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Pulling out the big boy the don dotto himself the rolls-royce don matching the outfit or is the outfit matching the rolls-royce three of the guard it’s just perplexing that every time i jump out the ferrari jump out the brakes they’re like damn where you playful and they ain’t playing no sports i didn’t play no sports to get the rolls-royce i didn’t play no

Sports to get peace prosperity positivity and progression to all i didn’t play no fortune get the man yeah i didn’t plan on sports i didn’t play no sports to that to get filthy rich didn’t play bad i didn’t play no sports to live like this they want us playing balls five years later we broke with bad health i’m talking no one cares we got bad have no fears

Shot there by an organ nation g squad of course can’t get the g squizzle and the gargoyle gang the game the game game for the game with the pinky ring shining like i’m supposed to make listen up today is a legendary day historical day coming to close coming to put a close to the end of a chapter the amg gt was the first supercar me in my dog slim ever reviewed so

Of course i bought me one i went to top level with it took it to the whole another plateau crazy rap crazy rims and all that you know my normal routine raptor stickers shame should always do and uh just made it super magnificent you know tuned it straight piped it did everything to it you know no homo sapien so now this is the last part of my trading to go ahead

And get that rolls royce done one of my big dream cars i got so many dream cars because i got big dreams hopefully you got some too and you get them like i do but i got the wraith and you know the don is one step above the rape because he got the convertible roof had to get the rape out my system because i always wanted the stars above my head and i’ve done that

Now i want to left take the roof off and see the moon in the sky and i see the real stars you hear me so it’s time to do that with the most immaculate interior that i ever had in the car that i always wanted yours is crazy but as you know you see the outfit you know i’m not sure much about cars you know i do that so but yeah it’s gonna be top level with that right

Interior see the view man so i gotta head all the way out here like an hour and a half drive to go ahead and go pick it up and check it out make sure everything’s in order all the paperwork signs still delivered another legendary accomplishment for the guard so when y’all seeing this just know you could do this too man i know i always said i’m going to keep really

In right how you better reiterating this okay because it’s so so possible if you put all of it on the line don’t be contemplating what’s going on today what’s going on tomorrow just think about all that combined and keep on going just don’t stop you gotta plant them season cold debate your crops of greatness you gotta cultivate your currency and that’s what

I do and you can do it too so with that being said i’m taking the last drive down gargoyle mountain um it’s gonna be magnificent i’m pushing a little bit not too crazy because you know we gotta make it there and uh so shout out to service one of the ones on the chain top level dot top level car you know what i’m saying so you know what we do man let me use some

Of this b-roll three huh i just have the absence of fear i’ve i feel it quite strongly um but there are just times when something is important enough you believe it enough that you you do it in spite of it gotta gotta believe big bad ferocious cerberus last time going down mr organic mountain last time riding down gargoyle canyon man and it’s a lovely ride

I got this dumb ass jeep in front of me but we don’t get around him we’re gonna make sure he understands we gotta move out the way for the cerberus yeah put you put the seat belt on burritos i got a cold little yellow yours down trying to outdo me with the black top and all that that’s okay i got something away but it’s cool i got my rap on the way he’s gonna

Get some understanding brother you got the yellow steel bro probably not but know what they don’t matter if you win are you winning that’s what it’s all about man there is no competition it’s just cooperation one thing you don’t do you don’t speak down to bad about nobody you’ve cool with or you she’s doing great in life that’s a blame embarrassing trait big up

People around you that’s doing good bigger people you see that’s grinding when they come up that’s how you become great that’s how you become one of the ones like three of them heavy shout out to my dog keeping jam you see these hats and all that that’s my dog i wear that represent that guy about to be in that down with the roof ball with the hat out like all

Right so we already went all the way down the mountain and i’m saying that tune sounding crazy not gonna make the legendary left right away man that day kicking a big artery tutorial right there but yeah i’m gonna go pick up the rolls royce dime like i said another one of my dream whips in game whips you already know i want don i’m gonna phantom i won’t kill him i

Wanted to be my last three like but then i go hyper cards and stuff like that so you’re busting it down man i did the euros just to do it this would give me a lamborghini and a brand new one just to do it it wasn’t something i ever ever wanted in life i did it just because i could i did it because i’m about good so how about that and um build a good rapport with my

