elon musk revealed boat mode of
Altair Club Cars Elon Musk REVEALED BOAT MODE Of The NEW Cybertruck

Elon Musk REVEALED BOAT MODE Of The NEW Cybertruck

Elon Musk REVEALED “BOAT MODE” Of The NEW Cybertruck!

The cybercat or a cyber truck with a boat mode would have one to five electric onboard engines and be capable of speeds of over 25 miles per hour want to know more in today’s video we will tell you about tesla’s cyber truck an electric pickup that would be converted into a catamaran thanks to a set of add-ons designed by a seattle-based engineer but first if you

Have not already make sure to subscribe as we put a lot of effort into these videos now let’s get on with the story tswlm electric vehicle inks anthony diamond launched the cybercat cat catamaran project which includes an accessory kit that allows owners to outrig the cyber truck with inflatable pontoons an electric onboard motors as an early cyber truck reservation

Holder and a model 3 owner anthony was excited about tweets from elon that indicated the cyber truck should be able to serve as a boat for short periods according to the concept’s website however the speed at which the vehicle could be propelled by wheel rotation would ultimately limit this capability and it would never be fast enough to be compelling elon musk

Introduced a tesla cyber truck concept in 2019 but it will be some time before owners can start converting their trucks into boats according to recent reports the cyber truck has yet to be seen on the roads due to production delays and supply chain issues and will not be ready until at least 2023 now elon musk has dropped a fresh bombshell on twitter by saying

The cyber truck will be able to serve briefly as a boat cyber truck will be waterproof enough to serve briefly as a boat so it could cross rivers lakes and even seas that aren’t too choppy musk tweeted on september 29th he then followed up by saying that the electric pickup needs to be able to get from star base to south padre island which requires crossing the

Canal that hasn’t stopped tesla fans from getting excited about the cyber truck’s potential diamond explains on the cybercat website that the easy to assemble kit would attach to the cyber truck to convert it into an electric bow so yeah it would be a separate kit you’ll get like come on it’s not a james bond movie right this boat won’t just appear from nowhere

Okay so moving on the cyber truck’s adjustable ride height and the cybercats folding inflatable pontoons provide 12 inches of ground clearance for a quick takeoff the electric outboard motors pontoons and hydrofoils fold down once in the water and the wheels retract out of the water cybercat can precisely maneuver in shallow water or around docks propelled by

The cyber trucks will rotation despite the fact that diamond has yet to complete a prototype the sabercad is said to have a top speed of over 25 miles per hour and a range of 50 to 115 miles depending on cruise speed the cybercat kit will be available with 225 50 kilowatt electric outboard motors allowing for a top speed of up to 22 knots or 41 kilometers an hour

For what it’s worth cybercat’s estimates put on water range at 44 nautical miles at 13 knots or 100 nautical miles when it dialed back to 5 knots of course those figures are based on the cyber trucks most capable 500 mile battery configuration upgrade to the foiler kit if you’re looking for more speed pickup captains could get the cyber truck up to 35 knots and

65 kilometers an hour by lifting it out of the water on a set of hydrofoils it doesn’t change its 100 nautical mile or 5 knot estimate but it does suggest that compared to the cyber cap the vessel could travel up to 65 nautical miles at 22 knots or 41 kilometers per hour why would you want to use your cyber truck as both a pickup and a bow according to cybercat

The idea is to have a quiet emissions-free experience on land and water without having to pay for two separate vehicles depending on the motor configuration the cybercat is expected to cost between 22 900 and 32 900 if we believe cybercats way too early estimates the foiler will cost between 35 400 and 42 900 the concept could also be applied to autonomous and

High-speed ferry services according to cybercat because the truck’s autopilot function could be used on the water autonomous cybercat foilers open up existing applications for water taxi services capable of providing low cost on-demand high-speed crossings of major ferry routes with infrastructure and vehicle maintenance costs significantly lower than traditional

Ferries according to the firm it’s not the first time a company has created a cyber truck add-on cyberlander unveiled a prototype camper van in 2021 that incorporates a kitchen living room bedroom bathroom and office into the truck’s bed it’s easy to criticized the cyber truck’s unusual design but one thing that can’t be denied is that it’s inspired designers to

Be equally creative and unconventional when coming up with out of the box accessory ideas one unlikely telescoping rv appears to be progressing well while another rv promises to take electrified off-grid living to new heights of convenience by transforming cyber truck into a cyber boat cybercat has taken things in a new direction the cyber truck bed isn’t quite

As spacious as a full deck but cybercat envisions dropping the tailgate and using it as a sun deck diving platform for even a fishing boat with the addition of seeds and rod holders when you add a basic camper shell or a pop-up pickup camper like the one tesla imagined back in the day your day truck boat transforms into an overnighter there’s something to be said

For the cybercats open-ended versatility and it’s certainly less expensive than buying a cyber truck and a candela c7 or c8 but with the cybercat even becomes a reality we’d compare it to a more modestly priced electric bow like the unimaginatively named electric pontoon boat alternatively we could forego the boat entirely and use the savings to justify an impractical

Toy like the flight board cybercat admits that getting to market will be difficult and it will need to persuade automotive oems to join its cause if it hopes to develop the amphibious kit it envisions so there’s a good chance we won’t hear anything else about this project however we never expected a shoddy looking telescoping pickup camper for a truck still in

Development to rake any reported 100 million dollars in pre-orders so perhaps there’s still hope for an amphibious cyber truck musk revealed tesla’s design for an all-electric submarine vehicle at the company’s annual shareholder meeting in 2019 similar to the wet nelly submarine from the 1977 james bond film the spy who loved me i know i said it’s not one of the

James bond movies but the concept is musk was so taken with the idea of an underwater vehicle that he paid 550 000 pounds for a lotus espirit s1 in 2013. you can actually have a submarine car it’s technically possible musk said in response to a question from a shareholder about whether the company would ever develop and release a car that could operate underwater

I believe there will be a small market for this small but full of energy it’d be a bit of a diversion but perhaps we’ll build one as a show car musk a man with many interests has built a car company that produces high performance electric vehicles as well as a separate company that is responsible for sending ships into space with that knowledge it appears that the

Ceo of tesla and spacex could design a car or a boat that could operate in water deep enough to fish in while much of the world is still digesting the cyber truck and its numerous features it is unlikely that it will be redesigned to make it more suitable for a day on the water as far as the people are concerned and how they are taking it a fan commented worth the

Money we get flooded often enough in the gulf coast even in big cities like houston and new orleans i would prefer duck jets or propellers to access control don’t need a rudder do waterproof seals on rotating components sealed fresh water storage and waterproof from storage while the other set drivetrain components electrical motors connectors would need special

Dual seals like submersible pumps don’t want a short circuit door handles and window seals would need to be specially designed lots of extra engineering and material not sure about the buoyancy of the cyber truck if it floats stable maybe ducted thrusters salt water use is another game due to corrosion maybe designed cyber truck to withstand flooding in emergencies

Well for sure it would be a significant challenge for elon to convert the massive and likely extremely heavy cyber truck into a floating fishing platform even if tesla never gets around to it the internet’s creative people have a reputation for being excellent tinkerers such as the father who 3d printed an entire lamborghini with his son

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Elon Musk REVEALED “BOAT MODE” Of The NEW Cybertruck! By Elon Musk Daily

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