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Altair Club Cars etrailer | B and W Companion OEM 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Installation – 2022 Ford F-250 Super Duty

etrailer | B and W Companion OEM 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Installation – 2022 Ford F-250 Super Duty

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Hey everybody ryan here at e-trailer today on our 2022 ford f-250 we’re going to be checking out the bmw companion sliding fifth wheel hitch for the trucks that have the oem prep package so it’s really cool that ford uh you know offered that oem prep package and some of the trucks just makes it super convenient to put a fifth fuel hitch like this one in or even

A gooseneck for that matter essentially it just drops right into that puck system but be careful though you know not every one of these trucks has that prep package you know it was an option and so um if you’re looking for a fifth wheel hitch you know this is going to work for the trucks that have that prep package so make sure yours does if it doesn’t the good

News is there’s a ton of different hitches uh out there uh that’ll work with the trucks that don’t have the prep prep package so uh good news there you kind of got all your bases covered but with that said uh one of the cool things about the setup is the fact that it’s going to slide so um you know when it comes to these trucks in a short bed foreign and that

Gives you quite a bit more space when you’re making those sharp turns and stuff and that’s because of the short bed a lot of times what can happen is your trailer is going to overhang and it’s fine when you’re going straight but when you make those tight turns that trailer is going to kind of sweet and it can actually make contact with the cab corner of your truck

It might kind of sign sounds silly but it happens a lot more than you’d think people just kind of you know get um get complacent and kind of forget about it and then next thing you know you know they’re uh banging up their new truck and not to mention damage in the trailer too so definitely want to avoid that and with this kit here you know it’s gonna allow you

To do that the thing with this one though you are going to have to get out and manually unlock it right so let’s say if you’re uh you know leaving a gas station or something like that you’re gonna have to put it into that unlocked position for this aside but it does automatically lock back in so when you’re done um you know it will lock itself back in uh so you

Know kind of automatic uh in a sense um there are some other hitches out there that do this automatically um the demco auto slider is a good example uh that one’s gonna do it for you essentially so um if that’s something you’re looking for as far as that feature goes it’s always definitely a good option to take a look at so as far as uh you know the hitch itself

It’s b w right i’m sure you’ve heard of the name if you’re familiar with towing these things are really well built they’re one of my favorites for sure everything just fits right works right the craftsmanship is just it’s really well made it’s a really nice hitch and it’s going to have a 20 000 pound um weight capacity so how much weight it’s gonna be pulling on

It five thousand pound vertical load limit so how much weight is going to be resting on top of the hitch so quite a bit you know there’s some hitches that are a little more heavy duty some that are not as quite uh this heavy duty so kind of falls in the middle my opinion upper upper end of that middle section uh the head does articulate so we have some forward

And back movement a little bit from side to side not really primarily just like this so that should help make it a little easier to hook up you know to your trailer and not to mention underneath here it’s got some big rubber cushions almost and bushings i guess you could call them and i feel like it’s really smooth that should really help eliminate a lot of that

Chalking kind of that road shock whenever you’re uh towing it down the road you know help kind of absorb some of that the jaws here which go around your trailer’s uh kingpin these things are no joke i mean super thick solid steel that makes complete contact all the way around meant to me you know that gives me a little bit extra confidence whenever i’m pulling a

Heavy trailer down the road you know you have complete contact uh give you a little more peace of mind make it a little more reliable the head is going to be adjustable so it’s kind of tricky to see because it’s down here but i have this about in the middle chances are pretty good these trucks are pretty tall right out of the right out of the factory so chances

Are pretty good you’re not going to need to go much higher honestly probably a little bit lower for most situations so you know you kind of have that full swing and regardless what type of trailer you have where it sits it should work you know because the whole point is you want your trailer and your truck to be nice and level when you’re towing it that’s just

The right thing to do you know you’re going to get the best performance out of it and that’s going to kind of bring me to my next point actually and that is tonneau covers so we get a lot of questions about this you know can you leave the hitch in and still use your title cover and i definitely get that um for one you want to keep this protected if you do leave

It in and uh these things are heavy i mean they’re not that much fun to put in and take out by any means they’re just awkward and got a lot of weight to them so if you can leave it in here for a while you know if you plan on using it quite a bit that’d be cool and in our case today we have a factory tonneau cover and like i said even in that middle position we’re

Still able to fold this up with no issues at all and so if you look underneath it still have quite a bit of room i can get my whole fist in there no problem at all and then some so i feel like even if this is in the highest position uh you’d still have more than enough room for it to clear keep in mind though you know every everyone’s situations can be a little

Bit different if you have uh kind of one of those odd tonneau covers that sit real low or something like that you know just keep that in mind so i’m just vaguely speaking here but chances are really good um you know you should be in pretty good shape regardless of what title cover you have so now you really kind of touch base with our companion the bmw i just kind

Of wanted to check out another hitch kind of give you something to compare to this is a really popular one um the companion is really popular too so i figured why not kind of put them up up next to each other and really take a good look at them so this is the demco auto slide this is a 21 000 pound version and this shares a lot of the same features um really heavy

Duty well built you know i have no complaints there um they’re solid they’re definitely solid either one of these hitches i mean you really can’t go wrong with the thing is with this one though it’s auto slide so you don’t have to get out and manually hit a lever this will actually do that for you automatically and on the same note it’s kind of nice to have that

Manual adjustment as well um you know in some circumstances so you know you kind of trade one for the other but i do think it’s cool it does it automatically pretty much the same deal you know the head articulates um for a little more comfort i think these are kind of cool actually these are some guides so when you you know when you’re backing up your trailer

It’ll kind of force the head where it needs to go uh you know around your uh your pin box there and and lock everything in same deal with the jaws you know complete contacts so a really nice piece and you know honestly i would not hesitate recommending either one of these to my family and friends or if i had a truck i was trying to figure out a fifth wheel like

This i mean it would really be a a tough choice which one i’d end up wanting to go with so other than that you know at the end of the day a hit you really can’t go wrong with um anything with that bmw name chances are really good you’re going to be happy with you know just the construction quality and how everything fits really sends those bmw products to the

Next level at least in my opinion and that’ll finish up our look at of the bmw companion sliding fifth wheel hitch for the trucks that the oem prep package on our 2022 ford f-250

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