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Altair Club Cars Essai Alfa Romeo Tonale, bien meilleur que les SUV Allemands ?

Essai Alfa Romeo Tonale, bien meilleur que les SUV Allemands ?

Essai du nouveau SUV familial, il s’agit de l’Alfa Romeo Tonale en finition TI motorisation hybride MHED de 160 chevaux. Faut-il comparer l’Alfa Stelvio avec le Tonale ? Finalement non, ces 2 SUV optent pour une philosophie diffĂ©rente, le Stelvio plus imposant procure plus de sensation de conduite, tandis que l’Alfa Romeo Tonale optimisera l’efficience et le confort sur route.

Friends, it’s not every day that i’m going to introduce you to a brand new alfa romeo tonale and yes it’s her here behind there it’s the alfa romeo tonale and and for the occasion you see i connected to the color of the car we are going to do the exterior tour the interior tour and of course the driving sensations and the consumption we have that with me was going to win

The owner’s turn of this new italian during this which is funny is that the design is relatively new but if you are connoisseurs especially if you like the old ones from alpha you will recognize a few winks then yes of course there is always the grille here removed with the two mustaches here and there but in fact the wink is a little more subtle you see the light signature

Here one two three and well in fact that’s a wink to the past and it’s a wink to a model that was called the wine fair and the sz or and z actually animated by zagato is here it’s clearly and the designer’s confession a nod to this alfa romeo is besides what’s funny is that this alfa romeo sz was a car its customers talk a lot about it hated me i loved it and in fact this

Tonal alfa romeo and wants to be unifying on the other hand it wants to cast a wide net so it’s fun to wink at and divisive cars for a car that wants to please the greatest number here we are facing an suv with a front with a real personality to mark so apart from the light signature the layers of plastic here chrome and the ribs on the hood so a real dynamic front end the

Dave extensions here are black mac and that gives a side even more premium the rims obviously call the famous tele dial rims that we find on the classic alfa romeo and the red brake calipers really finish the sporty side if we go a little further on the side of certain aisles there we are a n a little more consensual a little less marked in terms of personality you will mark

Once again for the dynamism the cluster from here which goes to the point and at the level of the rear face we find a beautiful personality with once again a reminder before the light signature with a two three lights that joins our side with a large crossing red line and then always the black lacquered for the premium side good news for the alfists its rims which we call

The teles dial the party they are standard on all versions of the total and so here we are on 20 inches because we are on a 160 country and optional but start at 18 points in 18 inches at sion also when she and diane the trunk space is generous with we are going to open it is 500 liters one of the largest in the category we will be able to put in it quietly between several

Pieces of luggage and then of course with the folding seats we can even have up to 1500 liters what are you doing well i take advantage of it we are here in the engine bay to tell you in fact this hybridization mhv is a little particular the small electric motor it is located at the level of the box which allows it to start in all electric power even drove a little in all

Electric with a 48 volt battery and that’s why taking place on board we left to admire this pretty green color anyway it’s really even more beautiful sun with the glitter so we have a relatively classic finish at the level of the door panel here a small textured materials and it’s pretty and an aluminum finish plastic door handle this little alpha steering wheel i’m there

I like it with this little start button here it’s nice but above all what i i’m going to show you in fact these are the seats because i found them really very very comfortable which is not easy in cars of this category of this category and their little icing on the cake is that in the more they are ventilated and when it’s very hot like today well it can save lives inside

You see it quite dark it does not prevent that it is rather successful in terms of design even if i have a small the downside is that i find that there is far too much information i explain myself look in terms of materials i have plastic aluminum leather piano black i’m going back to plastic with two colors in short for me there is a little too much information which means

That in fact it is his part is a it seems a bit messy despite everything the assemblies are very good the plastic qualities unfortunately are not always there but overall we are good in this total and there is room it’s spacious moreover i’m talking to you about the rear seats and i’ll show you later a little bit the space in the back and also on all these fussy front seats

Very comfortable so the rear space is pretty good you know my wasp size e my dancer’s body and beats look i’m pretty well installed the seat here and back and i still have room for the knee if i close the door in fact the adults in the back will be pretty well accommodated good as usual the central place a c for the punished but really there i can travel a lot of kilometers

At ease we are really good that country sorry driving sensations in the preamble you have to remove what we could know about giulia stelvio c it’s not the same car in the east they are part of the world before turns to the east it’s a car that is a little more consensual in its less sporty driving we have a good chassis but we have suspensions which are relatively flexible,

That is to say dynamic driving and well like everything including an suv it will tend to roll but that is not the most serious because in fact in standard driving in the end it will even turn out to be rather pleasant and comfortable me what bothers me the most in fact first is the sai t the management i think that the management was going she is not enough i would say she

