etrailer class iii trailer hitch
Altair Club Cars etrailer Class III Trailer Hitch Installation – 2022 GMC Terrain

etrailer Class III Trailer Hitch Installation – 2022 GMC Terrain

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Hey everybody how’s it going today we’re going to be going over and showing you how to install the e-trailer trailer hitch receiver here on our 2022 gmc terrain so this is what our trailer hitches are going to look like installed now this particular hitch here does have a hidden cross tube and what that means is the crosstube section which connects each side of

Our flange is actually hidden back behind the bumper here so the only thing we actually can’t see is the receiver tube now our trailer hitch is going to have a nice black powder coated finish which is sort of a matte finish as well and this not only helps protect the hits from rust it’s also going to help it blend in better with the underbody paneling here on the

Vehicle so adding a trailer hitch to your terrain is going to be an excellent idea because it’s going to make your vehicle that much more versatile now we can obviously use a trailer hitch for towing but let’s say we wanted to hit some trails or just simply free up some space inside the vehicle for us and the family on those long road trips we could easily attach

Either a hitch mounted bike rack or hitch mounted cargo carrier so this is a class iii hitch which has a two inch by two inch receiver tube opening now this is going to be great because that two inch by two inch opening is an industry standard and it’s widely compatible with a lot of those aftermarket bike rack and cargo carrier options so you’re going to have plenty

To choose from so our trailer hitch is going to provide us with a 4 500 pound gross trailer weight rating that’s the amount we can pull outward and also has a 675 pound ton weight rating that’s the downward force on the receiver now keep in mind these capacities are for the hitch only which is actually tested separately of the vehicle therefore you do need to verify

Your vehicle’s towing capacity in your owner’s manual and abide by the lower of the two rated components whether that’s the hitch or the vehicle so on the side of our receiver tube we’re going to have a 5 8 inch diameter hitch pin hole it’s going to work great with our 5 8 inch diameter hitch pin and clip now keep in mind the hitch pin and clip is sold separately

Doesn’t come with the hitch and the reason for that is a lot of your accessories are actually going to come with their own but if you do need one we have plenty of options here at e-trailer and then welded to the bottom of the receiver two we have our safety chain loops those work great with both the larger clevis style hooks as well as the smaller s-type so we

Got a couple of measurements for you guys here they’re going to help you when you’re selecting your hitch mounted accessories the first one is the distance from the ground to the top inside edge of the receiver tube opening you’re looking at about 12 inches so right at one foot now keep in mind this measurement could vary depending on your trim level your tire size

The cargo you have in the vehicle and we’re going to be using this to select a ball mount so we can make sure we get the correct rise and drop and then we have the distance from the center of the hitch pin hole to the outside edge of the bumper and for this particular vehicle you’re looking at right about five inches so keep that in mind when you’re selecting your

Folding accessories that way you can make sure that while they’re in the stowed position they don’t hit the vehicle so in regards to installation this one is very straightforward there’s no modifying to the vehicle whatsoever you can probably just get this done with some common hand tools there is one tool you’re going to need you may not have and that’s a torque

Wrench but you can actually rent this for free from most local auto parts stores i would guess it’s probably going to take you guys around an hour or two depending on your experience level but don’t worry you guys don’t have to jack the vehicle up into the air or anything you can certainly still do it on the ground with that being said we’ll go ahead and walk you

Through the entire process step by step now so the first step of our installation we need to take a t15 torx bit because there’s going to be two torx screws here on the underside of our bumper fascia so just go ahead and remove those now there we go just like that we’re going to have an exhaust hanger bracket on either side that we need to remove now there’s going

To be two bolts holding the exhaust hanger bracket to the body of the vehicle and they’re located behind the bumper here so it is kind of hard to see but they’re basically just running in like so if you take a look underneath you can see the back side of the bolts so here’s the back side of those two bolts there we’re just going to take a 15 millimeter socket and

Remove those both and then you sort of have to pry the hanger out and away from the stud so we got those two out now just go ahead and push the hanger off that little metal keeper but now that we have this side done go ahead and do that same thing on the other side so now we’re going to have a metal exhaust hanger we need to remove from a rubber isolator that’s

Located in the center of our exhaust here just directly below that rear cross member before we break that free we need to take some sort of support device we’re in the air so we’re just using a cam buckle strap i’m going to hook it to two sides of the coil springs and pull that tight and that’s just gonna provide support here when we break that hanger free if

You guys are working on the ground just use a jack stand couple blocks of wood really whatever you have so in order to help us remove the metal hanger from the rubber isolator it’s a good idea to take some sort of spray lubricant and spray it down it’s going to make things much easier to work with but now we can come back with either a pry tool or if you have a

Specialized exhaust hang removal tool you could certainly use that but you guys are probably going to have a pry tool it works just as well so now that we have our exhaust loose i’m going to kind of peel back the bumper fascia on either side here that way our hangers can come down below that that’s going to give us a little bit more room to work we go to raise

Our hitch into position so now what we’re going to do is we’re going to come inside to either frame rail it doesn’t matter which side we start with we’re going to be starting on the driver’s side we’re going to locate our access hole so here’s what our access hole looks like and you can see that we have our actual three attachment holes right here so our access

Hole what we need to do is we need to file either side you can see how we kind of have a divot on either side here and the reason we need to do that is we need to have clearance for our spacer block to get through there along with our carriage bolt now we’ve already went ahead and done this for you but it is super easy we just take a file here and you just grind

Away some of the metal on either side of that access hole keep doing that until you have enough clearance for both of your pieces of hardware so now it’s time to get our hardware into the frame so what we’re going to do is we’re going to grab one of our fish wires here we’re going to grab a spacer block and then we’re going to grab a carriage bolt so what we’re

Going to do is we’re going to be sticking the coiled end of our fishwire through that access hole we’re actually going to be sticking it through the hole we want the bolt to come through and then out the access hole so let’s jump underneath and show you that now so we’ve already got two of our bolts into the frame here now we are on the driver’s side the driver’s

Side is going to use this hole this hole and then this hole here directly in the directly behind the bumper flange there so that’s the only one they have left over here so i’m just going to take the quilt in there or pull wire i’m going to feed it up through that hole and then i’m going to try to fish it out as best as i can through our access hole now it can be

Kind of tricky to get that out of there so you may want to actually pre-bend the wire but sometimes you can get it out as long as you just stick your finger up there and kind of grab it there we go now i’m going to place on a spacer block and a carriage bolt i’m going to stick the spacer block through our access holes follow that up with our carriage bolt and

Pull it the rest of the way through so now that we have the driver’s side done we’ll just go ahead and repeat these same few steps over on the passenger side so now with an extra set of hands we can go ahead and set our hitch into position you do need to come up and over the exhaust first and once you get it in place you’ll just go ahead and stick your pull wires

Through each of the holes so for the center one here make sure you’re in the oblong hole now we’ll go ahead and hold our hitch into position you’re going to pull off your pull wires and you’ll thread on your flange nut you only need one on each side to hold it in place and then you can repeat the same process there for your remaining fasteners so now that we

Have all of our hardware installed we’ll go ahead and snug it up here using a three-quarter inch socket so now we’re going to come back with our torque wrench here and torque everything down to spec now don’t forget to go ahead and raise your exhaust back up into position and then re-secure your fascia tabs so now that we have everything torqued down that’s going

To do it today for our look and installation of the e-trailer trailer hitch receiver here on our 2022 gmc terrain

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