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Altair Club Cars etrailer | Tekonsha OEM Replacement Vehicle Wiring Harness Installation – 2016 Ram ProMaster 1500

etrailer | Tekonsha OEM Replacement Vehicle Wiring Harness Installation – 2016 Ram ProMaster 1500

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Hi there pro master owners today on our 2016 ram 1500 pro master we’re going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install two conscious modulite vehicle wiring harness with brake controller adapter no longer the days where you have to piece together a modulite 4-pole harness plus a wiring kit such as the one we sell here at etrailer etbc7 to get a 7-pole

Connector up and running and working with the brake controller nocta conches come out with a modulite harness that has a brake controller adapter integrated in it so the installation has everything you need right there on that modulite for a 7-pole which also comes with it and a brake controller which doesn’t come included which you have plenty of options here

At to suit the needs that best fit your load your holland i’ve gone ahead and turned on the hazards so you can see here that it still works just like your regular modulite harnesses you’re going to get all of your necessary lighting signals which includes your left turn signal right turn signal tail lamps and brake lamps keeping you do t compliant in

All states but it also includes a 7-way connector so you can plug in those larger trailers that use a 7-way you can see them working here on the back of our trailer but with a 7-way you also get additional features that a 4-pole just doesn’t have the wiring to handle additional features you’ll get with a 7-way connector it is a charge line so you can charge the

Battery on your trailer or operate a tongue jack you’ll also get your brake signal wire which will operate the electric trailer brakes on your trailer and you’ll also get a reverse light circuit to illuminate reverse lights if you have those on your trailer you can see here inside we’ve got our brake controller installed and it really made it a cinch with this

Harness because we needed to wire up lights anyway on it but since we were at it the rest of the wires here went ahead and gave us our connection point which plugged directly into our brake controller so that’s really easy when you have an installation that has extra connectors ready to go for whenever you want to add more features another thing i like about this

Harness is that it does come with a des concha plug pretty installed on it so if you want to change brake controllers as long as you’re using it to catch a brake controller you can be sure that it’s going to plug right in this is great if you ever want to upgrade to a newer brake controller because there’s no additional work to be done you simply just pull your

Old one out and plug your new one in all of our wiring comes pre coded in wire loom so that way it’s all protected even the wire that we ran underneath and if you compare this to other kits such as the one we have here etbc7 the wiring and that is duplex wiring so you have to cut it to length you have to strip back the gray sheathing on the outside to access the

Wires it’s just a little bit more of a pain in the butt this thing’s got everything ready to go and your wires are already out there and pre stripped so it just makes the installation cleaner looking and easier on you and since each one is custom-designed for your specific vehicle and simply plugs in line with your existing factory connectors located behind your

Taillight assemblies it comes with three different fuse harnesses so you can have separate fuses for the module that controls your lights as well as the charge line on your 7-pole connector and for your brake controller i like this because it keeps everything nice and safe and if in the future we did ever have any shorts or problems it makes it easier to diagnose

Because those specific components are on their own fuse so if that fuse opens you know exactly what wires you need to go take a look at well begin our installation at the back of the vehicle we’ve got both our doors open and we need to access the back of our taillights so we can get to though their wiring connectors we’re gonna remove all the bolts that hold our side

Paneling in here using a phillips head screwdriver there’s a total of seven bolts holding our paneling on we’ll remove the other side as well we have a nice big opening here behind our paneling just inside you’ll have your connector here that goes into your taillight assembly we’re gonna press that on the release tab here on top and then disconnect our connector

Well then take our new harness we’re going to plug that into the connector you want to make sure you’re using the one with the yellow wire on it so it’s going to be for our driver’s side and in the other end here we can actually just plug right back in to our taillight assembly next we’ll attach our ground wire we’re gonna attach to the ground stud just above our

Connector we’ll use a ten millimeter socket to remove that nut take your ground wire slide it on the stud and then reinstall the nut right back in place now we’re going to take our other connector this is going to go behind your passenger side taillight we’re going to route it over to that side to do that we’re gonna be going in here we’re gonna go up this channel

All the way up then we’re gonna go across the channel there and then come back down the channel on the other side where we can plug it in i’m gonna go ahead and route that now and then i’ll show you how i got it there so we simply just pushed it through all the openings here keeping our wiring inside there’s plenty of openings to your hand in there so you don’t

