided butt connectors and give it a little twist and then we’ll add our butt connector

And crimp it down that nice and secure remove the other side of the fuse take off that little cap add a ring terminal might strip that back just a little bit more we’ll just add our ring terminal and crimp it down we now repeat that same process for our two remaining fuse holders now we just want to cut back our sheathing a little bit here we have a little

Extra wire we’ll just cut that tape off the end we’re just going to pull our wiring back out of our harness our battery connection is going to be made right about there so we’re just going to trim back our wires right here cut off our excess we can grab our wire strippers and strip back because of our wires i’m going to grab our y our red wire with our 15 amp

Fuse holder i’m going to slide our wire in there and then crimp it down just like so our black wire is going to go into our seven way harness fuse holder now we’ll grab the other harness included in our kit with the brake controller plug in we are going to grab our brake controller power fuse we’re going to crimp that onto the black wire from our new harness

Just like so then moving back to the floorboard we’re going to have our blue wire that we ran up along with our other wires we’re going to crimp that to the blue wire from our new harness so we’ll add a new heat shrink butt connector crimp that down and take that blue wire and crimp it into the other end our three fuse holders are going to get connected to our

Battery our red wire is going to run up to our stop light switch and our white wire is going to get connected to ground on our battery so we want to strip these back in our wire loom pretty far just like so then we can get this ran to our ground and our power connections made and actually before we make all of our connections we do want to come back and heat

Shrink all of our butt connectors to make our connection to the negative terminal we’re going to be removing the nut with a 10 mm socket and then reinstalling it we’re now ready to add our three fuse holders to the positive terminal we’re gonna remove this 13 millimeter nut and then add all of our fuse holders with all of our fuse holders added we can reinstall

That 13-millimeter nut we’ll come back and tighten it down so on our battery cover if you hold it up like that you can see it’s not really gonna fit we are gonna have to trim this tab off we’re just gonna use a pair of snips just to get that off there nice and clean reinstall our cover just like so to make our connection to our stop light switch we’re going

To follow our brake pedal arm up until you see a plug with some wires coming out of it after testing our wires the dark green with a white stripe wire is going to be the wire we need to tap into as you can see right up here we have a quick splice connector this just makes it a little bit easier to get that connected instead of trying to use a butt connector in

This tight area so we just made that connection and ran our red wire up and out we’re ready to move to the back of our vehicle we’re going to add a long bracket to our hitch for our wiring but before we do anything else we want to take our electrical tape off of all of our wiring now i want to grab our plug end we want our tab facing the top we’re going to start

With our ground wire here on the bigger opening then red is going to go above that green to the left of that black brown blue and yellow in the center all we’re going to do is take the wire just push it into that opening you’ll hear it click you repeat that same process for our wires going around the plug now if i’m all plugged in you just want to kind of grab

It make sure they’re nice and secure and in this case they are now we want to grab our retainer clip we’re going to slide that through our wires like so to where that channel lines up on the other side and we’ll just push that down until it snaps in now it’s nice and secure then our wires aren’t going to go anywhere before we go any farther we want to make sure

To add some dielectric grease to all of our pins this is just going to help ensure a good connection for a long time and we added a long bracket to our hitch to support our wiring whenever we get that installed you can find one of these here they’re pretty nice there are no drill there’s just a metal zip tie that goes around our hitch now we just want

To grab our hardware and we’ll mount up our pollock 7-pole bracket we’ll just get that started on one side and we’ll add our bolt to this side we now want to grab our seven pole plug we’re going to slide that through our bracket and plug it in to our plug end on the other side here nice click good and secure we can turn it and use our provided hardware to get it

Mounted let’s get our hardware tightened down we’re now ready to come back and add our fuses to our fuse holders we’re going to make sure to read the stickers here on our fuse holders so we’re going to start with our 15 amp fuse and grab that fuse and just insert it into the fuse holder and then add our cover then our next two are both going to be 30 amp fuses

So i haven’t put our floor panel back in yet but i just ran our wires up and over this way and then kind of up along this side channel here there’s a good amount of room to work with here that’s going to keep our wiring out of the way of our pedals and there’s actually a raised channel down here that we can tuck that wiring in so our floor panel is going to sit

Nice and flush and go ahead and reinstall it in the reverse order we took it apart now with our brake controller hooked into our 7-way harness we can get everything tested out we’re going to start with our brake controller signal as you can see that voltage is changing with the different amounts of pressure i’m applying to that lever we can just push our brakes

Our brake pedal we do our left turn our right turn and our running lights with everything tested out and hooked up to our brake controller we’re ready to hit the road that’s going to do it for our look at in the installation of the tekonsha oem replacement 7-way brake controller harness for our 2021 ram promaster 3500.

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etrailer | Tekonsha OEM Replacement Vehicle Wiring Harness Installation – 2021 Ram ProMaster 3500 By

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