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Altair Club Cars Electrified vs Supercharged: Can the 682 HP Monster Escalade V Take Down the Hummer EV & Lightning?

Electrified vs Supercharged: Can the 682 HP Monster Escalade V Take Down the Hummer EV & Lightning?

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Tflev is brought to you by flowcharter maker of reliable high quality charging stations for your electric vehicle guys you may have seen the hummer breakdown in a video on tfl truck but this video you’re about to watch happened before the breakdown this is the brand new hummer ev and a few years ago it was the most expensive truck that general motors built that is

Until this came along which is the brand new escalade v-neath and i think this is about 150 000. uh correction it’s 150 500 all right so that’s not what this video is about though we are here at the drag strip because we’re going to drag race the internal combustion vehicle versus an electric vehicle but nathan there’s more that’s right we have to do a benchmark in

Order to ascertain exactly how fast the hummer is and thus we shall be using the lightning so it’s hummer versus lightning winner takes on the supercharged v8 foreign so the hummer is bad you know what crazy it makes no sense because under the hood of course is nothing it’s a frunk and it is gm’s ultimate off-roader but it can also be genius ultimate dragster

Because well you can lower it in wtf mode and then you can put a thousand horsepower through all four off-road tires in a drag strip which is mind-bendingly weird and except for the corvette this has got to be the fastest vehicle that gm builds check out what’s under the hizzy here we go 452 horsepower 775 valencia torque coming from absolutely nothing that’s right

It has a frunk and by the way i don’t think ford uses frank very often i think they should but i think maybe they have to pay money for that but regardless it has a zero speed automatic transmission in other words direct drive but most importantly that’s 775 pound-feet of torque right off the line an electric vehicle boom immediate power and i don’t weigh as much

As romans vehicle which is over 9 000 pounds hey nathan i think you’re right i think frank is weird um i’ve got an idea for ford okay how about full trunk oh no they’re not gonna like that you know like full trunk no they’re gonna hate that no because i kind of like that but they won’t like it nice try trunk cord oh that’s bad all right those are all horrible or

Trunk no no i’ve got no ideas no no we we need to ask andre all right nathan yeah i mean you’re in a vehicle that costs like what almost three times this well it’s just the price disparity alone is kind of scary and then you have a thousand horsepower okay so here’s what my vehicle says vehicle will lower because i’m in wtf mode which stands for watch the freedom

And then repeated use will accelerate vehicle wear so gmc is saying don’t do this yeah mine’s an s and that’s that’s about it just says s and it’s still really really fast so i’m not giving up completely so you’re in sport mode huh there’s no silly wtf thing going on all right dude i’m just gonna i’m gonna hit continue and we can go all right hold on hold on

First you have to put it into street mode so you go here and you’ve not my mode but normal mode and then here’s the trick you have to hit the traction control button twice and that puts it in one all right all right my vehicle is lowering sorry this takes a while it’s going down yeah i could see us at a stoplight oh no no wait wait until the next stop light so

It might be all cooking lower hold on still lowering all right i’m ready to go foreign that was crazy yeah uh you gotta better start than me but not by much i mean that you just you pulled ahead like three car lengths and then you just sat there yeah 12 31 dude 12 31. there are a lot of sports cars i can’t mention that’s just ridiculous at 105 at 105 miles an

Hour but then it just like killed at 105 it just cuts power interesting well i mean we know that the lightning is pretty quick this one isn’t as powerful as the one that we had but nonetheless you didn’t beat me by that much no but i got television man that was crazy what was your time 13.58 yes i know isn’t that mind-blowing that we’re racing pickup trucks in the

12s foreign this is 682 horsepower 653 pound-feet of torque it’s coming from a supercharged 6.2 liter v8 not the regular one this is a specially built engine the whole thing is especially made and it took up to a 10-speed automatic transmission and of course all-wheel drive but we are at high elevation and even though it’s supercharged i think it might have a

Little bit of an issue going up against the hummer i hope not be fun you know and they’re both gm products it’s kind of the you know dare i say it the past versus the future well no matter what in one way i’ve already won this thing sounds incredible oh i can’t agree more man i i miss that sound my seat is vibrating right now telling me i’m in what wtf mode but