Guys over at newport and i’m saying you gotta be smart with these business moves people that’s what i do best let’s make good business moves so with that being said make sure you go to rumbletrader.com link below go ahead and play those new rumbles and win you some money at the same time learn how to trade not only stock 4x and crypto come on guys you can’t beat

That with a sledgehammer it’s the most legendary game ever the first game of its kind i’m saying so i want you guys to enjoy that but and that man make sure you go to organic lifestyle.com i got the new color of the bags coming next month for the march madness and all that so what i need you guys to do is go ahead and pick up the black with the white and the

Red with the white they’re on sale right now i got a good sale for you guys for the remainder of the baths because once they’re gone they’re gone and we’re going to the new colors it’s coming out next month i got two new colors coming next month so go ahead go right now organic lifestyle.com get them you’re on sale on top of that you still get your twenty percent

Off cold gargoyle giving out blessings man give me that blessings and that’s what i do man it’s just working at the carnival but for enjoy this ride go pick up this new whip oh it’s gonna be so legendary to have this one added to the fleet so like i said i shrunk the fleet down this the two that’s my comfortable situation that how i want to ride with two top level

Top level whips and these two are more expensive than all mines together i mean not all of them combined but so basically the euros cost more than the 48 was my expensive car and the dawn cost more than a 720 which was my second most expensive car so these two cars is the most expensive cars i ever owned especially at the same time so not only did i downgrade

I kind of upgraded the situations too because they do top top-level so on top of that the dawns are not getting made after this year i think so or something like that so those will actually go up in value too just like the 4×4 did so it’s always smart who’s been going on when i make these movements so and that i talked to you guys a little bit later again so it’s

Gonna be bro now i’m gonna smash out man here go for your manifest you gotta reminisce where you came from how did you start me listen working graveyard shift didn’t happen yeah it’s time to reminisce i’m manifesting that’s when the hustle started getting rich was my target fresh and death every day the seats barely departed i steal all the gta’s and sell

Them out in front of target a couple thousand in my profit i’m a real hustler don’t knock it all the money that i generate i put it right in my pocket i’m in a future spaces process got a spaceship and a rocket put text on all my watches a billion dollars on my docket working graveyard shift didn’t have a part to pick yeah it’s time to reminisce i manifested it

Gotta be honest i knew i’d be rich i had to go already had it right waiting for the dawn to drop off we got a little time to kill but you see what kind of cars they got here we got the forks got that big boy dawn this joint crazy it’s interior damn that two-tone navy blue it’s three-tone this this new 19 you said right yeah so we got that blue interior with

The tan with the red that’s crazy with the wood with the wood all through these joints this joint is tough yeah they’re trying hard right there man but i gotta have the one with the stars in it oh they go to uh mclaren without the wrap on it y’all got that thing all quick it was the best ever done see how they put it together it’s crazy that’s wild turn that

Right down to the bone gristle quick well there go to 720 if y’all was asking about it there we go and um yeah so we’re gonna wait for that dawn to come she’ll be here later on tonight to give y’all a little sneak peek of that and then uh we’re seeing about greatness grab me something to eat keep it purely mr organic the don dotta himself a long time coming

But done right man shoot a big voltron machine coming that big old octopus prime truck saying no regular truck now check it out they transport this guy taking forever man but it’s about to be legendary man oh it’s done can’t wait to see it can’t wait to do it um yeah so stay tuned for this legendary understanding big rover is don coming out looking forward

To it man so y’all gonna enjoy this too so yeah big head ass three y’all the guard yeah so wealthy mr organic man that face of health and wealth oh so intergalactic with the understandings let’s go yeah quadruple my net worth giving haters heal keeping god first my chain’s sick gotta find a nurse rolls royce down looking like a hurt made a quarter million last

Quarter sell a couple hundred guard grown man purses i’m a millionaire selling courses i’ma buy a ranch no horses i’m done buying peasant porsches protect ice metamorphosis i made the money now they’re having kids i’m a wealthy at matlab look like something dracula would drive it’s cold out here right now i don’t know so man it’s throwing me off a little bit but

Other than that man it made it all the way in from michigan shout out to my boys here man get me right if you need a new car you want to sell your car make sure you hit them up tell them how to get attacked yeah listen you guys saw what’s up brother wholesale exotics inc hit me up underscore tape we’ll put the inside and that’s it that’s it that’s awesome wholesale