Does not give enough information she is very flexible that means that i always have the impression so it is only an impression fortunately that the steering wheel floats a little bit in fact it’s as if the power steering position was always calibrated to the maximum i like it when i drive on national highways having a little firmer steering here i have the feeling that it

Does not firm up and therefore suddenly it gives a slightly strange feeling and then the second thing is the engine is doing its job well so the case of sylvain 260 horsepower helped by its sound hybridization at 48 volts but there is the gearbox which always looking for efficiency, that is to say that well here it is a car that is made not to consume too much and suddenly

The gearbox is always looking for the most suitable ratio which in fact gives a lot gear changes and that’s not necessarily pleasant so on the other hand what is what is also good is that the engine is very quiet so in the end it doesn’t bother much but here i am, it bothers me a little bit this management of bowater of course we have the dna which allows to choose your

Driving modes a standard dynamic or for everything is for all types of roads but if you switch to dynamic position suddenly the box reacts better i think but we lose a little deficiency so we will consume a little more so that ‘s why i said stood in the east you have to drive it forgetting once again the world before it’s a car which is pleasant which is dynamic and which

Seeks efficiency and after all low c this is perhaps the world after we are mild hybrid is watched while driving 100% electric on a small parking lot at low speed once again because the alternator-starter certainly but there is a small electric motor at the level of the box that allows you to drive at coa at 15 km per hour max big max and for a few hundred meters in all

Electric in terms of efficiency it’s quite funny because so i also remind you m finished in fact we don’t have a hybridization which drives the motor electrically we have this what we call a starter alternator and you see here i’m driving quietly in town i’m going to let go and watch the fruits of the rev counter on the right it’s going to fall it ‘s going to fall to 0 why

Because in fact the engine is stop altogether, that is to say that in fact the stop and start which works even up to 50 km/hour and as soon as i accelerated a little bit hop the engine resumes had in terms of efficiency what is it is which will allow us to save a few more liters of consumption its petrol version and not their consumption point has sounded let’s see a little

Bit if this tone and greedy we have traveled 6.8 km without fear and we have consumed if it is this rise in what is rather a good result because the con manufacturer announces an earlier consumption between 5.9 and 6.1 that we are not far but above all low you may know i have a heavy foot i drive like a nag i have done a lot of small roads i did a little national driving

Then above all i drove with a very heavy foot unfortunately i’m not yet used to doing eco-driving which is therefore not bad as a result since the manufacturer announces fuel consumption between 5 8 9 and signed by 5 i am sitting liszt is therefore in fact i have rather not badly respected and what must be said is that the mild hybrid the alternator-starter here a real

Interest it is on him 48 flights so it has real power and they really relieve the engine and allow you to consume less behind the wheel the handset is entirely digital configurable thanks to its various buttons there we choose the zone that we want to configure and then with the small wheel the information that we want to see appear obviously you have a screen year central

With all the information me what i find not bad in fact is that here you have an overall view at the level of the gps and then here you have a level a little more detailed to shine in my place and see when we’re actually driving i have a zoom somewhere is there the overall view it’s super practical life on board is pretty good in this total and because i already find that

The seats are really really comfortable with an architecture that takes good back we are well maintained it goes up a little on the sides with a sudden good lateral support it’s really pleasant the driving position go straight we are in an suv we must not forget it but we are sure and we take advantage of the view and you can see better a better angle on the traffic this

Little alpha steering wheel is a real pleasure it has all the controls which are grouped together on the branches with the small start stop button directly there are times when small touches found at p almost in the whole range the environment it is quite techno since you will see it i have a complete digital screen completely parameters to adjust and configurable them too

And here the infotainment part also cuts very complete the tonnage and exists in two engines 130 or 160 horsepower our test version is the 160 horsepower which has two finishes the country version and the v l’ofce version which is a little sportier what a result for this tonal alfa romeo and i remind you here of the 160 engine mild hybrid horses well done the balance sheet

Is pretty good it’s pretty good provided dear pure and hard alfist friends that you don’t expect what you expect there is or to install or not in fact this car wants to be more consensual it attracting a large audience is also the price positioning is made for from 35000 euros for this version a little more powerful we are rather around 44000 opa which is still relatively

Light do not forget that the penalty we are between 250 and 400 euros as much to say really not much so the mission of this tune will certainly be fulfilled, namely once again to seduce beyond the population of alfists even if the hearts of batum enthusiasts it’s up to you to tell me what you thought of it if you also want it but if you don’t like it to be asked questions

You do n’t hesitate for this budget there in the quest category its suvs what would you choose in short you have there it’s below that it happens the little comments and you don’t forget a little bit because it’s nice and we’ll meet again soon for next adventures that we’re named

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