In no way does that replace your incredible exhaust though that sounds like you know it sounds like just a bunch of hell’s angels yeah so i’m already happy about that i’m a little concerned about the elevation and a few other things but i’m going to do everything i can to beat you so i’m going to take care of all the modes i’m about to put it in auto mode which

That and the v-mode means that i should be able to do yeah i should be able to launch quickly nation is way back there 100 miles an hour 12.38 12.38 hey everyone yeah i had to slow down rob for pelting you left and right okay all right are you okay do we break anything i’m checking right now i see one mark but i don’t know if it’s a break hold on i think it’s

Just a gooey mark okay fair enough hey why don’t you uh just run it on your own uh and see what kind of zero to 60 time i mean quarter mile time you got i think no matter what i would have won yeah yeah yeah absolutely it’s yep the speed of the traction right so the immediate amount of torque that goes to the ground you absolutely kill it in this stupid thing but

There’s so much weight on the ground that all the tires are just chewing everything up i think i’m tearing up the ground here with this i literally think you’re tearing up asphalt i think i am yeah yeah i think that’s what oh i think the best solution is just running by itself so i had 12.38 see if you can beat that okay i’ll see if i can be bad all right go for

It since we’re living in the real world let’s get real now the sticker on a hummer is about 110 but they’re selling at about a hundred and ninety thousand dollars at one point they were double over the sticker a sticker on this like nathan said is about 150 000 but dealers are asking for an adjusted markup of about fifty thousand so you’re also at 200 000. now

Nathan you have to agree the deal of the decade has got to be this truck right here 55 000 it is the most affordable but the smartest eevee you can buy yeah and when this one came out in 2022 10 technically did it actually started at just over forty thousand dollars and then they added some equipment it was the deal of the century even by today’s standards with

The price markups that roman just mentioned it is still i think the right truck to buy if you’re gonna get a lightning yeah look at this so you’ve got almost 100 kilowatt hour battery right you’ve got all-wheel drive yep and you’ve got you know a full-size f-150 for in this case this one stickers at about forty five thousand dollars i believe now they upped them

By 7k but even with that addition this is still a bargain i agree and it’s just a fantastic truck i wish it was a little faster you know strange this is not the first time romans put me in a really powerful internal combustion vehicle going up and i guess an electric vehicle just so i could upset everybody involved who really wants the gas powered vehicle to win

I swear to god i’m not doing this on purpose all right here we go auto hold here we go this thing takes off hard 13.80 oh my god that sounds like sounds like a nascar i gotta say it’s so incredible to just watch it fly across the finish line i mean considering how much this thing weighs and everything else it’s a brute but i didn’t beat your time all right

Uh lay it at me dude laying on me dude what was your time 13.8 13.8 and mine was cracked mundo so if i do my calculations right if i if i do my math right nathan uh the electric trucks both one yeah they did they did i feel really bad because everybody’s going to be hating on me like you didn’t launch it right bro you didn’t hit the button long enough or you

Didn’t cancel something else out or you’re just too fat all of which are true but the point is is that i i did try i did put this thing in a mode that it really honestly is at a slight disadvantage being at high elevation but it’s supercharged which should mitigate some of that look i love the smell i love the sound yeah i love like the earth-shattering feel of

This thing when it goes down straight away but uh let’s face it it’s hard to beat instant torque it is hard to beat instant torque and for those of you guys who are saying we should have erased again look here’s the thing both nathan and i just love cars yeah we don’t like to damage them you know we treat them with respect and there are other channels out there

That that breaks yeah that break stuff right yeah yeah that’s not us no it’s not and on top of that we actually want to get other vehicles from these automations turning them back constantly broken is an issue look occasionally these things happen we do make mistakes but we we can avoid that here so we’re going to avoid it yeah anyway so let’s put the finishing

Times uh down uh show people what the three vehicles did and i gotta say uh you know this is still a wonderful vehicle and the hummer is a wonderful vehicle and the fords are wonder they’re all really fast i mean 12 and 13 second trucks yeah crazy all right guys check out all tfl.com that’s right for your one-stop shopping for everything we do including uh cool

Drag races see you guys next time ciao foreign

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Electrified vs Supercharged: Can the 682 HP Monster Escalade V Take Down the Hummer EV & Lightning? By TFLEV

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