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Altair Club Cars etrailer | Curt Trailer Hitch Installation – 2019 Ram 1500 Classic

etrailer | Curt Trailer Hitch Installation – 2019 Ram 1500 Classic

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Today on our 2009 teen ram 1500 classic we’re gonna be taking a look at showing you how to install the curt class 3 custom fit trailer hitch receiver so here’s what our hitch is going to look like once we have it installed the cross tube is going to sit right below the bumper and the receiver tube is going to be pretty flush it’s gonna give us a two inch by two

Inch receiver tube opening so have a lot of different options for any kind of accessories that we want to mount up now the way we’re gonna mount any of those this is the hitch pinhole here on the side it’s gonna accept a standard 5/8 pin and clip now these aren’t included in the kit but you can pick them up here at along with some locking devices to

Keep your accessories safe as far as the safety chain connection points go it’s gonna be a plate style welded to the bottom as you can see well have plenty of room to get most size hooks on or off as far as the weight capacity goes for our hitch we’re gonna have a 600 pound tongue weight which is the maximum downward force of the receiver tube along with a 6,000

Pound gross trailer weight rating that’s the amount our hitch can pull including the trailer and everything we have loaded on it now it is designed to work with weight distribution systems as well that’s gonna be a separate component that’s mounted on your trailer but that’s going to bump the tongue weight up to 1,000 pounds and the gross trailer weight rating up

To 10,000 pounds but with all those numbers in mind you want to double check your rams owner’s manual because you don’t want to go over the manufacturers recommended weight like to give you a few measurements that’s going to help you whenever you’re looking for accessories for your new hitch from the center of the hitch pin hole to the outermost edge of the bumper

So we write about 3 inches that measurements going to come in handy when you’re looking at folding accessories to make sure you have enough room and that it’s not going to come in contact with the rear bumper and from the ground to the inside top edge of the receiver tube opening that’s when we write about 21 inches that’s going to help you when you’re looking for

A ball mount so you can make sure you find the appropriate riser drop to match up to your trailer so now that we’ve seen what our hitch looks like and gone over some of the features let’s show you how to get it installed it’s a beginner installation we’re going to lower down our spare tire so we have plenty of room to work underneath then we can come underneath

We’ll come to the side of the frame rail here on each side of our frame will have this bumper structure that’s going to be attached to it we want to remove the forward bolt or the one that’s going to be going towards the front of our truck so we’ll grab a 21 millimeter socket and pull it out we’re going to remove the bolts on the other side as well but you want

To make sure to hold onto these because we are going to reuse them if we move forward from the bolt be removed and the bumper structure right here will find a large hole in the frame this is gonna be one of our attachment points we’re gonna put some hardware in there so we’ll grab our pull wire we’ll start with the coiled end and grab one of the smaller square hole

Spacer blocks slide it over our wire and then we’ll thread a carriage bolt on to the end and you want to push the bolt into the frame followed by the block and then we’ll pull our bolt back down through now i’m gonna go ahead and remove the pull wire and repeat the same process on the other side now right here at the back of the bumper right behind our license plate

We’ll find two oblong holes these are going to be our other two attachment points so we have to fish wire some hardware in but it’s to be a little bit different we’ll take our pull wire we’re going to feed it in we’re going to push it towards the outside till that coil then comes out at the end of the frame and once you have it coming out you want to make sure that

The tail end is still out of the frame as well i’ll take one of our large square hole spacer blocks slide it over the wire take another one of our carriage bolts and thread it in place i’ll push everything back in i’ll pull our pull wire until our bolt comes through and we know that everything is engaged now for now we’re gonna go ahead and leave the wire attached

And just push the bolt back in the frame so we have clearance for the hitch to come up you want to repeat that for the other hole on the other side now with an extra set of hands we’re going to lift our hitch up well make sure you feed your pull wire through the front and the center here well lift the hitch up to where our bolts line up being careful not to push

It back in the frame so once you have it lined up your bolts are coming through we’re gonna take one of the factory bolts go through our hitch you want to make sure you get a couple threads hand tight on each side so the hitch will support itself and then we’re gonna work on getting the rest of the hardware in place and then we can pull our bolts through in the

Center here and that’ll help support it as well we’re going to remove our pull wire and start putting the rest of our hardware in place now for each one of our locations where we have one of these carriage bolts we’re going to be using a flange nut to secure it so we’ll go through and put them all in place so we’re gonna come back that 21 millimeter socket and

Tighten up those two factory bolts and for all of our half-inch hardware what are using a 3/4 inch socket tighten those up i’m gonna come back with the torque wrench i’m gonna torque all my hardware down to the specified amount any instructions you want to make sure you repeat that for any remaining hardware that you have with their hitch torque down all we have

Left to do is put our spare tire back up and we’ll be ready to hit the road that’ll finish up your look at the curt class 3 custom fit trailer hitch receiver on our 2019 ram 1500 classic

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