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Altair Club Cars Essai MERCEDES GLE Coupe 350de Hybride diesel AMG Line : Le meilleur des 2 mondes

Essai MERCEDES GLE Coupe 350de Hybride diesel AMG Line : Le meilleur des 2 mondes

Essai Mercedes GLE Coupé 350de, Un moteur diesel dans une hybride rechargeable. Surprenant Non ? Un moteur diesel associé à un moteur électrique, le tout développe 320 CH et 700 NM de couple de quoi déplacer des montagnes et surtout la masse pachydermique de 2,7 tonnes c’est autant qu’une bonne grosse Rolls Royce phantom.

Will we learned from your strength that you have to know all the same it grows pretty well here it is a small engine all the same four cylinder which is about 190 horses associated suddenly with an electric motor which makes a hundred horses power which wanted one is exactly 1320 horses to all the friends i hope you are well today i presented to you this big baby a suv cut a

Le gl le mercedes gl e coupé here in this hybrid powertrain we will go around the owner a little bit together, especially to have a little bit of the consumption points that you are necessarily interested in on this version and to shine is what it really is interesting to take hybrid motorization on this type of vehicle we will also see the interior a little bit if we will

Also see a little bit also especially the consumption and especially the tax advantages to take this kind of little jewels then i present to you the little bijo u the little toy of the day is a suv and howie and follow hybrid of course since we are on the hybrid range from mercedes so the idea is a little bit to promote we will say the consumption has started immediately

By the exterior presentation we are on the g and the coupe one which was restyled about more than a year ago so we are on a front face all the same quite nasty with this diamond grille t we really have real trainers here but i reassure you we are not on a large engine we are simply on a four-cylinder hybrid which makes a total of 320 horsepower so with the technology had

Only power which allows precisely to combine heat engine and electric motor on will see a little bit later in terms of consumption what it looks like on paper we have about 100 km of autonomy we will see a little if it’s really real and what it looks like in use at daily we have i believe one of the false exhaust outlets no this is wrong and it is times by the a350 is not

A displacement to the displacement the real displacement it is a 2 liters 4 cylinders on direct competitors on a bmw x6 for example especially on the rear which takes again we are going to say this this roof leaking a little this so particular cut of the following cut and we also at audi the wolf says qi which is also very beautiful here you are on a restyled version of the

1st with rear lights which are refined which takes a little the last visual identity and we especially have a nice trunk it remains a fairly decent trunk deep and especially accessible with this tailgate which is opened electrically now it is true that in town given the size of the machine i can guarantee you that in town sometimes we serve the buttocks a little especially

In the streets a little narrow like this one not want to cross a small truck it remains a big vehicle on a use which we will say will be much more a use where you will be doing more of the road than city ​​and then in terms of consumption well you are at 0 and in terms of emissions you are also at zero in co2 so that is really also important advantages of meeting 1 for

The hybrid version, especially since we are fiscally also advantageous electric it is practical it is true that the size of the vehicle is quite impressive what will happen then on the left of the experience we necessarily have the hatch to recharge the battery of 31.2 kilowatt hour it cannot be recharged like that a 31-year-old battery that will have to be put like 13

Hours on a mains socket, four hours on a wall or public terminal and 40 minutes on a fast-charging terminal a little bit silly, nor if the other side is logically the hatch with fuel tanks of 65 pounds of diesel we can hope to achieve a total autonomy close to 700 to 800 km to other products go we are going to take a rest spoil all that no i will be closed 81 km in full

Electric so that’s it this it’s not bad and my overall behavior on a daily basis is a mix between the two it’s great if you take the family there on vacation because you are not going to have this problem of autonomy that all electric cars and in addition to that you can even recharge on fast terminals i think it must take almost not even two hours to recharge the 80 to

100 km of autonomy so that’s pretty nice and then the same you will power in total autonomy to have almost 700 km of autonomy on a suv so unfortunately the negative point is clearly the weight good the price i am not telling you about it because we are on premium we are at mercedes it is the same so obviously if you have to travel at least more than 25,000 or even thirty

Thousand kilometers during the year, you will have to really ask yourself questions for heavy riders clearly it is not necessarily the hybrid solution say it is still a good alternative affi che month the flow of energy ok perfect and mercedes i am listening to you displays the consumptions ok perfect month then look we will make a small consumption balance we are at 4.8

Liters per 100 km that is on the part and overall consumption and if then i had more or less proved almost 100 km and where i was greedy it was on the electric batteries part where i completely forced the electric mode precisely to be able to empty and see a little bit in terms of consumption what were the impacts if i did not have the battery here it is an excellent

Listening to the noise it really looks like driving in an electric car and in fact the heat engine intervenes only if i am in lack of power or quite simply if i do not i have no more battery it starts to rain it’s absolutely comfortable and silent i repeat it too quiet because i hear the raindrops very little rolling noise is really we are really on hard high standing the

Only one e t followed very comfortable if you still have to take the road especially the roads which are not necessarily the most comfortable on degraded soils honestly it filters very very well to the road really absolutely perfect a computer transmission and the air suspensions really you will don’t pay true that 7 liters per hundred which is rather a good this quran when

We see the size of this vehicle went 4.6 liters per hundred which better says these are beautiful cars i like see them in my mirrors so you understood it eh they are teasing at mercedes if competitors and immediately we feel that it makes you think we feel that an engineer who had the idea to say and if the owner of this magnificent g i cut it to pronounce the word to the

Bmw in our system what we could answer him simply the ti wink in the rearview mirror we can perhaps do the same thing with the father rauno by e xample let’s be patriots and mercedes what do you think of the renault brand i really don’t know what you’re talking about i’m hot jabès the driver’s side temperature at 20 degrees currently it is the temperature is 12 degrees

