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Altair Club Cars etrailer | Draw-Tite Sportframe Trailer Hitch Installation – 2017 Toyota Prius Prime

etrailer | Draw-Tite Sportframe Trailer Hitch Installation – 2017 Toyota Prius Prime

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Today on this 2007 teen toyota prius prime we’ll be having a look at and showing you how to install the draw-tite class 1 trailer hitch receiver part number two four nine six six here’s what our hitch looks like installed as you can see our our hitch is tucked up nice and tight behind our fascia giving us a nice clean look but yet still being easily accessible for

Using with any of our accessories on the side of our receiver you’ll find our half-inch diameter hitch pinhole that we could use with a pin and clip to secure any of our hitch mounted accessories welded onto the bottom of our receiver opening we have our rolled steel tubular safety chain loops to hook the safety chain hooks on from our trailer these are a fairly

Large opening so we shouldn’t have much problems looking most safety chains onto them this hitch features a 200-pound maxx tongue weight rating which is e-mount forcing down in a 2,000 pound max gross trailer weight rating which the amount i can pull you want to make sure you consult the owner’s manual of your prius prime and not exceed what the vehicle’s rated

For goodbye whichever number is less now what i like about this hitch compared to other options in the market is the fact that when you’re standing behind the vehicle it’s so concealed you can’t even tell that the hitch is there so this it really helps maintain the clean books in your vehicle now for a few measurements to better assist you in choosing any hitch

Mounted accessory you may need such as a bike rack or our cargo carrier you’re looking at about 12 inches from the ground to the top of the inch and a quarter receiver opening and about seven inches from the center of the hitch pin hole through most part of the back bumper now that we’ve gone over some features we’re sure they get it installed to begin our install

We need to remove these three plastic panels underneath the back of our fascia in order to remove these panels will have several plastic fasteners just like this one the way these work there’s a center section you can pop out flat-head screwdriver or a trim panel tool i’m using once you have the center section pulled out the whole clip can be removed all of these

Fasteners are exactly the same above our muffler we’ll fold this tab back we have another one here we’ll do the same now for our center panel we have a screw plastic fastener here take a flathead screwdriver and we can rotate it as we pull down on the panel and then you can pull the panel down and remove it now for our side panel we have a another clip like that

That you can use a flathead screwdriver on as you pull down put light pressure as you pull down and it’ll eventually come loose we can pull this panel out now and we have one final one on the passenger side that loose we can wiggle this out around the exhaust out of the fascia now going across the top of our fascia we have a wiring harness that is clipped to the

Bottom section of our fascia attachment tabs well just grab this and remove it from all these tabs so once you have them unclick like this we’re just working away across making sure we get all of them on the tabs you won’t be able to see all but you will just have to do it by feel now at the bottom edge of our lower fascia section where it meets the rest of the

Fascia we’ll find a philips screw that we need to remove we’ll have one in each corner now we have several of these tabs that hold our fascia in place there’s a section on the back if you press in you can start to pull it away we’ll continue working these tabs out all the way across the lower section okay once we have all the clips released we can pull the face

Go away now we need to remove our bumper beam we’ll have four bolts on each side we have two at the top and two at the bottom these are 12 millimeter bolts okay once we have all of our hardware removed we can take our bumper beam and pull back and remove them from the vehicle here we have our hitch laying on the ground with our bumper beam the way this is going

To work our hitch will go on first our bumper beam will sandwich the hitch between the car and the bumper beam itself and then we’ll reinstall our factory bolts into the original holes it’s very helpful to have an extra set of hands to help you install the hitch and hold everything in place as you do this we have one person holding the hitch in place now and then

We’ll come in with the bumper beam line up our holes and reinstall our hardware once they get one started on each side it’ll be a lot easier now that we have all of our hardware started by hand we can snug it down okay with over bolts tight we can now torque them to the amount specified instructions now we’ll reinstall our lower fascia make sure we clip a wiring

Harness back in reinstall our screws reinstall our two side panels for our center panel i’ve marked out according to the instructions an area we need to trim out to have clearance around our hitch you’re going to use a sharp utility knife to cut this i’m going to use a rotary tool because i feel like i can get a cleaner cut and do it a little bit quicker okay

With our center section trimmed we can now reinstall it and that completes our look at installation of the draw-tite class one trailer hitch receiver part number two four nine six six on this 2017 twitta prius prime thanks for watching click the link in our description below to shop learn more or visit us at and leave us a comment if you have any questions

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