Need any kind of pull wire or anything just slowly work it down through each port going along the way until you get down here to your passenger side we’re gonna plug it in on our passenger side just like we did the driver’s side i unplugging our connector plugging that into our new harness and then plugging our new harness and your taillight assembly any excess

Wire you can just tuck inside of there you can zip tie it up later keep everything nice and neat now have two other harnesses coming off of your module here one is gonna be a little bit skinnier than the other and they’re gonna have taped up wires at the end both of these need to get routed outside the vehicle to do that we’re gonna be going down there’s a vent

Located b’nai behind this panel here that’s where we’re going to be going out through that vent i’m gonna start with just the bigger wire we’re going to take that wiring just keep feeding it down and there’s openings here so you can get in there to pull your wiring pretty easily and once we get it down to our lowest slot there you can stick your hand in and then

We’re going to push it through the vent that you’ll find down there at the bottom you’re looking at the outside view so you’ll see where the wire is gonna come through on the outside just take your wiring and push it through one of the slots and you can just reach up there and pull your wiring down we’re gonna do the same process with the other harness that you

Talked about that’s a little bit smaller well now take the adhesive backing that comes in our kit we’re gonna peel off one side stick it to the back of our module then we’ll peel off the other backing of our adhesive and then apply the module to the flat part here in our vehicle you’ll want to hold it in place for about 20-25 seconds to ensure that you have a good

Adhesion and then we started routing our harnesses we routed the larger harness towards the center this is gonna be for our 7-pole connector here at the back so we’re gonna leave it here for now and then our smaller harness we routed all the way up to the front to get it there we just followed the frame rail all the way forward when routing our wiring going to make

Sure you avoid any moving objects such as your steering and suspension and anything excessively hot such as your exhaust you can follow it on your frame rail and you’re gonna have a couple of holes here that you can use some zip ties that towards the back and then once you get past your rear axle we’re gonna have some factory wiring and from here we can just route

It in the same mounting locations that our factory wires rotted in if the factory connectors are large enough so we just poked it in there and cloaked it in there and we just poked it in each one of those going down our frame rail all the way forward when you get further forward there’s gonna be a heat shield just routed on top of that heat shield and then again

We’re gonna keep following those same connectors clipping it in those hold downs going along the way we’re gonna go all the way till we get to our front axle once you’ve got your wiring routed up just behind your front axle our batteries going to be located here in this box if you reach around either side there’s going to be some small access holes that you can

Use to get into it it is going to be kind of tight but you can push your wire through and pull it pull it out the other side once you get a little bit pulled through we’re going to go ahead and go up on top we’ll show you a way to make it a little bit easier to get it through to access your battery there’s going to be a panel located on your floor just in front

Of the driver’s seat you just want to pop that panel up in each corner there’s going to be a little tab that you can twist that all allowed to release and once you get your wiring in there you can kind of just take your screwdriver in here and kind of just give it a little bit of pressure and that’ll help free it up and make it easier to pull your wiring through

Well now take each one of our fuse harnesses and we’re going to place a ring terminal on one side in a total of three with ring terminals arm and then on the other side of each harness we’re going to be placing a yellow butt connector you’ll have a total of three of these once you’re completed all the hardware here you see comes in your kit will now connect our

Harnesses to our battery positive toast we’ll remove the nut here with a 13 millimeter socket place our harnesses on and then reinstall the nut you will have to modify your cover in order for it to go back on we just need to remove this small section here on the side because it’s got to hit your wiring so it won’t go back on so we can just use our snips and we’re

Just going to trim that off you can also just break it off but if you want to get a little bit cleaner and snips work pretty well we can now peel off some of our wiring loom we’re not going to need all this loom that’s on here we’re going to trim the loom back and then we can take our red wire and our black wire we’re going to trim those back now and these are going

To connect to our harnesses our red wire is going to connect to the harness labeled toe harness power module 15 amp so we’ll strip this back and then attach it to that bud connector and then our black wire is going to connect to the one labeled 7-way harness i’ll strip back that one and connect it to its butt factor our last fuse harness is going to connect to the

Other harness that comes in our kit that we haven’t introduced yet this is going to be our harness that connects to our brake controller this harness has four wires on it you’ll have your blue red black and white on this harness and it’s gonna have a connector in like this and this is our brake controller and this harness is going to need power in order for our