Was out of inks come on man look at this charge those markups either we don’t do that man we get you the good deals man that’s what we do around here man you want the best of the best for the best of the best of the best and that’s me but yeah man it’s a super accomplishment been waiting on it now it’s here but we still gotta get the details still gotta get a small

Um get the registration papers and stuff so um we won’t take it home today but it will be dropped off at my home tomorrow so we gotta wait for that but i just had to be here for the touchdown to see it and see that interior and just you know what i’m saying let me show y’all ain’t the first but it’s definitely the big one you know what i’m saying definitely got

That interior that’s what i like about it man that’s amazing that’s what i’m talking about i feel home i had one before man so feel good to have another one man yeah it was good to have another one lost my um wraith i didn’t lose it i sold it but uh you got this one back dawn it’s a different understanding man top level look at all the old school corvettes

In there what the hell is that but it’s crazy man y’all ready to hit that top off not yet man gonna do that yeah y’all man come on man baby mom’s on here too by the way man it’s only like 10 000 miles on it my practically practically new man damn look at that man now i got a question for y’all is the rolls-royce don matching the outfit or is the outfit matching

The rolls-royce dawn or is the rolls-royce dying matching the hat alone i don’t know man y’all got a comment below let me know man but one thing it is it’s matching my ambition matching my drive matching my dedication so and of course my manifestations everything’s possible y’all can do this too so don’t see me living this life and think you can’t do it you can

Just put your life on the line put everything you got on the line to get everything down alone not mr organic good man so yeah top level and i move at my own pace i’m the realest in the human race no matter where i go i’m taking center stage yeah yeah so uh you see what’s going on man look at the deluxe wood by the way man you see that black wood man huh you

See that black wood up to no good baby yeah so top level you see what’s going on man rolls royce dumb it’s crazy to have another rafe i mean another rolls royce i’m gonna say rafe sit down so the thing y’all know about a don is almost like a hundred thousand dollars more than having a rafe so this is the this is the big the big brother of the race you know what

I’m saying the toupee come off so i can’t wait to drop this top like i said we gotta go get it detailed we gotta do the small check got to get the registration and all that all that stuff is closed because it’s too late right now so we have all that tomorrow they’re gonna bring it and drop it off to the crib but yes this is taking delivery of the rolls royce don

Me basically getting it um i already paid for it already did all that stuff so that science has delivered so look at this damn interior bro i want to tap on it so bad but we gotta wait till tomorrow man we gotta wait till tomorrow we’re in malibu taking that good ride and enjoying it but it’s another victory for the real ones man um it’s just an understatement

About you know putting in everything you got into everything you want to get and everything you want to do just put it all up in there and it really can happen it’s this huh who who knew i have a rolls royce race who knew that i have a rolls-royce dying i didn’t know i just believed though and it happened so you guys got to start dreaming harder you know

Dreaming more and going after whatever you want full speed this stuff is possible man so look how this this look looks so appropriate though like the red interior long speed so bad so much volume they got all up under here under there like come on man this ain’t the regular deagler man it’s the big boy it’s that dawn man the don dotta that’s what they call me you

Want this roof to come off i’m gonna hit the roof now i’m gonna do that for y’all yet y’all got to wait for that i gotta wait for that but uh damn the black skunk leaked on the floor huh got the black skunk leaked on the floor man so they’re gonna put it in park it and then uh drop this thing off tomorrow i gotta finish some other stuff they gotta do but it’s

Here man i told you guys man let me get it yours rolls royce done my two wish so far this year do i add another one i might we’ll see but right now i’m pretty good what i have and i’m happy with that i had to downsize from having that full fleet that was dope but i had to go with two top-of-the-line whips i might add another one sooner i don’t know that sounds

Like a 720 to me that gotta be but um yeah they’re going to 722 by the way if y’all want to buy it go ahead it’s for sale but uh damn keep it pure keep it positive guys oh look at the 720 right there keep it pure people look at this no huh i’m gonna hit this top one you go hell should i hit the top on the top of this i can’t wait to drive this home so

Stay tuned guys monetize my lifestyle my childhood grew up wild stood out in a big crowd my dad died and i held him down monetized three up god yeah see my wrists don’t freeze man see my wrists don’t freeze see my neck gonna freeze yeah see my neck gonna freeze yeah you ain’t getting at least though you ain’t getting none of these yeah pocket filled with cheese

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