Now it is sunny marseille on here has the gps with augmented reality it is really effective on a hybrid motorization that you have it concrete we are on an interior which borders on perfection for this type of following we are on a price which all the same in its file from around 95 thousand euros if we are on a model with a lot of options which reaches the modest sum of

106 1000 euros exactly here is another small complaint that i could necessarily make him in view of the point it is the phases of braking we feel that there is not much bite there is necessarily a lack of endurance it is necessary to stop almost the 2 tons 7 on the scale so in dynamic driving it’s nice but it is true that on the braking zones it will be necessary when same

E be vigilant enough because it takes a long time to stop a legros the big heavyweight so for the battery you have understood it we are on a battery which can potentially reach in theory 100 km of autonomy the g the heat engine which resumes therefore it is necessary to know that on this vehicle on this chassis we have about 400 kg more on the scale of inevitably to its

Batteries which allow to reach 100 km of autonomy in reality one is more sure of the 80 km d ‘autonomy according to your use 80 km of daily autonomy honestly it’s ultra feasible it corresponds to a journey between home and work of about 40 km 40 km east in full electric 40 km return in full electric consumed 0 liters of gasoline and that’s pretty nice comfort on board and

Especially silence on board with a real work done on soundproofing knows them on a premium suv is still on a g the coupe we have a hi system fi bur nester of very high quality of course it is rather nice we also already knew a little we can configure everything as desired without problem it is very very technological as a car so there are a little everywhere and buttons

Everywhere it would take a little getting used to it will take a little bit of adaptation time to know which option activated which features here we also have the strong palm axes if they wanted to take advantage of the 320 horsepower and its famous accelerations around 6 seconds to reach 100 kilometers per hour but hey c ‘ is not the goal of a hybrid and then we have the

Individual mode you know we can set everything there reactions the suspensions the electric mode all all all all all all so it went very complete this car without problem very technological very comfortable here the other side of the coin is the weight the fold up go in hand on a small sentence up push a little time we really have this noise of the electric and we have the

Heat engine coming back here d onc there i reached almost 80% of the total power we have 320 horses that you know i can guarantee you that i am quite amazed as one of the behavior compared to the rather pachydermic weight 1 we are on the weight of a rolls royce let’s not forget 2.6 almost 2.7 tonnes on the scale it’s still quite impressive and it’s all the more impressive

To have such dynamic behavior on this type of comfortable vehicle on board we have i for you said it the best of both worlds on its hood a four-cylinder which makes the cumulative power 320 horses with the electric motor and heat engine and i can guarantee you that the engine speeds have been complained at all levels i.e. ‘is very instantaneous i see i touch very gently the

Accelerator is immediately here it is everywhere i am in the tower yet the beautiful baby weighs more than two tons on the scale and yet we have the impression that he is ultra agile a thank you we will say the batt eries and this electric motor really gives more agility so are much more straightforward and gones we will say all latency years on low revs it is really a good

Little delight all this in comfort and in a frankly very silence wadded so it’s always interesting in terms of efficiency to have the batteries always charged so frankly when you have this type of vehicle really go to the fairs to optimize and really guarantee a great drinking experience it’s recharging is almost every evening the battery plug it into a home socket and and

That’s it after you are sure to have really consumption close to zero especially if you make the city atmosphere xxl on board but still aboard a suv so the weather was very nice on the nappa leather seat please a two-tone two-tone in black and red we also have door sills regret aluminum carbon inserts a beautiful pure master hi-fi system e high quality and then we have a

Whole bunch of adjustments a little bit to be optimal in terms of comfort we also listen to leather here you have a very beautiful interior which is really present well assemblies are assemblies are perfect and then we have a post driving which is really the same technological with its two screens two screens pushes pushes weitz took a lot of things to have configured you

Also have very beautiful dashboards also in leather if it is aerators which change which take up a little this little rectangle grouping on the taillights the carbon biopsy of a spoonful you also have the integration of the audio system which is very well integrated in the doors of your god who still sported the taste everything starts and who is here you go too a plastic

In quesnoy that has that go rather class you can also on and the chassis is then you have different driving modes you know the eco mode homeland label mode that really goes force to generate the full electric electric battery also a civilian model in question had lots of friends from specific audiences just our diesel hybrid version and you suddenly also have a youtube power

Mode which will allow you to configure harmful off loads you can also see that the consumption is dual indicator it was to be able to consume fuel in diesel and also for electricity consumption in kilowatts if we have five kilowatt hours but we are sure it ends up in a puddle of water then here you have laying pipes which is perfect behind the wheel you also know the priests

Who in electric mode will manage the engine brake we will switch to the rear seats i reassure you the children will have room they will be pampered just like at the front excellent carbon use on the worn against bob sapp or must also in leather if it in two-tone leather on the other hand the middle place will suffer with you have no central front so r nothing really bad but

Still used to having that fifth place, sacrifice you also have a setting and this screen then this is what the passengers in the back will say beautiful june you left them ends i hope you enjoyed it in any case it was a real pleasure to show you a little this new jet the hybrid coupe their new name more in the engine really hybridization today is something on which all the

Manufacturers are putting a point of development of hybridization and soon electric so we are in a new generation of cars a new generation a transition we will say energy is also economical because there is a real interest in manufacturers to position themselves precisely on hybrid and electric motors well heard for economic tax reasons and also for reasons of consumption

And especially do not hesitate to see us on instagram to see behind the scenes our story of this mercedes tests friends i tell you very soon for many video adventures with mercedes and other brands

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