Brake controller to operate so our last fuse here labeled brake control power fuse is going to connect to the black wire coming off of this harness these wires are already pre stripped but on some of them they may not be stripped enough to your liking you can take a little bit more off now we have our blue wire that we ran up as well this is also going to connect

Two of the new harness we just introduced we’re going like the blue eye we ran up to the blue wire from our new harness so we’re going to kind of get those set cut those to length will now connect our two blue wires together and now there’s a couple of ways you could do it you could extend these wires or you could cut the harness cuz we’re gonna need these wires to

Go to a couple different places that are gonna be pretty far apart from each other our white wires our ground wire which we can run right over to our battery there but this red wire has to connect to the cold side of our brake switch which is going to be located underneath our dash here so it’s gonna be pretty far away so it’s up to you whether you want to extend

That wire and leave your harness intact or if you want to cut it we’re just going to go ahead and cut ours open and pull our red wire out now we can take our white wire we’re going to crimp a ring terminal on that and attach that to the ground side of our battery well now remove the nut from our negative battery post with a ten millimeter socket take our new ring

Terminal that we just put on our white wire from our harness slide it onto the stud and then reinstall the nut now all the buckles that came in your kit were heat shrink butt connectors so we’re gonna use our heat gun now and shrink all those down now we’ll take the red wire we’re gonna route it towards our brake pedal if you go up your brake pedal you’ll see your

Brake switch towards the top of the shaft there we’ll use our quick connector to connect our red wire to the cold side of our brake switch which is going to be the white and green wire take your red wire poke it in and then use a pair of channellocks or pliers to squeeze the center section down to quick splice them together and you can fold over the tab and lock

It in place we can now assemble our connector here at the back take the connector piece it’s going to have two sides you’ve got a side here with the seal that you see on the inside that’s c on the inside is going to seal to your actual 7-way connector that it’s going to plug into so this is the plug side this is the side where we’ll be pushing our wires in so if

We take our connector like this we’re gonna start at the top left and we’ll work our way clockwise putting them in green is going to be our first one we need to insert so it just simply slides in until you hear it click and then you see here it’s locked in i’ll pull back up sometimes you have to twist them a little bit because the little tangs that stick out the

Bottom go kind of towards the inside of the connector and then lastly is our yellow one which is our center pin well now take our lock plate and put it in place it just slides over the wiring like this the back goes underneath those tabs there and then align up our lock tabs here and they just push in and they keep everything in place from pulling out now that

We’ve got those all snapped in we can mount our 7-way connector you’ll not need to install a bracket to mount your connector bracket doesn’t come included with it we’re using pollak 7-way bracket that mounts directly to our draw-tite sprocket mouth that’s welded on to it we just use the hardware that came included with our bracket to get our connector mount it

Up to it and then we’ll just take our connector in here we put some dielectric grease on it to ensure a long-lasting connection and we’ll just plug it into the back well now put in our fuses make sure you put the right one in the right harness it’s labeled on their which fuse goes in it once you’ve inserted your fuses you can reinstall the panel covering up your

Battery now we’ve got it all plugged in we can go ahead and plug our tester in or you can plug it into your trailer and make sure everything’s working properly if you have a brake controller and you want to test that out as well this is a good time to go ahead and plug your brake controller into the connector in front so you can make sure that’s working properly

As well to your brake controller connectors just going to live under the dash here until you’re ready to install your brake controller if you’ve already got a brake control you can go ahead and install it now if you need a brake controller i highly recommend to consious prodigy p2 will now plug it into our tester to make sure everything’s working properly if you

Don’t have a tester you can just use your trailer at home you want to make sure you have your left turn signal right turn signal tail lamps and your brake lights with all your lighting working properly if you have a brake controller you can test it out now as well so we’ve gone ahead and plugged in our brake controller and we want to make sure that we have our

Brake signal we’re just going to use the slider on our brake controller and you can see here on the gauge that our brake controller is working properly we’re gonna go ahead and flick the switch on our tester now and that’s going to switch it over to the 12-volt auxilary mode so we can verify that we’ve got our 12 volt power which if you look here on the screen we

Do have 12 volts with everything working properly we can button up any of our wiring with some zip ties and ready to hit the road and that completes our look at installation of two conscious modulite vehicle wiring harness with brake controller adapter on your 2016 ram 1500 pro master

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